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Question Why it is You Surround Yourself with Dependents and "Lesser Beings" Animals or Humans

Question Why it is You Surround Yourself with Dependents and "Lesser Beings" Animals or Humans

Question why people break off pieces of themselves to lord over called family/friends.


Their Minions..

You ARE watching it right now in real time.. Everyone is exhibiting shades of hitler and manson developing minions to carry out the ultimate agenda..

You're better recognize what capacity you're being used for..

Find a way to save yourself.

I don't want any power over anything.. Because it's dangerous.. When you get a taste of power it is very difficult to give up.. People fight to the death for the power over whatever it is they need to have power over..

That's why I take care of myself.. And I don't try to control my husband.. Or any lesser being..

I stay away from people who worship me or hate me.. Because that's a dangerous power to ENTERTAIN

It becomes an addiction..

Absolute power..

Corrupts absolutely..

The family is a representation of absolute power along with licenses and aggressive authority..

Purposely and intentionally surrounding yourself with things that you can Lord your power over speaks to your addiction to power Over life and death and eventual annihilation..

The system made you addicted to being a prison keeper.. They wanted you to feel the taste of power so they can control your power and use you as a tool when called to service..

Many of you did not disappoint... You're doing exactly what the system wants you to do..

I wanted you to see where my thought process came from so I didn't think I was coming out of the blue..

There is a method behind the madness out there. And i've been leading You up to this point , so you see what you are doing to yourself and those around you as you lord Your power of Persuasion and prestige to destroy lesser beings..

And so you also see why they encourage the family and friend and group mentality..

Absolute Power is addicting.. And it also is destructive..

That's why the Standford prison experiment was so extraordinary.. You are the stanford prison experiment..

If you can't see where i'm coming from. You are lost in your power.. It's too good to give up..

Even king midas didn't survive the gold he surrounded himself with..

The system took the characteristics of Charles Manson and Hitler and hybridized them.. using hate and love and drug addictions and legalism to control their friends, family and followers..

now watch the influential men and women protesting climate change, chemtrails and the food, air and water...

it is eery..

Remember i'm still in the purge process.. Eventually I will have nothing left to say.. Eventually I will be very complete with even the j world crap that I went through the last seven years..

I'm still getting it out.

But now I see the connections between world war two and the nineteen sixties..

Religious revival


and drug addiction

and innovation

And you can't change people.. They don't even want to change themselves. So they will resist everything and everybody and become dangerous..

So I observe and I stay out of your way.

And I still hope the best for you.

old self = demon competing with new self, not a demon

weak and strong forces work together in one/neo

The Theory of Everything are the Umbrella Forces of Connecting the Micro/Macro.. and how one characterizes all energy via politics, religion and sciences.

do you have the capability to connect everything together???

blood type O's love caffeine and could be amphetamine users because of their "sluggish" energy system... (now I see why I loved coffee so much in the past and why I loved and love espresso shots)

We type Os do not have what A/B or abs have as far as the antigen programming with no balancing forces of antibodies for their own blood types..

blood types ab/a and b are LIVE WIRES AS THEY naturally produce energy, but at the expense of their principle, as they have limited reserves or antibodies..

ie why the vaccines were and are supposed to fill in the gaps, but in this environment, growth is too exponential.. People are NOT getting ahead of their growths and or releasing the excessive growths and diseases sets in.

Blood Type A/B might turn to downers, like cannabis to slow down their brain and gut

RH negs might turn to pot

RH Pos might turn to coffee

now you see how literal shit works..?

if you are blood type a/b and or rh neg addicted to uppers in this environment, you will burn through your life lines FASTER.

If one must be skinny, hot, sexual and muscular, you are and will be burning through your life lines, faster.

If one just eats but doesn't release PROPERLY, they become big as a house.. And or risk cancer diagnosis. Or develop fast moving growths..

it is lucrative to be sick, suffering, lonely and owning your diseases..

NO one "cares" about you when you are NOT suffering.. but when you are suffering, EVERYONE LOVES YOU..

Munchhausen syndrome exists for a reason.. when well people find ways to get "love" and attention..

Munchausen syndrome is a mental disorder that causes people to fake illnesses to get attention and sympathy

. It's also known as factitious disorder imposed on self.



BE HAPPY no one loves you because you are well..


why do humans die suddenly.. they love being sick because they get attention, gifts, friends, family, sympathy and awwww... poor you..

it is when you are doing well.. you are left alone.. "predators' are attracted to death and dying.. and babies and animals...

Everything is relative.. But it begs the question.. Why are you attracted to having babies and animals around you and looking hot and sexual.. You either are relatively predatory in a socially acceptable way.. Or you choose to attract "predators"..

What is the attraction to things that cannot defend themselves really.. What is the attraction to lording yourself over something less than you..

What is the attraction to be omnipotent to something that is less intelligent than you..

What is the attraction to tell someone or an animal or a child when to eat when to go to sleep and what to do..

What's the attraction to that..???

What is the attraction to tell someone else what to do with their body-mind and spirit? And what to believe in..???

What is the attraction to being someone's god in their world.

This begs the question..

Why are people so power hungry over things less than themselves..


like insurance agents, they only get "love" when shizz goes wrong..

now you see why so much suffering in the world.. it makes money and social capital..

and people are addicted to suffering..

One day.. I will have NOTHING left to say.. because I won't be suffering anymore...

i look forward to that day.. I hate the suffering, but it is necessary, until it is not.. and I let it go..

does this make me out to be a cold bi tch.. probably.. but it is a truth many refuse to face because they are in it.. and they must go through the suffering and some cannot let it go.. or won't let it go.. some have NO ability to let it go..

this truth will NOT win me any friends.. I know that..

But you see how the exploitation of sickness is lucrative and makes trillions of dollars..

when you are in it suffering.. you will hate me for this info..

remember , I also went through the suffering and received attention, even unwanted attention...

it is not all what it is cracked up to be..

suffer, get it over with, and move on..


your friends and family will NEVER tell you this.. they are also suffering and receiving money, fame, and social capital..

what if you chose to surround yourself with equals, not dependents?

life could be so different..

When husband and wife/ or companions are one/equal without lording themselves over dependents, less intelligent life forms..

"Predators" are attracted to power and control over another life form's body, mind, and spirit.. Prey and Predator work together and are interchangeable..

When you are against the Illuminati and the pyramid all seeing eye, but need to be at the top of the pyramid in your social circle or household.. who are you kidding?

People who depend on minions to do their bidding and fight their fights are the Illuminati.. they are the pyramids..

and people who surround themselves with animals, children and blind followers, they bask in the power of their influence and power over lesser beings... But they call it love.. Wearing things down so they can own it and destroy it when necessary..

The system is doing that to you. And yet you're willing to do that to something else.. And resisting it..

And you call yourself a truther but cannot face the truth of who you are to other lesser beings..

You're in denial.. And you put on a good face.. Eventually the world will see right through it .

That's the pot called the kettle black.. You don't like being used and destroyed when not useful..

Look what you're doing in your own family and PETS.

We are the illuminati until we figure out our addiction to owning and possessing other life forms to the point of destruction.


when humans are out of control in their own lives, they must control another life form even if they must reproduce something to control..

When humans are out of control in their own lives , they also resist a person place or thing.. And then look for something to control.. Because they failed to control themselves.

oooo.. when you are using animals as protection and the system bred you to be "protection" and then turn to climate change/va cc ines to regulate the life, how is that any different than what you do to your animal??

use it for protections, entertainment and when it is used up, time to put it down or fail to protect it and it must be put down..

soo.. the system is doing that to YOU.. and you are doing that to your dependents, pets, family, friends, etc..

if you want the system to change from being so predatory to children and people, maybe it is time to look at what you have done with your kids/pets and families..

the govt is a reflection of the people.. addicted to power, pleasure and paradise.. and then died suddenly.

And I am living my beliefs.. The animals in my backyard are my equals.. Sometimes I leave them apples..

I don't control their life.. I don't capture them and hold them hostage and make them my pet.

My husband is autonomous.. We work together.. We want no children or pets..

I'm not trying to lord my position over anyone or anything.. And I don't care what you do in your world.. I'm not telling you what to think or feel..

I just observ behaviors. And I report it..

Remember I played that game as well and it was a suffering..

And I will never be in that position again.. I will never take advantage of my position as a human over another life form..

I will let the government do that..

And so if life is disposable to you.. If animals and children and friends and family are disposable to you..

The government will assume you are disposable to them..

The government will treat you accordingly.

You have to think so much better for yourself and live sustainability..

Or you will be cannon fodder and disposable to the next situation that you will fall for inevitably.

Animals who live in the wild are my equals because nature will determine their survival.. It's not up to me to destroy them or save them.

The domestication of people and animals has caused godlike mentalities that are so destructive.. But it had to be done to develop the best prototype in humans..

It is when you are now made to make life or death situations over a lesser intelligent life form do people become inflated with power as they keep collecting souls..

that is a dangerous power to have over anyone and anything..

I do NOT want that power over an animal, child, or other human being..

I will leave that power to my government.

Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

And people who are offended by this information have been corrupted by the absolute power they hold over their friends, family, animals and other humans..

once people get a taste of power over children, friends and family, they will fight to keep that power until it destroys everyone and everything..

which is why the govt is speeding up the particles.. most of you are so power hungry, you have no problem collecting souls and consuming everything.. until total annihilation..

people cannot even see or admit how corrupted they are and have been..

Once you stand on your own two feet for such a long time.. And you're not surrounded by people you are consuming simultaneously, maybe that will be a a time to reconsider what actual relationships mean..

Right now , people cannot even reconsider relationships because they're too busy consuming their friends pets and family for survival

People are suffering astronomically .

I'm not even there yet.. I still have a long way to go..

I'm in the trenches with you all , and i'm also observing myself and all of you simultaneously..

I'm still married. I'm still straddling the old world and looking forward to the new world..

The process is extraordinary if you can even admit the corruption you have within..

And the system developed predators because they gave you licenses to have power over life and death over other people.. They gave you licenses to guide people's thought processes through the healing world..

The system corrupted you with the power you have over your audience.. And when you get a license to guide someone and give them a therapy whether it's talk therapy or medical therapy.. That's a power people have a hard time releasing.. People get drunk with that kind of powee.

That's why I've chased away the holistic people who think they have that kind of power in my world.. I chased away the energy healing people because of their corruption of that power..

I don't want any licensed professionals that deal with people and supplements drunk with power..

If i'm in a car accident unconscious and their license says they must get me stabilized through triage.. I will pay for their services.. And I will rebuild at home..

I will not give somebody willingly power over my life and death..

I can be in the business contract like marriage.. But I will not give way my power freely to other people..

Absolute power corrupts absolutely..

I even have to check my power over others.. And if I feel i'm too influential over you I will chase you away.. And I have done that, and I will continue to do that.. So the less liked you are. That's still people worshipping you through resistance. And i chase them away as well..

Absolute power corrupts absolutely..

You really want to be dealing with equals..

You don't want to deal people who you think are less than you or they think you're above them..

You seriously want to deal with equals.. And sometimes you might have to be by yourself.. Because people either look up to you or they look down on you.

You don't want to be in that position. You don't want people looking up to you or down at you..

And people have a hard time looking at you in your eyes..

So it's better to be on your own if you want to be uncorrupted from the power pleasure and paradise people are addicted to

When people look up to you they will try to destroy you.. And when people look down on you they will try to destroy you.

Cult followers are destructive.. That's in all politics all religions and all science dogmatic principles.. That's the group mentality..

Group mentality is destructive..

So I just walk the fuck away..

Here di tary

Is not a death sentence..

It does not have to be a death sentence.

When you own nothing and you're happy..

You released ownership of all the disease and trauma in the past genetic lines..

Ownership does not always have its privileges to you.. But ownership may have its privileges to somebody else..

Be careful what you think you should own. You could be owning trauma and drama forever..



This is how I like to enjoy mother nature.. Wild and free


The beginning of the end..

The End of the beginning..

The christians are the middle children..

They see the past and they see the future and they're being given a choice..




Now look at the doomsday maps and SPECULATE where the rebirth will recenter..

Nineveh (modern-day Mosul, Iraq) was one of the oldest and greatest cities in antiquity. It was originally known as Ninua, a trade center, and would become one of the largest and most affluent cities in antiquity. It was regarded highly by ancient writers other than those who created the biblical narratives which cast it in a negative light.

The area was settled as early as 6000 BCE and, by 3000 BCE, had become an important religious centre for worship of the goddess Ishtar. The meaning of the name is disputed but most likely relates to the prefix Nin or Nina which often appears in the names of deities (Ninhursag, Ninurta, among many others) and could have meant "House of the Goddess" or, specifically, "House of Ishtar" as the city was associated with that goddess from an early date.

Doomsday Maps

People self medicate in GROUPS

The family was a petri dish to study every combination you could think of..

And the system gave people so much power influence over lesser beings.. To see what kind of parenting styles coupled with religions and politics and science would develop what kind of children and adults..

3 siblings

The middle child sees the past and future

Jews=eldest sibling

Christuans=Middle Child

Muslim=Youngest child

And it's not a coincidence that israel and palestine are in conflict with each other..

It's a family war..

We must watch it play out.. If the parents of the system must get involved.. They will..

Everything comes out in the wash..

All of us.. Have been under extremy heavy experimentation..

All of us have been given power over something to see what we would do with our power..

1. Some people abuse their power..

2. Other people use their power for innovation

3. Many people are given power to sell a person place or thing protocol spirituality religion politics or scientific process..

How are you using your power?

Jewish: As of 2023, the world's core Jewish population (those identifying as Jews above all else) was estimated at 15.7 million, 0.2% of the 8 billion worldwide population. Israel hosts the largest core Jewish population in the world with 7.2 million, followed by the United States with 6.3 million.

Christianity: As of 2021, Christianity has about 2.38 billion followers, making it the largest religion in the world by population. In 2022, about 31.6% of the global population identified as Christian.

<I hypothesize why there's so many different christians sects, it was all sociological and theological experimentation..> 1960s Christian revival

Muslim: As of 2023, the world's Muslim population is over 2 billion. This represents more than 25% of the global population.



Some other characteristics of eldest siblings include:


Eldest children are often placed on higher expectations from birth. They may learn through trial and error instead of being told how to do something by an older sibling.


Eldest siblings may look to their parents for example, which can lead to a responsible nature.


Eldest children may consider themselves to be more family-oriented than their siblings.


Eldest siblings may feel pressure to meet high expectations and feel like they must be the perfect role model for their siblings.

Other characteristics of firstborn children include:

Goal-oriented, Outspoken, Stubborn, Independent, Perfectionistic, Reliable, Cautious, Controlling, Achievers.

Christianity=Middle Sibling

Middle children may have a variety of characteristics, including:


Middle children may be more agreeable and easygoing than their siblings. They may also be better at going with the flow than other children.


Middle children may be good negotiators and compromisers because they are often called upon to do so. They may have good listening skills and patience.


Middle children may be the peacemakers between their siblings. They may feel the need to compete with their siblings for parental attention, so they may act as a peacemaker to avoid being ignored.


Middle children may be more independent and focus on friendships. They may not have to lead the pack and don't get the "babying" that their younger siblings do.

Not family-oriented

Middle children may not be as family-oriented as their siblings. They may feel like they don't belong or like their parents don't care about them. They may also feel like they're not their parents' favorite child.


Middle children may be competitive with both their younger and older siblings for parental attention.

Muslim=Youngest Sibling

Some characteristics of younger siblings include:


Youngest children learn that they can wear down their parents and older siblings through their persistence. They may develop a lifelong habit of not giving up their arguments until a final decision has been made.

Attention seekers

Youngest children are often in the limelight. They may enjoy being in the spotlight and making people laugh.


Youngest children are often intuitive and great observers. They may learn to behave in ways so people will like them.


Youngest siblings usually grow up to be charming and likeable.


Middle children are generally more creative and adaptive due to competing for their parent's attention with older and younger siblings.

What happens when you abuse your power.. The bigger you are the harder you will follow/fall..

The fall of babylon and the rise of the new world.. All in the same area.

There's no guarantee the same people will be in the same place when everything settles down.. Be the one to survive..

15 years ago many people in california thought I was crazy believing in the conspiracy world..

Maybe I wasn't as crazy as you thought.. Maybe I saw things and felt things more than you did..

Maybe i wasn't as crazy as everyone thought back in the doctor phil days..

Maybe i'm not really crazy now questioning people's abuse of their power.. And sexuality is a form of abuse of power.. all sexuality !!

The family and relationships are a type of abuse of power.. Because even though you get consent. What are you consenting to. Is that person mature enough in their mind and body and spirit to consent to whatever. And age is just a number.

Some people don't even know what they're consenting to. Abuse of power . Family forcing that daughter to get married to somebody that looks good on paper.. Abuse of power

Maybe it's time to question who you are and what you've been and what you chose to believe and what traditions you still follow..

The system wouldn't fuel the fire if they didn't have something prepared for us that everyone needed to be expose to on some level..

The system used so many resources to develop these story lines that will eventually come to fruition.. Trillions of dollars have backed up these campaigns way before your grandparents were born..

This is way bigger than your little world of fantasy.. This is way bigger than me.. This is way bigger than all of us..

Start paying attention..

I keep telling people in california you can afford to leave.. Some of you cant afford to leave.. But I understand family keeps you rooted.. I hope that isn't your last hurrah..

It's very hard to say where the safest areas are going to be. Because we have so many trials and tribulations to go through that even the people I'm around today and myself, there's no guarantee we're even going to be here.

But in my opinion , I think i'm in the safest area but then everyone thinks they're in the safest area..

There's no proof your area is the safest area jillian.. People want proof..

Remember indicators.. Since you don't know the playbook you have to listen to indicators and warnings.. And also use the past as a barometer.. If you can remember.

I will list out why I think my area is. And then you can figure out on your end..

1. I'm not on the shoreline of anything..

2. I don't feel any earthquakes at the moment or even in the past here where i'm located.

3. I'm not in tornado alley

4. I'm not in hurricane country.

5. I don't live so rich and I don't live so poor. Im in a modest neighborhood. With modest people and humble people. I really like my neighborhood. I really like my neighbors.

6. The area that i'm in have strong strong people. Strong work ethic. Moral citizens for the most part.

7. I'm not in a flood zone.

8. The economy is relatively okay where I am.

9. I have a basement...

10. I'm not in a huge city with so many people that it could go crazy. I'm glad i'm not in cleveland or any huge metropolis I'm in a rural city. And it is very diverse.. Both black n white live together in relative harmony..

11. People aren't so oversexualized it's out of control over here.. And if they are it's behind closed doors it's not so in your face.

Don't get me wrong. I have tolerance for all types of diversity but I don't need to know what you do behind closed doors. If you have kids we all know what you did.. That's not a mystery.. If you don't have kids we don't need to know.. It's none of my business

And it's very quiet in my neighborhood.. I have to really hand it to my neighborhood and my neighbors. They are extremely respectful for the most part.. Sometimes people have domestic issues.. But those are very few and far between and usually when those situations happen it was because the frequencies were really insane..

But all in all.. My area is not bad..

I like being located next to a huge salt mine and the great lakes..

That's not bad at all..

I think i'm in the best area.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Abuse of power.

And I see the patterns when people give their power away to the medical and holistic system and other people regardless of orientation.. And you haven't established your own boundaries and even questioned your own lifestyle, people abuse their power..

When someone takes power away from you , people try to go and find it somewhere else.. That's called energy conversion..

That's why you see the rise of all the cult gurus and religions with people selling remedies and protocols.

When people are in deficit , they will take whatever whatever they can get anywhere and they don't care.

People who are losing steam are trying to find it somewhere else. And they don't care where they get it

And that's why charles manson was what he was..

He was the master manipulator.. And he taught people how to become a destructive guru selling people dreams and hopes. And he knew how dangerous hot girls were going to be in the future as well as family.

Sharon tate was a representation of the future.. A hot wife with children who keeps her husband in line and feeding into the traditions and pleasure And paradise..

Manson knew how to catalyze his minions to destroy everything he told them to destroy based upon belief and LOVE..

Manson knew how to sell love. Now look at all the love groups out there..

Now we're watching everything unfold..

The train has left the station..

Recoup what little dignity you have from the past.. And find a way to survive this f***** u* time because it's going be fucked up for a while..

Time to figure out a game plan. Because what the hell are you working for when the future is not very bright right now.. Or it's so bright people won't survive the energy conversion

The system is trying to tell you..

But then I know what jail you're in.. You're up against your friends and your family and your belief system.. And I know as soon as you try to make changes.. Your friends and family will call you stupid and crazy. And then you'll go right back to what you did before.. Because you have to have that validation.

That's how the system got you.

Which will be your undoing..

So we just watch. We watch people die for their friends family and belief system.. We watch people die for their religions.. We watch people die for whatever it is that keeps them rooted..

That's how the system got you..

The system made everyone a cult leader.. They made so many people gurus of death and destruction..

The system gave people power over life and death over their friends family and community.. Through licenses and intimidation..

The system made many people monsters .

And now they're cleaning up the system..

People have made their choices and they will stand by them and justify if they cannot move.. If they can't move their lifestyle or belief system..

If you can't stop hitlers and mansons.. Make everyone a hitler and manson and then program them to destroy each other but at least it's a controlled decline versus chaotic one..

And then people can't see it within themselves and then accuse each other.. And they're right , everyone is a hitler or a manson out there until they figure out they were programmed to be that and then do something different.. and DEPROGRAM

Sometimes the actual disease is the cure for the disease .

Cures are deadly.

Now you understand why I have no more pets anymore.. Why I don't have children.. Why I don't entertain people who are needy, And why I don't want to be so influential in your life that you look up at me or you look down at me..

That's a dangerous power to have.

Absolute power..

Corrupts absolutely..

The family is a representation of absolute power along with licenses and aggressive authority..

I am an in equal partnership with my husband. And I have established my boundaries and so has he..

And I will listen to my government in certain situations.. Other situations I will consider their suggestions..

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