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RAPE was always a tool for war which is why pedophiles are so prolific

RAPE was always a tool for war which is why pedophiles are so prolific

we did this. big families did this. why do think there are so many sex offenders in your community. they were produced by the families in your society.

it is NOT just men, it is also WOMEN!!

HIGHLY sexualized men and women go after the most "innocent" and defenseless thing which is why the school system and places with children have the highest amount of sex offenders..

sex, large families, and rape was and is used as a tool for war..

nothing is coincidence.. nothing at all..

and when generations develop more boys than girls, those spike proteins want to inseminate EVERYTHING.. BUT AGAIN, girls and women can be just as predatory looking for her nearest conquest..

So now you know why the system developed such high aggressive sexuality in the west because of children would be used as a tool for war. Highly sexualized adults even at 19 will be used as a tool for war as you see those poor girls get pregnant because her mother was also pregnant at the same age

the west was built on ra pe..

the rapies.


was it necessary.. i suppose the ends justifies the means.

I can't wait for the future because it will be beautiful but right now the present is f****** grim

now watch the highly sexualized men teach other men how to manipulate and pick up hot chicks..

tool for wars.

So making your granddaughters and daughters into some sex plaything just makes them not only a tool for war but to be destroyed. You're basically grooming your girls to be destroyed by the highly sexualized men and women in our society

Again we have some very aggressive males who are teaching other males how to basically conquer and Destroy hot women

And when men literally get a taste for blood they can smell innocence a mile away and they know how to manipulate a girl who just left her family. And then she's taken advantage of and then in turn, turns predatory herself until both sexes in the west and even in third world countries destroy each other

Again what do these girls have to look forward to. Fighting off all these sexualized males and adults in her Society

What do these men have to look for her to besides screwing everything in sight even each other

Yeah these girls don't stand a chance when their own family is grooming them to be destroyed and that is the saddest of all. But the train has left the station and you can't stop what's already here and what's coming. But you're going to see what families do with their children. It's really f****** sad

btw, people who intentionally insert their aggressive comments with malintention on your page or in your email show NOT ONLY lack of boundaries but also a clear example of spiritual or virtual RAPE.

TROLLING PEOPLE is an example of rape.

Activism makes people spiritually and controlled rapist in our society because they purposely insert themselves in your face in your world and even in your body if given the opportunity. With word weapons of war and objects which could be their extremities or devices Built For War

Now go look at Bill Gates page and look at all the people who are raping his page with their aggressive f***** up accusations and comments about whatever

That's why I stick to my page and say what I say on my page and I don't ever impose my view or rape somebody else's page or body or mind or spirit with anything that would conflict with what they're doing on their own page. And that takes a lot of discipline and watching my own thoughts and behaviors

The activist Community rapes each other with their words. And they purposely hunt people and rape them with their words. Now go look at the activist Community all over social media and you can see who the spiritual rapists are in our society or the ones who put themselves and their kids on Front Street to be used and abused

You are the Spike Protein that's making your friends and family very sick

And the high frequency environment influences your Spike proteins to be extremely influential

All biodiversity holds the spike proteins making everyone sick around them and now it is the Ultimate Survivor. Who is going to survive somebody else's Spike protein

Long story short. Rape is a tool for war. How do you get people to rape each other without breaking the law. You aggravate their immune system and their immune system rapes the people around them but it's not rape when you're giving consent by being around people

When you sign on the dotted line to join a company or get married or be a roommate with some stranger you are now giving consent to be sexualized out of existence even through your immune system. The system is f****** strategic.

And then of course the pet industry intermixes humans and animals to where their immune systems rapes each other.

Everybody holds their own version of a spike protein that goes in attacks anything within the vicinity

That's how you have a dual Society of black and white, whereas on the outside it looks all on the up and up and on the inside people are getting screwed out of existence

That was the logical fallacy of both humans and animals men and women

you don't see the side that is destroying you because all you see is the marketing and the hormones and the oh look how cute they are or that is

I hear people mention the spike proteins and how they're feeling sick because they developed growth. That's what rape is. When a spike protein enters into your body without your permission and then it rapes yourself and causes immune system activation. You have to survive the rape of your body Mind and Spirit in an atmosphere full of Spike proteins

You have no choice but to breathe the air so I hope you can survive the air that you breathe and the food that you eat and the water that you drink and the people you choose to hang out with because their Spike proteins will inevitably rape your body Mind and Spirit with your permission.. and your immune system will build wonderful skyscrapers in your body until it also destroys you

How the West Was Won

Aggressive sexuality and sexuality is a tool for war. Sexual orientation is an aggressive tool for WAR

But again that is a process and so even though I do support diversity, pointing this out is also part of diversity.

But I'm not raping your mind because you're choosing to come to my page. I'm not manipulating you I'm not using anything to make you believe or take part in whatever I'm doing.

I am merely observing the society I live in that I used to take part in and what I thought was normal and I realized that I was also a tool for war until I decided not to become a tool for somebody else's War

Remember Biff from Back to the Future. He built an Empire of casinos and his wife was nothing more than just a plastic surgeified figurehead. Men are Innovative men are amazing men are protectors and predators and they can build the highest buildings the tallest skyscrapers and can develop aggressive intellectual innovation and they can also destroy

Dubai was built by men who will eventually burn through the population because they are in control. Patriarchal societies will build and screw everything out of existence

Matriarchal societies can also destroy Society if she has too many aggressive antibodies controlling her and then she has a bunch of boy babies who then turn into innovators and destroyers and then the cycle starts all over again

Places like Dubai are not sustainable over a long period of time. But they can show you when there are enough men on the planet, what men can build but when you have too many men they will destroy themselves and each other and of course the women will be screwed out of existence because look at how many women right now are having boy babies. Eventually there will be no more girl babies because the men would have found all the women and got them pregnant and there goes Humanity if somebody doesn't step in and stop it

Right now both men and women are screwing themselves out of existence

America was the last greatest experiments showing you when they build our society on aggressive sexual reproduction and sexual orientation and huge families that's how you depopulate a society as you get everyone f****** each other literally and physically and figuratively

In Back to the Future Biff burned through his wealth building those casinos and turned his whole city into a dystopian Society

And it took a doctor a scientist to figure some s*** out and go back to the future and try to fix what was wrong

But if you advocate your boys to screw everything out of existence and get married to have a bunch of kids to go and enslave a woman who's built for sex and children then you are part of that agenda you have no room to say the system is destroying you because you are actively taking part in that agenda

That's why there's not a lot of Hope for these girls because they are made to be screwed out of existence and to get drunk and to get high and to have a child and then go out with a bang with all of her girlfriends buying everything under the sun selling you a remedy and a diet and her hot body

That's how the West was won and conquered Was through aggressive sexuality.

And the reason why we have pedophiles in our society was because we have procreated so much in bodies in deficit that aggressively sexual people will try to destroy the newest and youngest which is ALSO why OLDER men like younger women because they can go and corrupt them

Sexuality is a tool of war and aggressive sexuality is how the system can destroy whatever they target. Which is why Ashley Madison was such a hit because all those men who are highly sexualized can find the women that they can go in corrupt and destroy

So I would not be envious of girls in Hollywood who are sex toys to Billionaire Boys clubs.

Which is why I get so mad at these women who put themselves and their girls on Front Street to be used as a sex toy

So much sunlight ages people exponentially and breaks down there immune system faster

Which is why I go out in the sun very little and then I know the frequencies wake up my immune system but I won't let the sun and the particle acceleration reflecting off the Sun age me even faster like people are doing cuz they don't understand how strong the Sun is. This is not the same sunlight that you grew up with back in the 80s

Which is also why I feel sorry for children because they have parents who don't know we're in climate change and are in denial how strong the sun is and they will force their children to suffer under extreme duress of accelerated particles of sun frequencies or excessive radiation

Yeah the children are basically slaves and that's why I feel bad for children because they will be subjected to aggressive ignorance because Mommy has to get her social capital

It just takes 1 family to reproduce CANNIBALS

Now you know why rape is used as a tool for war. It not only dilutes the targets but it also destroys the women and the men of that Society

And it traumatizes that whole cultural population. So what does the system do they sanction the destruction of people through family and having children.

That's how the system got to you and destroyed parts of Humanity they did it from within..

Now you have to be strong enough and be the Ultimate Survivor or be screwed to death by everything around you

Which is why men's sperm are known to cause a cell death in the women they screw to death

NK cells can induce apoptotic or necrotic cell death in their respective targets and potentially also induce “mixed” forms of target cell death.

That's why women should never let any man or woman screw her to death literally and figuratively

Men can be the predator and the protector and they can also be a destroyer and an innovator. And it must be balanced correctly

Antibodies become Offspring and then programmed based upon the type of stress causing them to behave like a B cell or natural killer T cell

Which is why you have more men who are serial killers than women.

Which is why a society full of men will destroy each other faster and extinct Humanity versus a society full of women

Which is why some men can be very dangerous to women because their Natural Instincts is to annihilate what they think is the enemy

Which is also why men in general like to destroy things and screw things even each other.

Which is why men need to control their sexuality so it doesn't become a tool of Destruction versus a tool of innovation

Too many natural killer T cells a person will die from the attacks of their own immune system just like having too many men in a population they will destroy Humanity

Girls: B cells are another type of white blood cell that produce antibodies, also known as immunoglobulins or gamma-globulins, to fight pathogens. B cells are part of the body's acquired immune response and are trained in the bone marrow to not attack healthy tissues. When mature, B cells can be found in the bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, some areas of the intestine, and the bloodstream.

Boys: Natural Killer T (NKT) cells develop in the thymus, a small gland in the front of the chest. They are a unique subset of immune cells that have a combination of T cell and NK cell characteristics. NKT cells originate from CD4+CD8+ cortical thymocytes that have undergone T cell receptor (TCR) gene rearrangement. They express a TCR complex and several NK cell markers.


Natural killer T cells in health and disease - PMC - NCBI

This review will focus on type I NKT cells, which we will simply call NKT cells. Go to: 3. DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTENANCE OF NKT CELLS. Like conventional T cells, NKT cells develop in the thymus (. Generation of the invariant TCR by VDJ recombination is a stochastic event. Acquisition of the NKT cell phenotype appears to be driven by interaction of the invariant TCR with CD1d. Mice that are deficient in CD1d expression have a complete block in NKT cell development (9–11).


The Role of Natural Killer T Cells in Cancer—A Phenotypical ... - Frontiers

NKT cells constitute a unique, but highly heterogeneous, subset of immune cells that arise in the thymus from CD4+CD8+ cortical thymocytes that have undergone T cell receptor (TCR) gene rearrangement, as is the case with conventional T cells (9). TCRs are composed of an α- and a β-chain, each containing a variable and constant domain. The TCR α-chain is generated by recombination of the variable (V) and joining (J) segments, whereas the β-chain also requires diversity (D)-segment recombination. Based on their TCR repertoire, two NKT cell subsets have been described: type I and type II NKT cells.


Cytotoxic T-cells: Function, Production & Activation - Cleveland Clinic

Another name for cytotoxic T-cells is killer T-cells. Cytotoxic T-cells are one of the three main types of cells developed in your thymus. The thymus is a small gland in the front of your chest.


Natural Killer T Cells - BioLegend

Originating from the thymus, NKT (Natural Killer T) cells represent a combination of T cell and NK cell attributes/markers. They express a T cell receptor (TCR) complex and several NK cell markers. The ability of these cells to produce Th1 and Th2-related cytokines has implicated them in several fields, including transplantation, tumors, autoimmunity, and allergy.

If you're purview is bros before hoes. Well your Bros will screw you even more because they'll work you to death with all of their expectations and male bravado.

And if it's hoes before bros she can also screw you to death and expect you to work for her in Body Mind and Spirit

Bros vs hoes was another logical fallacy to keep people trapped into thinking the grass is greener on the other side literally and figuratively

when you marry into any close knit family, you are low man on totem pole and potentially even the human sacrifice..

Women who don't have children have a much better perspective about the family in our society than women who have children who are so jaded and who have been used and abused so much they can't possibly be objective.

So yeah the ones who don't have children probably see what's wrong with how you raised all of your kids

Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Which is why scientists will continuously rule the world because they've done all the experiments and all of you are the experiments and many of you are clones..

all of you were given the same playbook with a slight variation so they can see what happens when you add a little extra or take away something else

And so when you have daddy's girls and Mama boys get together then that's all out annihilation.

That's a recipe for f****** disaster. You have a couple who feels entitled everyone owes him something and they become dangerous.

I've seen a lot of that in California.. it's all over Southern California the little Mall princesses who shop for everything or buy everything online taking selfies trying to be the newest influencer

Those grandchildren do not stand a chance against anyone. They will be coddled to death and screwed out of existence because you know Mommy and Daddy will choose their husbands and their wives until all out family Extinction

They both will be forced to have children to appease each of the families Klingdom. Then everybody becomes a Klingon

That was how the system got to the family. They made the parents develop Mama's Boys and Daddy's Girls

Let's get the male's perspective around weaponized family members against the opposite sex in a relationship

And I'm not saying it's just the husband or Father's family that will enslave the wife

Because even the wife can use the children as a weapon against her ex-husband and that to me is probably the most horrific thing women can do to men as well. But I'm coming from a woman's perspective but I know men have their perspectives as well

And men have suffered under the brutality of his wife's family and the in law, the mother of his ex-wife who is just as brutal as his ex-wife was in his.

It's a war out there and the family is probably the most brutal War ever and people are screwing each other out of existence in Body Mind and Spirit and financially

Daddy's Girls you better watch out for those girls. She'll weaponize her father against everybody.

And we have daddy's girls that will weaponize her father against the father of her children and intimidate the father into destroying himself

Yeah Daddy's Girls are princesses who think they do no wrong and they will utilize her own family to alienate the fathers. And so the father has to walk away because he doesn't want to die fighting his wife ex-wife's family and father-in-law who is very intimidating

When you have a children you declared war on society and your own family and yourself

And so when you have daddy's girls and Mama boys get together then that's all out annihilation. That's a recipe for f****** disaster

Why do Klingons look like Predators oh maybe cuz they're one of the same

Again I'm not targeting any specific family in particular because all of you have been under the same type of programming with the same type of child rearing practices with a little bit of Divergence based upon exposure to information. I've seen it in so many families that's why it's a depopulation agenda you all have been programmed the same way you're kind of clones to each other

A highly sexualized Society wi'll f*** each other out of existence regardless of sexual orientation

When you find out that two gay people can conjoin DNA and make a straight person maybe you would rethink your tune and your memes

Just because the traditional way of having sex was between someone with a penis and a vagina doesn't mean you couldn't make a person who is hetero from a different direction that is just as viable as somebody getting screwed

You were given the Traditions a long time ago it doesn't mean they were what started the beginning. Not everything is literal in the Bible such as Adam and Eve.. not even saying Adam and Steve because that would also develop another logical fallacy that people will fight to the death against

And I'm not even saying Mary and Eve but that probably is more logical and when Mary and Eve had so many antibodies because of AGGRESSIVE defense then she developed boys.

Boys are representation of a woman's immune system at the time of conception

Boys become aggressive antibodies when mother is under attack, which is why when you have so many boys in a society they will cause all out Annihilation no different than we have so many antibodies in your body, you will die suddenly.

That's why you can't have too many boys in a society because they will overtake and destroy and f*** everything out of existence even each other

I mean just imagine having a bunch of boys in your society and no girls. Who's going to have the baby?

Right, especially when men are f****** women out of existence to the point of annihilation. How many women have died from cancer and having so many children .. how many mothers are having only boys trying to find the right girl for her sons.

Then what's going to happen is you have a bunch of men screwing each other and no traditional way of having a baby and then all that human extinction. That's the lgbtq society. That's when the system transfers over to same-sex because eventually heterose will be screwed out of existence

When there's no more women left to screw because men have screwed women out of existence then they have to screw each other and they screw each other out of existence and then science has to step in and repopulate the Earth that's what you guys don't f****** understand

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

When you have a highly sexualized Society

men will screw everything out of existence even themselves

Grandmothers will make or break her genetic line. She will be the Savior and Satan to everyone in her family. And she could be saving people from life by cursing death onto them through aggressive expectations. And that's unfortunate.

But that's the way our world was constructed

Both men and women were developed to annihilate each other that's why you had such extremes of Hot women and good looking guys f****** each other out of existence and then you have same sex screwing each other out of existence

So you can't say the lgbtq was the curse to humanity because even the heterosexuals became a curse to their own family and then you guys were made to fight it out during the revolution called the Civil Rights Movement, during the drug Revolution and the sexual Revolution and the Christian Revival.

Or religious revival because you can't even say Christians even the Hebrews and the big families can also be a curse to each other when they have advocated so much aggressive family and patriarchal or patriarchal societies

And then of course all the Sexual Energy healing people or energy healing people And the cannabis and the communes and the organic and yeah you're done it's been done

All of you are up against history and some of you are choosing the past versus developing a future and I couldn't tell you what that would look like. But yeah the aggressive sexuality in all sexual orientations was the annihilation and of course the aggressive hormones of estrogen testosterone and progesterone is what made Annihilation so easy because you all couldn't resist each other and all the addictions

Peace out

we all have been outsmarted

I hope you survive your sexuality and your culture and your family and your friends and your religion and politics and science

You can develop people in a Petri dish not necessarily from a heterosexual couple

So I don't want to hear how the straight people developed the gay people because heteros were also developed out of a culture a Petri dish

I'm tired of the f****** intolerance.

All the different cultures out there were made to annihilate each other and made to think they were much better and smarter and better than the other culture and that was a programming so you can annihilate not only yourself but somebody else when given the opportunity. Your resistance is your own destruction your resistance against anything is your own destruction

New wives, I hope your mother-in-laws likes my information because I'm setting you free if your mother-in-law chooses to become hands off and let you guys decide how you want to live your life and whether or not you should have children.

You should really be thankful for my information and hopefully your mother-in-law won't be one of those who will destroy you and your family because of her expectations..

Because your future happiness and stability depends upon if your husband isn't a f****** Mommy's boy and you hope your mother-in-law is so progressive enough that she doesn't use your family as her tool for social capital

I want good people to have a good stable relationship and sustain it. But how can you have a great future when your past, your family gets in the middle of everything and f**** it up

People like my husband don't get enough credit for setting himself apart from his family because he has to make his way in the world on his own and be accountable for his own choices

People like my husband are f****** gems and they don't get enough credit..

When everyone's involved in your relationship they don't last and people die from so many different things from intrusion of the outside world. That's why you be very careful who you cultivate in your relationships because you could be cultivating a TRAITOR or Benedict Arnold

And most times it's your own family that gets in the way of your relationships and people don't know it.

I am very thankful for my husband and the choices he has made the last 13 years of our relationship. Because sometimes you have to make a choice.

And when you're forced to make a choice because you can't have it all sometimes people choose family over their wives and girlfriends and husbands

and then there goes that genetic line there is no room for any potential longevity or evolution and that's unfortunate for that marriage and for that relationship when you let your family f****** your future.

When people say why should you have to choose between family and a wife because that wife is being f****** bullied by that family and either she's going to take it and be destroyed by the family or she's going to force her husband to choose that relationship with them and develop another future genetic line or go back to the past and let his family bully her into destruction

That's what wives face when they have to deal with in-laws and family who are so destructive to anything new and all wives are new to any family and she either has to assimilate and be destroyed or set herself apart and her husband is going to have to make a choice to save her and himself from his own f****** family..

That's what women have to deal with on a continuous level when they deal with in-laws and family. It's brutal it's f****** brutal

None of this is theoretical it is what women have experienced since the beginning of family and I've also experienced this myself and you guys watched me experience my whole relationship online and you saw what I had to deal with with in the Jilly juice world

Everyone in my world hated me.

That's what women, new wives have to deal with is being hated or loved to death by the family.

The deathly Manson cult family..

So no I'm not impressed you had a bunch of kids cuz those poor f*************** they will be used as tools for everybody

wives/women were and are traditionally the slaves to their in-laws...

that is what were women were bred for as the men were worshipped in families, the women were and are the slaves..broadmares.. and slave drivers as the matriarch enslaved the wife of her son..

which is why the men in china were revered because they stayed home and took care of his parents and then employed a wife to carry that load while he went off and worked or took on lovers..

which is also why in laws choose the wives for their sons because the wife must be submissive to the mother in law.. and why the sons are like Norman bates, bowing down to mommy.

This doesn't happen all the time because sometimes Sons don't respect their mothers because she was not the representation of what they thought was an angel And so then there is that

You don't always want a man who "loves his mother" because that would mean that you are second fiddle and will always be second fiddle

And I can only imagine how many mothers out there with sons that she is so close to sneering at my information because she knows it's true. She knows if any woman comes between her and her son she will become the most deadliest f****** Predator ever.

Prove me wrong. You can't because you know it's true. And women like that hate women like me because we call you on your b*******

which is also why women have been royally phucked ever since the fall of mankind

and women who have sons are extremely deadly to those who cross her.. and the wives of the sons who worship mommy are the lowest man on the totem pole..

she is done. wives of sons who are close to mommy must kiss the ring.. or she is cast out.. and her kids are used as weapons..

that is how the family controls women and destroys them all at the same time..

which is why girls in our society have a bleak future if mommy must marry her off.. oh boy.. she is done.

mother in laws are the most dangerous predator when she has more influence over her sons than his wife does.. the wife is trapped ..

grandmas are deadly.. grandmas in all societies are the most deadly formidable human being and when she wants control over her sons, she will cast out the wife.. eventually.. because that grandchild becomes her prize.. and used has leverage and currency..

i have seen it over and over and over again.. it is all over the first and 3rd world.. women have been nothing more than something to be used and abused and traded and used as a tool..

and women enslave their own daughters and sons to be put through major pain and suffering and die.. their family gets no return on the pain and suffering.. the matriarch ensures everyone dies from the pain and suffering...

the family have been used as the depopulation agenda.. family and porn is the depopulation agenda..

it always has been..

you want to save humanity, first release those "desires" of destruction and self destruction and maybe, you might stand a chance..

i cannot speak for you daughters and sons.. they will have their own cross to bear when puberty and peer pressure kicks in.

How do you "genocide" people.. have the men phuck the women to death.. and she says yes..

when you have more men in a population of consensual sex, the men do end up phucking everything out of existence and then the system can start over again and control how many antibodies phuck things out of existence.

When you get abdominal operations and then the body is forced to cough and sneeze, your cut from the operation will be the opening and the pressure release for the intestines and colon to escape out of..

You are supposed to condition for the pressure of release and retention through leveraging pressure in your immune system and not ending up exploding your guts all over the place.

those who deny heat waves and say it is just "summer".. lmao.. are you NOT paying attention to geoengineering and chemtrails or are you just that ignorant??

your activism was worth nothing if you say a heat wave is just summer... you are a disgrace to your activism denying how intense these damn summers are..

a phucking disgrace and your poor kids/grandkids forced to suffocate but i guess you are playing a part in the destruction of your own family..

carry on. and all of your anti govt bullshit is worth nothing and holds NO credibility.. matriarchs will make or break their own families denying deadly heat waves.

HUMANS are like tree rings..and they are a strata of viruses and trauma/experiences that influence their lifestyle and beliefs and even behaviors..

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