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Raptured Ruptured Retinas

Blinded By the Light~Now I Understand Why the Ancestors Dwelled in Caves

Raptured Ruptured Retinas

Yesterday was poignant and a turning point in my life. I was completely immersed in the worst of what could happen in an uncontrollable situation, my ability to strategize in times of stress was called upon.

Granted most think I am "crazy", but that is to be expected when most people follow all sorts of trending ideas and behaviors. I knew something was "going to happen", but myself and many others did not know what the actual "event" would be.

What clued me in was IFLScience warning people not to be caught out there and to make sure you had Food/Water/Fuel. Jim Cantore was in Indianapolis and he is Mr. Hurricane Death and Destruction indicator right there. And then innocuous articles mentioning weird lights following up to each eclipse and following thereafter, essentially 8 2/3 hours of high ULF being absorbed by the aluminum covered Eclipse glasses.

Having no pain receptors in your eyes was a strategy of the system. You can't blame them. The system warned you of so many things..

Even your peers. And then they told you that some glasses were recalled. And you can't ensure everyone does things safely.

When I went into walmart the day before my husband left to go to his vacation. I was squinting. I was feeling every bit of sickness there was to feel. And there was aggressive light during that day . Plus other frequencies.

My body knows when there's too much light.. And it goes through an immediate immunological response..

That's how I know how much danger you all were in , but you would never admit it.. Because you're under the influence.

What is done is done and I know most parents, and observers will never say they made a mistake and so when people start experiencing issues with their eyes or sickness, they have the air, food and water to blame.. not the light..

i said to everyone in my last facebook live..

you chose.

The system is all about delayed reaction and personal choice.

You might have time to redirect total blindness but you'd have to go through pain and suffering..

Most arent prepared for that.. So that's yet another damage a person has to go through .

Which is why it's too late for many people.

They keep volunteering to damage themselves by trending with everyone else.

by the way, I am keeping the towels taped to the picture window in the bathroom and keeping the t-shirts taped to my bedroom window.

It is the amplified light from the particulates in the air that is reflecting aggressive energy causing all sorts of immunological activation. 0 degree darkness is easy to sleep in and favorable, esp in this new world of Luciferians. I kept the main floor relatively lit for my husband, but I need the darkness to get respite..

If the lights ever went out and we were not in a flood, I can also sleep in the basement, where it is cooler..

In my opinion you need a dark place to go to especially when the light is so aggressive. Because I'm telling you that much energy conversion is sucking the life out of people..

People are being sucked dry because of the new atmosphere..

Yesterday was proof.. Not only was the atmosphere extremely aggressive. People felt no pain. They just kept taking in the light.. For more than one hundred seconds.. Children as well..

That's the tenth plague.

Which is why the schools called yesterday off.. So that way , they are not held liable for any damage to the eyes. Parents will have to deal with that. Yes , their excuse was too much traffic and all of that.. But also legal liabilities. That was very cleverly played on their end..

Because I could see parents blaming the school system for why their kids are going blind..

Parents will have to face the choices they made regarding yesterday and following the masses.. Just because you had protective gear.. Didn't mean you were protected from every single thing you thought you were proymtected from.

The strobe lights.. undetectable ulf strobe lights low hurts/hertz..

And even then.. Can you really trust flimsy little glasses you get on amazon Or the local drugstore

This was a mass ritual.. But you can't tell that to people..


Reality is stranger than fiction.

The Ring is a 2002 American psychological horror film about a cursed video tape that kills anyone who watches it within seven days. The film is about Rachel Keller, a journalist who investigates a videotape that may have killed four teenagers, including her niece. The videotape was created by a psychic named Sadako Yamamura who was murdered by her adoptive father and thrown into a well. After her supposed death, she returned as a ghostly serial killer, killing anyone who fails to copy and then send the video tape to someone else under a seven-day deadline.

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