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  • Jillian Epperly

Reading All Kinds of Books Makes You Smarter

You can see the split of the haves and the have nots because the "have nots" encourage others not to have the exposure to different ideas and thought processes. The "have nots" encourage others to stay stuck, homogenized and limited in their experiences

It is "the haves" who are willing to share their innovative and unique ways of doing things and when they experience an "aha" moment, "the haves" are willing to give their thoughts away and encourage you read everything, even if it is not favorable.

I had a hard time with people reading "unfavorable" literature about me, but then realized, to prove my thought process, I had to use the unfavorable opinions to prove my points, and finally, 6 years later, I changed, and I contradict many things I said 6 years ago proving my ability to change because I read and read and read and read and read and educated myself.

My critics are still looping in 2018..still..still still still...chasing their tales/tails.

Reading all kinds of books makes you smarter.

Anyone discouraging you to read a book, well.. You see households of people who never read a book, and you can see their lifestyle and belief systems and how they conduct their daily world and you will make your choices how you want to end up.

I was read to as a child.. I was educated as best as they could educate me and even my resistance and punishments were all about self reflection, reading and thinking about life.

Reading is the path to the freedom. Reading comprehension is the path to relative peace.

Encourage your children to read, because if they do not read, they will be a tool for the system easily manipulated by a journalist, an influencer and fear mongering groups.

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