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Redemption Not Absolution

Your family will either redeem itself.. Or your family will support absolution.. And we thank you for your service..

Patients will be the one to change the system from Death to life..

Patients.. Why don't you ask your doctors for your life back. Stop sending you to the morgue someday.

Doctors.. Remember the Hippocratic oath.. Do NO harm.. Stop causing trauma to people through surgeries and antibiotics.. And injections..

Patients you have to stand up for your self. Stand up for your children.. Stop sending them to harm's way by getting operations and surgeries. And getting absolution..

You want to stop "premature" death.. You have to be the one to stand up for your family.

And your holistic professional is not equipped to deal with your transitioning back to life. Your holistic professional takes away your life. Because you ask for all the remedies..

It's the doctors who are going to make a break people's lives..

And then you as the patient are the one that's going to ask for your life or ask for them to destroy it..

Watch how many of you are using herbs in your garden because nothing is working.. Yeah your body is fucking desperate to live and you are hurting it with herbs.. Your poor children.

If the nurses can't put pressures on the doctors to change the system.. It's the patients that must be the one to change the system and ask for their life back..

How many of you are brave enough to go against the system of death.. That you've been promoting your whole life..

Not many

and the system knows this..

That's why it's out of my hands..

Because you guys are driving the whole systems destruction of your friends and family..

I don't need the nurses or the doctors.. I don't need any holistic professionals either..

But you guys do.. So you better ask for your life back or ask for them to destroy it..

In my opinion.. All lives matter.. But you're the one that's going to determine if your life matters..

It is up to the patients to understand what it means to save a life.. and that does not mean sending your grandma to the morgue someday..

In the future, the doctors will have to choose which side of the industry they must work from.

They will be literally saving lives and weaning people back on the food supply, all food supply and characterizing symptoms in a different way or

they will encourage patients to practice euthanasia on their whole family via operation, medicine, and using machines...

i would NOT want to be in the holistic medical field this day and age..

either doctors will redeem themselves or use the holistic world to finish off their patients..

that is what is going on right now during this climate change..


As people's lives are being taken away through the system..

What are you doing to earn your life back.. The life that was given to you.. You didn't earn it..

Now you have a chance to earn your life back.. Do you have what it takes..

The jay world is about redemption.. Not absolution.. Lisa Marie Presley autopsy reveals she had a "small bowel obstruction" that developed "after a previous bariatric surgery years ago." Bariatric surgery includes gastric bypass and other weight-loss procedures.

I felt a micro level opening in my lungs.. Then I felt it close..

Wow it's really bad out there.. Sometimes taking a nap is the only thing you can do.

Itchy hives here and there.. lol oh joy

In some people, a rise in temperature can produce the chemical histamine, similar to what happens when your immune system fights allergies.

We don't walk away from people to teach them a lesson. We walk away from society because we learned our lesson from people.

Every single one of you, I don't care who you are. Taught me valuable lessons about the world...

I hope I can be a lesson to you.. However you want to see me.. I don't mind being the devil or the angel in your world. If that's what makes you feel better about whatever you choose to do.

Then when we want to reverse a situation.. We ask the professionals we are forced to go to take away the pain,, thus taking away our life, to give us back our life to give us back our pain..

So we can finally hold ourselves accountable.


That's the only way humans will find redemption.. Otherwise you get absolution.. And you don't live.

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