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Regret is a Religion Best Served Cold

Regret is a Religion Best Served Cold

Fear is a gift ... When used correctly.. Fear will keep you safe.. But not too safe.. And not too much in danger..

Foolishly fearful..

Foolishly fearless..

Do you have discernment to know the difference..?

This is to all women out there..

Every 7 Years the body changes; 7 times 7 is 49

50 is the hayflick limit and people start deteriorating around 50 and after; which are called diagnosable conditions, even the menopause when women stop sustaining the brood mare status, however, why all people die...

they resist change.. until their body rebels against them.. and then.. well.. you know..

change is PAINFUL..

climate change is expediting the hayflick limit in people and genetic lines so people run through their seven years faster and faster and faster until they start triggering diagnosable conditions or died suddenly earlier and earlier..

if one wants to survive, they must keep up with the changes...and the changes are brutal..

Men have it a bit easier since they have no uterus and if they have strong bones and muscles and digestive system they can power through .. eventually though, there will be a tipping point, even for men.. eventually, they must face the changes...

So before you pray for another cure for cancer.. Because that's why people die from cancer and disease, condition yourself to deal with pain and suffering during climate change..

If not, that cure kill you. .. Cures were never meant to be something desirable.. Only when people resisted change.

Now you're going to realize you can't resist change.. Or you'll die suddenly

And I don't care how beautiful you are at sixty two or eighty two..

Beauty is only skin deep.. Are you conditioned enough to deal with climate change..?


A broodmare is a female horse that is kept for breeding. Synonyms for broodmare include stud mare.

Why do you think bloodlines use women.. To implant another future king or queen.. And then she's discarded after influencing women to have a bunch of babies and be very skinny.. Discarded doesn't have to be pejorative.. But she's not made to live a very long time unless they planned for her to be queen..

The mother is the human sacrifice in all families even the royal family..

Which is why women have a better chance when they don't have a bunch of children..

And that's not a leftist rhetoric.. That is science..

And I will say this, Women become more powerful when they do not have a bunch of children or a lot of sex partners . Or even one..

Women were made to deal with climate change, if they have the capacity to deal with pain and suffering..

Could women come back from having a bunch of kids and or from deficits.. I've been dealing with so much pain and suffering the last seven years.. And I came into this world at a deficit.. I came to america at a deficit.. I'm catching up..

It's painful to catch up to the strongest person in the room. Very painful..

It's possible.. But it's painful.

Women were made for change.. If they had the capacity to change..

I can see many women sell themselves short.. Because they haven't figured out their own power. They gave it away to their kids and their sex partners.

The Gift of Fear..

Fear wakes up your immune system..

Fear is immune system activation..

How you react to immune system activation will determine how effective that fear is..

We are finding out what people do in the face of fear..

We will watch what happens.. What people do in the face of fear..

Fear is a valuable energy to have.. If you react to it effectively it will keep you safe.. If you resist fear.. And you use fear as barometers to do everything the opposite of what someone is warning you about..

The system did exactly what it was intending to do..

Fear separates the boys from the men.. The women from the girls..

And you can determine who the women are and who the girls are.. Who the men are and who the boys are..All outcomes are the intention..

The system will effectively split people up into two different groups.. And then actions have consequences..

Are you prepared to face whatever consequences to your choices and actions.. Because all of us have been given a choice..

And warnings.. Regardless how you characterize them.. Because it doesn't even matter..

The rule of law and authority have given us every choice in the book.. They have given us the science.. They have given us outlets.. They have given us ways out..

And then you can determine what fear means to you.. And how you will respond to fear.

Fear. "false" expectations appearing real.

Fear. Forget everything and run.

You can intellectualize fear..

Or you can react to fear and run away..

The bottom line.. Will you survive your choice how you react to fear..

There is no right way a wrong way.. Some people intend not to survive.. Some people intend to survive..

It's not up to me or anyone else to determine what your intentions are..

Even though I come off like that.. I'm still working through what fear actually means.. What it's used for.. How people react to fear..

It is fucking amazing.. It is a psychological investigation of the human condition..

When you pay attention to people's reactions..

It is valuable information.. Extremely valuable information.

Sometimes it's ok to be fearless.. Because that experience when you finally have to be fearful because of your fearlessness will save your life. Assuming you survive that situation..

I've always been fearless.. Walked into situations I probably could have died from..

I look back on the choices i had made many years ago.. I was lucky Or strategic to survive them.. And I probably wouldn't repeat some of the mistakes I've made in the past for fear of not surviving the next situation.

That's the gift of fear assuming you survive.

It's a brutal lesson.. And you'll come out maimed.. But if you can build back better, now you have some valuable information in your tool chest..

That is priceless..

No one can take away life lessons from you.. No one can take away those memories..

9/11 was the first time america had to fear somebody attacking them inside their country since Pearl Harbor..

People who are caught in a war of ideology and belief and birth right.. Will destroy each other proving one deserves to be in a place..

I walk away.. I cut my losses and I walk away.. There is nothing out there worth more than my relative peace. Starting over sometimes is necessary..

Facts are indisputable.. Not debatable..

That is why there are a collective of academics who develop and research the facts that you can characterize any way you want.. Just because you think something is deadly doesn't mean that's a fact.. Just because you think something is ugly does not mean it's a fact..

 It is the facts which determine to what degree something is acceptable in its influence and outcome..

What's deadly to one person is not deadly to another..

But there are universal agreements that certain things are deadly to everyone..

Those are the facts..

When you have to argue the facts.. It's not a fact.. People argue their opinions about facts.. And they can't differentiate between the two..

That's politics..

That's religion..

That is even science based dogmatic principles..

If you have to argue a "fact".. It was never a fact..

Facts are indisputable.. Not debatable..

Agreement are people following somebody else.. Agreement goes viral.. Is that really your identity.. Or did you just copy somebody else..

I like conflicts.. I like dilemmas.. I don't always enjoy agreement.. But I also don't like living in conflict.. I also don't purposely develope dilemmas.. And i'm not addicted to agreement..

Observation is not purposely developing dilemmas. It's just pointing out patterns..

And shining a light on a blind spot..

Survival is the ability to reinvent oneself.. Especially when it's necessary.. And if you're addicted to agreement.. You'll follow somebody else over the cliff.. Because you had to agree with them..

A dilemma is only a dilemma when you are resistant to a solution..

I don't purposely develop dilemmas..

I like developing access to hard solutions..

an argument forcing an opponent to choose either of two unfavorable alternatives.

Having so many facts thrown at you people become overwhelmed and they shut down..

That's censorship..

Right now people are drowning in information..

And so they resist all information.. Because it's too much to process..

Just like the pandemic.. People could not handle the information in their environment once it became activated..

They die suddenly..

Which is why you take on pieces of information a little at a time.. And you must make the space for the information or it will destroy you..

People don't do that.. They drown in their own mucus.. Or they resist so hard they destroy themselves..

The conspiracy world was like that for me.. Once I got wind of another story line..

I voraciously gobbled up all storylines.. And I filed them in the back of my mind.. Because I knew I would use them later..

I share all perspectives of the apocalypse..

Basically this is a type of opening ceremonies.. But you won't have to wait twelve years for the final act..

I have never regretted staying home and staying safe, even 30 years ago..

Hindsight is 20/20.. i look back on the last 3 years and I do not regret my fears, my choices, even my observations.

I look back on the last 30 years, NO regrets at all..

I paid my penance for harboring opposing forces.. and when I do acquire opposing forces via diverse exposure, I will pay penance and earn my eventual pain free lifestyle..

Regret is religion best served cold.. That's the luxury of dying suddenly.. No regrets.

In my opinion, assume EVERYTHING PEOPLE ARE SAYING ON THESE DOOMSDAY videos are true..

there is no harm in believing how bad it could be because all the indicators are pointing it will be bad, and you might actually get out of harm's way..

now, more than ever, believe EVERY "TALL" TALE you hear about April 8 and the new world order..

I DO NOT THINK ANYONE in jacksonville florida who stayed home regrets staying home when the shooter sh ot up that bar..

no one regrets staying home and staying safe.. but many people regret going into large crowds of diverse people they cannot control and some people won't survive the apocalypse because they made certain choices...

I do not regret leaving California.. I do not regret staying home.. I actually suffered the last 3 years hanging out in diverse company due to climate change... I do not regret leaving florida...

i was lucky enough to see how bad it could be at the micro level.. I do not regret my lifestyle today..

regret is a religion best served cold..

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