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Resistance is Futile

Please watch this one first.

There is no benefit in resistance.. You can't fight the weather. You cannot fight direct energy weapons..


I had to cut this off short.. Because a resistor came on.. Who didn't understand where I was coming from And didn't want to understand where I was coming from.

Happy Proletariat Day Labor day was always for the working class.. Everybody is working class.. Because everybody needs each other.. Some just have shinier curtains than others.. Even the beautiful rich have to play a part.. They don't escape slavery either.. We all are slave to each other.. But it doesn't have to be miserable..

creationism: making something into nothing, eventually.. dying and reproducing clones/conflicts

evolution: developing something out of something, not into nothing..

no such thing as nothing, because everything is something, but what is the something you are developing?

Will it disintegrate? So that is why Alex Jones was focused on JFK and Bobby Kennedy. Jfk and kennedy, both DEMOCRATS, got wind of the plan and started exposing but the NWO comprising of both bushes and obama clinton potentially silenced high level resistance

Certain Democrats and Republicans work for the agenda developing right now

Prairie Fire was also resisting the NWO

both sides repub dems All generations Were gaslighted and radicalized by the br itish empire

People's assumptions that prairie fire was endorsing the destruction of j f k and r f k..

But both sides were resisting the plans..

They didn't realize they actually worked for the same team..

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