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Respect Life, NOT Attack it

Letting your body die and your soul float around. You can get kidnapped and forced into a frog meat suit and be forced into that existence.. I'm sure there are very intelligent frogs that wish they werent forced into that lifestyle..

You as a human were given an amazing opportunity and it's very complex and if you don't respect the life in your body you'll be forced to be very simplistic and come back as an animal or kidnapped and your soul forced into an insect body or an animal body.. And start over again.

Why not maintain the meat suit that you have and respect the life in your body and in your community.. Don't attack life in your body and in your community but respect it and release damage without attacking..

Everything has a soul.. But you are lucky enough to be human with a complex meatsuit of adaptation.. But you must understand natural law.. When you die it's because you violated the laws of life in your body and in your community..

That's why i'm not getting a pet.. Because humanity has not learned how to respect life yet.. It's still just for entertainment purposes

Once you actually respect yourself.. The earth will give you the companions indefinitely who won't die and won't have to reproduce exponentially.. Life would not be commodified.. Right now life is traded on the open market and there's so much suffering along with that..

The world outside came from the world inside the gut-brain connection

GEORGE H. W. BUSH, Larry King Live, Sep. 5, 2005

We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order, a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations.

Google the definition, "the law of the jungle". or ruthless self interest

Energy harvesting works both ways.. You're alive because you draw energy from everything.

Harvest away.. .

You deserve to survive

Causing more trauma to "fix" trauma is futile..

Update.. John Oakes said no wonder that thing is immortal..

I said right the f*** on..

You don't have to die from cancer but you are taught to attack life.. Cancer in of itself is not bad but it's how you respond to life is what is causing your death and died suddenly..

You have been psychologically opped by your friends and family and the system.. What's left for these kids in biotech to do?

develop more cancer in humans..

Or defend those who develop cancer in humans by being a lawyer..

Or write about how wonderful cancer is as a journalist..

Or cook for those who develop cancer in people as a chef..

Or become a medical professional maintaining those who have cancer and disease..

Or become a spiritual leader giving absolution to those who have cancer and disease..

Or become a holistic professional finding natural ways to develop more cancer..

Or clean for those who develop cancer in humans as a janitor or a maid..

Build structures like hotels for those who develop cancer in people so they can hang out together and figure out how much more cancer they can develop in people.. Using stem cells..

Cancer is big business.. But you have a choice

Unfortunately, any such cells that grow in the lab long enough can accumulate cancer-causing mutations, Loring said. STAT News Cancer-causing DNA is found in some stem cells being used in patients

You are not a captive agent..

And you can compete equally against captive agents in the mainstream and alternative mainstream media..

You have an edge over the system.. Especially since it's going through an evolution..

You are allowed to bring evolution wherever you go because you can prove why you will be an asset to whatever it is you're going into unless they are doing something completely opposite and you are challenging their bottom line, as you as an existence within the j world challenging traditions..

But the other side if you're not actively challenging their traditions your excellence and strategic problem solving skills under your belt with telomeric youth, WISDOM, and vitality and longevity.. That will go further..

The dinosaurs can only live so long.. Before the meteorites destroy them..

Remember that... Change in a world of dying traditions will go further

Remember who you are: jay world..

One day it will be lucrative to say that you are associated with the j world..

Bide your time

you have time..

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