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Robots Might be the Judge Jury and Executioner

Release the demons because your thoughts could be held against you..

We are heading into that world..

Robots are being used to keep people safe and to detect crime.. And then they'll be also scanning your brain .. looking for keywords And Aggressive energy..

what if these robots are set to direct energy against a person already holding aggressive energy, then all of a sudden, cancer diagnosis or a heart attack...

time to get yourself right.. literally.. if these frequencies do not take out resisting to evolution people, robots will..

better start releasing demons and calm your shit down..

you all hold algorithms of energy which can be used against you if you are highly volatile, angry or resistant..

look at your facebook and the angry energy you are projecting.. that will be used against you.. via natural law..

if you are angry at your mom, dad, me, bill gates, the system, the nwo, or all about love love love and "peace".. laying down and surrendering to death, that also will be used against you...

time to drink milk, eat to save yourself and get away from the group think.. groups are moving targets.. and your politics, religion and science groups of resistance are one huge target

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