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Salting In and Using Milk/Food For Growth and Release/My Method/NO CURES

all allergies are the antibiotic programming using food as medicine IN THE MEDICAL/HOLISTIC SYSTEM.. and now YOU in the JJ world must release the demons.. using milk and the sphincter/coughing/sneezing blowing nose method.. and bring in the food you are "all#rgic" to slowly.. and it takes time.. talk to your doctor, always if you are anaphylactic (anal phylactic)

what is patented is YOUR reaction to the energy of release.. those are all the cures, etc Main takeaway.... In the beginning we salted out because we were making up for lost electrolytes and we woke up our system.. In this highly ionic environment, We don't need to salt out too much... Now it is very necessary to salt in our food.. Retain substance.. Coughing sneezing blowing nose and using my method are the intelligence to help you release the demons and reprogram your body for better adaptability. Milk encourages growth to trigger your immune system to take on and release.. This cream is the best.. Whip cream.. Milk does not cure constipation.. Cure means freeze and constipation means that your poop is frozen in your intestines..

Milk is just one of the chain reactions to encourage your body to grow and develop 🍉🍓🍦 Growth (LIFE) Release (LIFE) CURE (LICENSE TO DIE/FREEZE) Precision of language..🥰 Thank you betty lou 🍓


If people get constipated then drink milk Or whip cream.. But if you have food intolerances and other issues.. You may have to do that very carefully and or use my method.. But I am not giving out any Cures.. Food is food If your intention is to stop the body from releasing.. People will use food as a weapon against their body.. Like a hospice patient. Using pineapple juice to stop coughing.. Coughing was for a reason.. But you must have enough substance to support that energy conversion.. When you want to promote growth and evolution you eat food.. Milk is food.. Milk is not used to stop any activity. Milk actually encourages growth..

Your immune system is supposed to be intelligent enough to know what to release. You drink milk relative to your tolerance level and you implement my method.. You will give your body what it needs to condition itself to gain strength from blowing your nose.. Coughing sneezing and doing those methods that I was telling you about..

But you literally have to start opening up your sinuses.. People are literally closing up both ends of their body. Which is why died suddenly's happen.. I'm telling you the mucus from the milk or cream will give you the substance to condition yourself to open up your alimentary canal.. You need a license to teach people how to die.. There is no license to teach people how to live.. 🍓

The jay juice actually made up for all the lost electrolytes because the recommended daily allowance was not enough sodium chloride to keep you alive. The r d a for sodium was just enough to keep you alive up to potentially a hundred if you were lucky.. But we know the average life expectancy It is between fifty and ninety.. Probably cause you're missing all the sodium chloride and you're not conditioning yourself for the environment and the changes..

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