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Save the parents.. And hope children survive climate change..

The new title of my book.. Save the parents.. And hope children survive climate change..

When you live in a disposable society.. You will see exponential suffering..

That's why the system wants to be sustainable.. Because disposable people are vampires.. And they suck the life out of everything..

Parents stunt their children's growth and children stunt their parents growth. And then it's mutually assured destruction.. That's the family.. That's the vampires.. That's The manson family..

And I will say.. I feel sorry for all the children... Because they are the slaves to their parents.. And their parents who don't want to evolve will destroy their own children.. Because they have to.. The system will NOT allow them to allow them to change.. If that kid is strong enough to survive their childhood.. When they'r 18 they have so much to come back from..

I feel sorry for every child out there.. Subject to their parents politics.. Their parents aggressive religions.. And their parents aggressive science dogmas..

Every kid is suffering.. I mean every kid..

That's why its parent save yourself.. And in case you're old enough to understand this.. Develop a plan to give yourself time to save yourself.. To come back from what your parents did to you.. In the herbs and extracts and oncology and surgeries.

Don't DEFY parents unless they are violating the laws of life according to the system..

But now you know why you will suffer as an adult . What your parents did to you.. So they can be absolved. Killer Vampires not only need to be turned, but some have to be done away. Is what's going on right now

Humans are lower level vampires

Deviant sex comes from aggressive sex Demons..

Politics religion and science dogmas turned all humans into breeding deviant sex demons.. Some worse than others. And then all the different religions justify a level of sex Demonology. Having children makes it all better but those kids are still suffering.. A level of demonology..

The children will have a hell of time becoming hold again in this environment.. Because some adults are having a hard time..

the Depopulation agenda comes from Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll in all politics and all religions/spirituality and all science dogmas. And of course, the Family,.. the Manson family reenacted from blind followers..

That was intentional.. All the beauty queens in the nineteen fifties.. Nineteen twenties.. Nineteen thirties.. Developed very sexualized women.. Of course children.. And then deterioration in a very aggressive environment

And the system developed worship for the beauty . Not so much the brains..

Now look at your facebook..

And these children are suffering and they are food for other vampires.. Who are cannibalizing them. ..

Now look at your facebook.. The suffering from ALL OF THE victims of other people vampiring their body mind and spirit.. That's politics that's religion that IS science experiments.. And then humans vampire animals.. That's where the animals come from and all the pets.. Now you see how shit works..

Developing boys and girls to be food for vampires.. That's in all the vampire stories.. They are talking about humans today.. and rampant reproduction and aggressive sexuality..

That's why the system focuses so much on sexual identity and the family.. It was made to destroy society.

1 day humans will be set free. And so will all the animals, and they won't be food for the vampire humans.

Who are sucking the spirit out of their children and the animals.. Not only eating meat.. Eventually it will be Lab created meat.. But you will see why people get so many pets all the time..

Pet after pet after pet after pet.. Or around animals all the time.. Gotta be honest.. They are milking a spirit from that animal.

Even saving the pets and children is like milking the spirit from those energies.. Justifying keeping it going.. Not focusing on why they are reproducing children animals all the time..

It is the extreme vampire thirst..

Advocating extreme suffering..

So what is the intention for people and pets..

That will also be redefined in the future if not now..

Remember we're in a great transition..

Now watch all your vampire movies.. And look at society..

Now you see how allegory is very appropriate.. Thx John Oakes

Duality Dual/ity

The fight.. The war..

They are telling you.. More shits going to happen.. Raising the frequencies..Not only activating those therapies but also everything else people are dealing with.. It will be bad..

New therapy is coming out right after this last frequency shift. At this point it's not gonna matter.. You either have what it takes or you don't. The Family = aggressive religion and destruction It's okay to change.. And it is okay to accept your outcome..

Some people have the abilities to change.. Others do not..

Just because some people don't have the ability to change doesn't mean they take away that opportunity from somebody else.

People, Please try not to ruin opportunity of new information for somebody else.. Be generous enough to share information.. Give people the opportunity..

That's your duty as a human.. Even if you can't do what i'm doing.. It's okay to share..

And be generous to other people.. When people do things for other people who can't do anything for them..

That's humanity.

If it's not my information you want to share.. And youre part of the j world.. Share your journey..

If people have questions answer them intellectually..

I'm not asking for you to promote me .

What i'm asking is be representation..

Believe me it's not the j juice.. It is all about looking at your body, your mind and your spirit in such a different way..

Eventually they will see what it really takes.. But by that time you'll know if they can handle my info information.. And then it's only five bucks.. Or twenty or thirty..

See.. No one's making a shitton of money off this..

But you must vet people out.. Not everybody can handle change.. But they can handle you if they know you.

People also ask Is Vanessa's daughter alive in Van Helsing?

She was a hybrid that could not endure the evolution and still had vampire qualities of intolerance to the sun and subsequently died.

#VanHelsing When the sire, who turns a long genetic line of vampire, into a vampire or a Vanhelsing sire turn vampires back to human.. If anything happens to him or her.. Everybody in that genetic line is affected and potentially destroyed..

The story shows you.. Right now with humans, once the parents passes away from cancer disease and chronic illness, everyone related to that genetic line will be affected.

It's not only nature.... But also nurture.. It's what you teach your offspring..

Like I said before.. And you see it all over facebook.. Once the parents goes.. The children and everyone related will not be far behind..

Somebody has to redirect the intention... Some parents are redirecting their parents genetic line..

#VanHelsing = govt.. Vanessa Van Helsing and her sis are trying to control the out of control killer vampires.. And so each tribe that she goes up against are like activists.. She has to go and regulate..

Vampires= people.. The vampires all represent the people and the different tribes of killer instincts.. All the politics are the religions and the science dogmas..

And when vanessa turns them into a human like her, But she has the special powers to do that.. Then they are sired to her. Any vampire that bites them. They can't eat the blood. It's been tainted. There ya go If you're not feeding and releasing demons.. The electricity will cannibalize you. It will cause more activity than your body can handle.. It's happening right now in climate change.. in a slow frequency, environment proteins don't activate so much.. In a high frequency environment.. Your proteins activate aggressively.. And if you have a sluggish release process. Those proteins clog up everything.. And also produce aggressive cancers. As well as accelerate the maturation and aging process..

Black can become white.. And white can become black..

Don't let creationism destroy evolution.

Melanin is a hormone activated by the sun.. And then deactivated by the shade.. And then your life style and geographical location determines the different shades of black to white and white to black.

All the different cures stop your adaptation. And then cause division. And then people think different is alien. When all it is is hormonal adaptation..

Somebody divided the people a long time ago.. And enslaved many different people through bio engineering.. And geo engineering..

I couldn't tell you when.. But it happened.. Like starving your children... Giving them gluten free.. Sugar free.. Meat free.. Milk free

Other types of food free lifestyle..

Look at all the mothers who are withholding food from their children.. And look at the cancer and disease patients on the same type of diets..

That's how the micro and the macro work together.. That's why it's laughable when people say save their children, and they're withholding food from their children.. Using oncology on not only themselves but their children.. On very aggressive diets as well..

Really it's save the parents.. Seriously.. Save your parent cells adults.. And release the demon children out of your body.. who have been torturing you for years.. And during that process you produced offspring. Who are being tortured by all the deficiencies you passed down to them..

Save the parents.. The children really don't stand a chance in this society. You hope they do.. But the parents have a better chance.. Once they get their heads out of their asses..

Glucose is a major part of your dna.. And you also must have insulin.. Which means you must also have a regulatory process to release demons.. So your hormones can work properly..

Now you know.. Cancer is children. People are destroying their children. But children can become too numerous.. And destroy.. With no boundaries.. And no impulse control.

Save the parents.. And pray the kids can survive climate change.

And if parents are in so much pain... It's because they've been starving their children for years.. Their microbial children.. And then eventually their offspring. Due to so many aggressive food Intolerances.. When the mother starves in the body.. The children also starve.. In more ways than one..

Look at your facebook.. Women are supposed to surpass breeding age and not die from becoming whole again.. That's why the menopause.. That's why the hot flashes.. Now you have to eat all food so you can become whole again..

Now you have to release demons out of your body because the body does not want to breed any more children.. And you don't want cancer and disease and chronic illness..

When men finally stop wanting to release their sperm they get their body back.. Because food won't be enough for them.. They have to stop releasing so much of their sperm..

If a man does not visit the medical or holistic industry.. If he gets relatively good sleep.. And calms down his sexuality.. He could live a long time.. But hyper sexuality destroys men over time and faster in this environment.. And then you look at the internet and only fans and the porn sites.. That's what's going to destroy man even further . Spilling his seeds. And of course some wives can't let go and relax.. And so they suck the life out of their husband. And many men visit the medical holistic energy healing world.. And massage parlors.

What happens when men conserves their semen. The body reabsorbs any sperm that does not leave the body.

If people have concerns about their fertility or sexual health, they can consult a doctor so they can further damage you and make you fertile again. That's how it works.. Medical News Today What happens when you block sperm from coming out?

People think i'm nuts.. I know the programming of the nineteen sixties.. Now it's only obvious..

Then remember the georgia guidestones.. And the hyperfocus on sexuality.. It doesn't matter what type. The system doesn't care what gets you off. So as long as you die someday and soon.. But you do it to yourself..

And in the meantime, you drop a few kids so the system can experiment on them. And then they pass away as well and sooner in a different environment.. While the mother keeps the same traditions... Having children makes women weaker. Having children on bodies in deficit makes women become even more weaker..

And their children in deficit.. Weaker for the next environment.

That's the depopulation agenda.. Sexuality and the family. And the fight between fertility and abstinence.

Or people getting off without dropping children.. This was when it all started.... Marilyn Monroe.. The orphan.. Bounced around from home to home..

Marilyn monroe was found dead August 4 1962

Unlucky with so many men husbands.

Involved with the kennedy's.. The mafia.. And even her death has been questioned.

She was the diamond programming that hollywood women always modeled themselves after. And local girls wanted to act like.. And be like..

The extreme sexual programming.. Translated into all the porn and playboy.. And then it found a way into the suburbs. And so even the girl next door could show everything to everybody..

That's when the train left the station..

1953 For the magazine's first issue in 1953, its founder, Hugh Hefner, used a previously unpublished nude calendar photograph of Marilyn Monroe, who also appeared (in clothing) on the cover.Jun 27, 2023

Playboy | Definition, Founder, History, & Facts - Britannica That confirms it.. The generation that raised you.. Makes a huge difference in everything..

So the people today.. Are just residual programming from the 1950s and 1960s..

1950s square= "good" (J. Edgar Hoover) 1960s hippy chick="bad" (Bob Dylan)

The squares of the fifties.. Are now the perceivably the conservative intolerant ones..

The hippies of the 1960s are perceivably, the logical scientists using psychology..

And finding a different way to control the population without going back to world war two.

That's how the system played the generations against each other.

It's time to redirect.. It's not about being a good girl or bad girl..

It's about evolving.

Save the parents.. And hope the strongest child in your body and in your house survives climate change. The children ain't going to save their own parents..

So the parents must save themselves..

The term save the children.. was a distraction.. It was a political ploy..

If parents can't save themselves they most certainly cannot save children

even their own..

They can try to be an example, but if that death programming was already embedded in their child..

It would be very difficult to deprogram their child..

Now their child must want to live.. Not die suddenly now or later..

And if that child has respect for their parent.. That child might have a chance..

Good luck parents..

You need to save yourself..

There is no guarantee your children are going to listen to you..

And if your children have been under the medical system.. Because you brought them there, then you as the parent have a responsibility to ask the medical system to reverse everything they did to you and your children.

#refeedingclinics These are clinics that will help the child and the parent.. Get off the medical and the holistic system. And get them off the track of the morgue.. And help them become acquainted with all the food supply. And be able to overcome all symptoms by releasing demons. And eating all nutritious food.. Not gluten free bullshit. No sugar free bullshit.. No salt free bullshit.. Not milk free bullshit.. And not meat free bullshit.. And don't starve them with all the organic bullshit either..

It's now the doctor's responsibility to reverse everything they did to that family.. And it's up to the parents to start that process..

It began with the parents.. It must end in a good way with the parents.. If the parents still believe in the medical system. Because some things you need a doctor to help you understand, then it's their duty.. #refeedingsyndrome

And give them my book because it talks about opening up your system.. And kids need to learn how to cough sneeze and blow their nose.. And then the method in my book..

Why we are in such a great predicament and why people die.. Is because of the use of the medical holistic system atrophying the childs and the adults systems..

Basically the medical holistic energy healing world has made the person's immune system lazy.. And so they can't push out mucus or foreign objects.. And they have a hell of a time pushing out all the poop..

That's the issue with humanity right now..

They're too weak to deal with climate change.. Because they have been conditioned by the medical system to rely on them.. As well as the naturopathics #refeedingsyndrome Is why there's cancer disease chronic illness and death..

Everybody out there is starving..

Today is the first time in a few weeks.. I didn't have to take a nap around twelve. I did eat around ten thirty eleven.. I did feel a few heartbeats.. Like higher blood pressure from eating because the body is activating the immune system..

But no fatigue... That's a great sign that's a great indicator. I don't feel as stiff.. I don't feel as heavy.. Even the back of my neck doesn't feel too sore.. The little growth is still there.. But it's not aggressive..

That's a great sign.. And i'm not craving so much milk.. I did eat food like mac and cheese.. And pork chops.. And fruit juice. And I had one ice cream bar. Or ice cream sandwich.

But i'm not fatigued this afternoon. I actually feel pretty good. When famous animals die people are requested to donate.. That's the continuous loop of capitalism and suffering..

Another money making venture.. Developing so much life.. It dies suddenly.. Then of course you know everybody is making money off of life.. And the shelters are full.. And they need donations.. Endless amount of donations.. Now you see the money making venture. capitalizing on people's emotions. And then all the pretty girls.. With their hands out.. And the puppy dog faces.. It's fucking evil.. These poor animals.. Used as a tool..

Now you see why the georgia guidestones wants to guide reproduction carefully.. The exponential infinite suffering from life that's not well cared for.. And commodified for everybody.. And people don't cherish life.. It's something to be sold.. Bought and sold on the open market.. No different than slavery.. But before death it's the trauma from the veterinary system.. And all the antibiotics.. Because those animals have issues in the genetic lines... And so the suffering is compounded..

Sharon Tate:

Make you wonder.. If those murders in 1969 was an indicator of how beauty triggering hypersexuality was going to destroy life..

How does beauty destroy life.. Beautiful girl selling you antibiotics.. And beautiful women triggering men to spill their seeds.. Which weakens men exponentially..

Hollywood could tell you how much human consumption of beautiful men and women cause destruction..

We're heading into the anniversary of the tate la bianca murders..

And they specifically destroyed sharon and her pregnant belly.. That was intentional and I could tell you that was probably a symbol..

Manson knew what was going on.. He was a g men asset..

How much did roman polanski know.. He was away from the house when his wife was killed..

There is no proof of anything..

However roman polanski did harm a minor.. That's why he's not in the united states. You can google that.. It's common knowledge..

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