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"Save" the Strong Adult Children

When will you grow up..

Our society is built from children who also are children even at 90 years old an die as children..

oh yes, I feel the change in the atmosphere... and not a restful night's sleep..

microbial children are why you have cancer, disease, chronic illness and disorders.. one must release the "demons" children/microbial children and feed yourself, the parent as well as the demons..

remember: children are destructive unless they have a purpose.. and if not purposed, children destroy and need someone to regulate them.

People have taken starvation as a discipline against "gluttony", when in actuality, they release the children out of their body, they would not have to force themselves on DIETS AND DESTROY ONESELF..

WOMEN/Men at any age who are so skinny aging out have taken starvation as a discipline and then feed off the death hormones as they start walking and talking to the spirits of the dead..nearing death..

Obesity, too many children in the body feeding until they destroy the infrastructure in the body or they receive help from the medical system to manage the children in their body..

release the children, save YOURSELF EVERYONE, EVEN CHILDREN, but children in our society have no understanding, so the children/juvenile cells in their body will destroy them if they are not strong enough to control their own juvenile cells..

Let me give you an example of why the system must program your children who already have major deficits.. i mean major ones..

There are some families out there who produce extremely violent and abusive, extremely consumptive consumerists children who turn into dangerous adults..

Would you put the future of humanity in the hands of some of your neighbors, friends and family.. and if you did.. we would be back to the caveman days, reinventing the wheel..

no, I would NOT want to put the future in the hands of some of my neighbors or peers... that would be scary.. we would have annihilation, genocide, etc..

oncology is controlling the out of control children, but the parent is starving and cannot handle growth, food and development..

climate change is oncology..controlling the children of the world of all ages, even 80 years old all the way down to 1 years old..

Prairie Fire, written by the Weather Underground, "Never underestimate the power of planting a seed or a spark"..

Your fear around food, water, air and symptoms spread like wildfire and YOU became so radicalized, you have injured and destroyed your own children..

you radicalized yourself and friends around politics, religion and science dogmas that you blinded yourself..

the system of the Rosicrucian are NOT left wing.. as even the right wing people are distributing and recommending i vert mectin and plant based medicines against their children's immune systems.. developing INTOLERANCE...


you can't survive if you are incapable of seeing or understanding the other argument..


At this point, be prepared for anything and take personal responsibility of why you don't survive.. Which you can't . But if people around you that you have instructed, don't survive and that could be your children. You have to be the one to take personal responsibility.

You thought you knew best.. And you purposely blinded yourself to the other arguments . Because you're still highly traumatized and you couldn't release those demons.. And you kept worshipping the golden calf

Money beauty and social capital was way more important to you than the survival of yourself and your children..

That's the mother's curse.. You wanted a mini me . Well your mini me may not survive you. I feel my heart beating faster and I hear sirens in the background.. And kids are in the hospital right now..

The frequencies are insane right now.

Parents save yourself.. May the odds be ever in your favor.. that means,, heat.. another growth spurt.. not good.. using children/immature t cells from remedies and abx is why child slavery was outlawed.. that was child abuse..

children deserve to grow and mature properly.. but it seems we outlawed child slavery in industrialized nations and commandeered juvenile cells to be programmed, then abuse and then annihilate... and not allowing those children to mature.. called aging/death

now look at old photos from the past.. all the child slavery.. Save the parents and the adults and let them mature.. You hope your children do mature..

Who has a better chance.. No one sits high enough to look down on anyone.. Then don't look up..

If my information makes you so triggered that this is what's produced from it.. Then you need to look at yourself.. And this post may not be directed towards me.. But it is directed towards people who are like me. And it doesn't matter what they're saying.

If you feel like someone's looking down at you it is because you look up to them.

Don't blame people for what you do..

you point a finger at someone.. A million will be pointed right back at you.

all commentary serves as education and development and feel free to unfollow anyone who "offends" you.. More sirens today.. i feel the hives growing.. the itching and the energy..

spaghetti here i come..

welcome to the next frequency..

Update: 1. Hives even on my chin lol 2. Ate spaghetti and two PBJ sandwiches for the juvenile cells during this growth spurt You're all children because you fail to mature.. Because you listened to those who enslaved you and put the seed of doubt in your world.. I hope some of you mature..

I hope you realized you've all been under some kind of child labor.. Because of all the remedies.. Exploiting your immaturity

Because all children deserve to mature.. Even the ninety year old children out there.. And they probably don't have what it takes to mature.

Where do we go from here.. All of you.. Have a choice to mature.. Or die as a child. An old elderly child

Who will survive.. Strong middle aged people who can adapt to this environment.. The elderly and the children and the immuno compromised will have a hard time. I'm giving those of you who have a chance a potential possibility to save yourself..

But you know the elderly the immune compromised and the children will have an issue.

But you're gonna have to face the demons today and talk to your doctor if you think it's going to be aggressive. So what do you do when you have children? And they're going through a growth spurt. You have to feed them and then put them down for a nap..

What do I do when i'm feeling these hives because of a growth spurt because of the frequencies..

I eat.. Then I take a nap..

I wake up.. Blow my nose Eliminate.. And eat..

When you are in a frequency change causing growth sports in your body.. Especially hives.. No different than having a billion little babies.. You have to treat this like newborn.. For you to babysit temporarily and then you release the next morning..

This is some real allegorical shit Here we go.. New hive today lol Crazy energy in the environment

Viron frequency

I know my face looks a little bit rounder today.. New viral frequency.. Microbial Hatchlings The beginning of life.. You never attack it..

You always feed it and mature it.. And any excessive microbial babies goes out with the trash.. Or through all your filtration systems..

When people have a weak immune system.. Those excessive microbial babies which had something "wrong" with them.. Or they wouldn't have been put to the side and not part of the overall immune system..Turn into actual offspring..

Those are the demons the catholic church are talking about.

That's why they call it original sin.. Very allegorical..

That's why you want to have an open immune system.. Or else fertility will destroy you.

Fertility can be good to keep you alive indefinitely if you have more mature cells than not..

Fertility can also destroy you.. That's the disease process.. The aging process.. When all those babies in your body cannibalized the parent.. No different than traditional families.. The children destroy the parents.. Overtime..

Download PDF Published: 24 January 2013 Microbe-Microbe and Microbe-Host Interactions

Bacterial colonization of Hydra hatchlings follows a robust temporal pattern Sören Franzenburg, Sebastian Fraune, …Thomas CG Bosch Show authors The ISME Journal volume 7, pages781–790 (2013)Cite this article

3010 Accesses

71 Citations

5 Altmetric


Abstract Animals are colonized by complex bacterial communities. The processes controlling community membership and influencing the establishment of the microbial ecosystem during development are poorly understood. Here we aimed to explore the assembly of bacterial communities in Hydra with the broader goal of elucidating the general rules that determine the temporal progression of bacterial colonization of animal epithelia. We profiled the microbial communities in polyps at various time points after hatching in four replicates. The composition and temporal patterns of the bacterial communities were strikingly similar in all replicates. Distinct features included high diversity of community profiles in the first week, a remarkable but transient adult-like profile 2 weeks after hatching, followed by progressive emergence of a stable adult-like pattern characterized by low species diversity and the preponderance of the Betaproteobacterium Curvibacter. Intriguingly, this process displayed important parallels to the assembly of human fecal communities after birth. In addition, a mathematical modeling approach was used to uncover the organizational principles of this colonization process, suggesting that both, local environmental or host-derived factor(s) modulating the colonization rate, as well as frequency-dependent interactions of individual bacterial community members are important aspects in the emergence of a stable bacterial community at the end of development.

Introduction All animals, ranging from simple invertebrates to primates, are host to complex microbial communities (Fraune and Bosch, 2007; Ley et al., 2008; Ochman et al., 2010). Microbial colonization appears to be an essential step in vertebrate ontogeny, contributing to the maturation of the immune system and gut development (Rawls et al., 2004; Mazmanian et al., 2005; Kelly et al., 2007). Resident gut bacteria can cause disease if the balance of the community is disrupted by antibiotics (Ayres et al., 2012). Neonatal recolonization of germ-free mice with microbes prevents enhanced colitis and asthma sensitivity while exposure of adult mice to these conditions is not effective (Olszak et al., 2012). In invertebrates, germ-free Drosophila larvae show drastically increased mortality compared with conventional larvae when reared on a nutrient-poor diet (Shin et al., 2011); and in anthozoan cnidarians shifts in the composition of the microbial community are associated with coral bleaching (Mao-Jones et al., 2010). Thus, vertebrates and invertebrates appear not only to tolerate, but to require colonization by beneficial microorganisms for metabolism, immune defense, development, behavior (Sandstrom et al., 2000; Xu et al., 2003; Nyholm and McFall-Ngai, 2004; Rawls et al., 2004; Mazmanian et al., 2005; Chow et al., 2010) and most likely many other not yet identified functions. Any animal with its associated microbes, therefore, can be considered as a metaorganism defined as ‘an ensemble of individuals representing numerous species that coexist and interact in an area or habitat’ (Drake, 1990). Membership in such a community is frequently influenced by interactions among species and properties, which emerge from such interactions (Drake, 1990). In this sense, humans develop into ecological communities after being born with a sterile gastrointestinal tract that is successively colonized with microbial populations until adult-like communities stabilize (Koenig et al., 2011; Walter and Ley, 2011). The processes, which control community membership in the neonatal gut and influence the colonization pattern during infancy and childhood are poorly understood. A vitally important question to ask, therefore, is what are the factors and rules in a particular host that influence community assembly, composition and diversity. Because a dysregulation of host–microbe homeostasis can have severe impact on the host’s health, controlling and mediating ‘correct’ bacterial colonization in early life would confer fitness advantages to the host. This view has encouraged discussions as to what extent the microbiota is controlled by the host through top–down mechanisms involving the immune system, relative to microbiota intrinsic bottom–up mechanisms (Ley et al., 2006). Despite the importance of understanding the factors that control bacterial colonization in man, however, the inaccessibility of the microbial niches of the human gut, and the restriction of studies in infants to collection of fecal samples (Cilieborg et al., 2012) make it desirable to use animal models for understanding basic principles of colonization processes in detail. Here we aimed to explore the assembly of bacterial communities in the freshwater polyp Hydra. Our goal was to obtain mechanistic information about specific host–bacterial interactions and to elucidate the rules that determine how large and diverse bacterial populations colonize a newly born animal.

The cnidarian Hydra is an established animal model for studying host–microbe interactions. It is inexpensive, easily handled, has a transcriptome and genome that more closely resembles humans than those of flies and worms (Chapman et al., 2010; Hemmrich et al., 2012), and is colonized by stable and species-specific bacterial communities (Fraune and Bosch, 2007). Unlike most animal systems, it is possible to examine temporal bacterial profiles of clonal lineages without being limited to fecal samples, as Hydra grows clonally under constant laboratory conditions. Hydra’s tube-like body (Figure 1a) resembles in several aspects the anatomy of the vertebrate intestine with the endodermal epithelium lining the gastric cavity and the ectodermal epithelium providing a permanent protective barrier to the environment (Bosch, 2012). Changes in Hydra’s epithelial homeostasis cause significant changes in the microbial community (Fraune et al., 2009), implying a direct interaction between epithelia and microbiota. Multifunctional epithelial cells recognize microbial-associated molecular patterns with the help of the Toll-like receptor signaling pathway (Bosch et al., 2009; Franzenburg et al., 2012). Intracellular recognition of bacteria in Hydra is supposed to be mediated by a large number of nucleotide oligomerization domain-like receptors (Lange et al., 2011). Prominent effector molecules downstream of the conserved Toll-like receptor cascade are antimicrobial peptides.

"Spontaneous" energy catalyzing people's situation.. Heart attacks and strokes.. Disorientation.. I guess they need to put some kind of concrete blocks to protect Business..

I've heard so many sirens today.. So many over here on the northeast side..

When frequencies go up people also act very erratic and intense.. Sometimes so intense it seems out of character..

Like I said the elderly the immuno compromised and children will be most affected. If elderly are driving cars.. These types of accidents are going to happen more..

Be very careful around you everyone.. Remember the waterfalls in the toilet. When you had such a cesspool of so many diverse life forms in the toilet some were moving..

People were taking pictures of what they left behind in the toilet.. I mean it was gross and shocking. But people wanted to know what they eliminated from their body.. All the excessive programming they were never allowed to release..

Now look at all the different floods.. And look at all the different life forms and the garden of eden..

The system is waterfalling everything they want to go away away..

You have a chance to save yourself.. Or else end up going down the drain somewhere.. Rough night Wow.. I'm not against children per se..

But shouldn't we mature the adults.. So they never die in a balanced environment.. And they know how to adapt..Before they breed new children in this world..?

Or what are you breeding children for.. To be a temporary slave and then breed them to die..?

That's why parents must mature themselves.. Or else what kind of example are they going to lead for their children.. Child of god Inner child

Still a CHILD DIE a child

What if you actually grew up. And didn't stay peter pan or follow him

Death is also a major component of the Peter Pan story itself. In the first chapter of Barries 1911 book Peter and Wendy, its essentially stated that Peter Pan is a psychopomp a term, usually found in mythology, that refers to any kind of guide that escorts the souls of the dead into the afterlife. As Barrie wrote,

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