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Save the World By Living or Save the World By Dying, You Choose

The system does NOT want you to change.. which is why all the cures/surgeries/herbs to take you out easier.. Even though changing will save your life because the environment is more aggressive, the system has taught your friends, family and associates that change is the demon, even though they promote change/climate change, but will not promote the change that will save your life..

the system made you so addicted to public validation, that change will NEVER happen for you.

just look around you and look at your resistance to changing your own relationship to food/pain/mucus/symptoms..

all by design..

phucking brilliant

long story short.. your friends, family, and addiction to public validation and your kids and occupations, politics, religions, science dogmas have been weaponized against your survivability..

some people in biotech/tech world are dying/have died to make sure you never change.. jobs/gates... they make sure your resistance against gates keeps you so distracted you never ever ever change..

phucking brilliant..

now that I know this.. i can relax.. because all of you hold your own cards for the future.. no one is doing ANYTHING to you..

you are doing it to yourself..

I have done part for humanity... now it is your turn.. save the world by living or save the world by dying.. You choose.

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