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Even the scavengers have a place.. when they start circling.. find a way to release and lessen the triggers to attract the vultures/scavengers/demons

btw sex/love/suffering/sickness/beauty became the platform built for scavengers.. what and why are you attracting those feasting on your body/mind/spirit..

scavengers clean up the messes and they swallow demons... the key thing is to not attract the sharks/vultures/scavengers/demons..

your groups/associations/occupations may also attract the vultures.. is the food you are feeding them, also your own soul/body/mind/spirit..

how are you justifying death.. another food for vultures/scavengers...

let us see in 20 years once you realize this..

the aging process and the use of medical/holistic system is a system built for scavengers...

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