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Science Has More than Just One Explanation, the Opposite is also True

In my world I don't claim to be a scientist but I was raised by them and I understand people.. And Science is not strictly in a laboratory under a traditional formalized setting..

Science is also something observable in your own home body mind and spirit..

And science doesn't discriminate..

Paying attention, taking notes, and developing another theory or explanation around the same set of events is science. The outcome could happen immediately or it could happen over a long period of time..

Science is understanding the cultures of which organisms live within and cultures can change based upon adding or subtracting elements within the population..

The population could be within a petri dish or a community. And you don't have to do anything to anybody else because you can be a scientist to your own body mind and spirit.

And if you are honest and open your publish and publicize your activities.. And be aware of how people characterize them and offer your own characterization.. Which is just as credible as somebody else's.. That is ethical science.

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