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Second Chance at Life If You Learned Your Lesson in the First Life, the Life You Have Right Now

Second chance at life.. If you're willing to learn your lessons in your first life.. The life you have right now.

The j world offers everyone the option for a second chance at life.. You have a responsibility to understand what that actually means. And no it's not dying and going into heaven. Heaven doesn't exist. You're in hell right now.. But you could survive it.. But if not it will be a cold day in hell for you. Because you will be cold.. Dead bodies turn cold..

Those who have been minimally damaged by the system has a chance to get their life back a second chance at life.. Those who have been minimally damaged by their parents and the medical surgical system have a second chance at life..

But you have to change your lifestyle and belief system.. And that would require facing pain.. And talking to your doctor about your journey.. You'd have to really go over your medical history with a fine toothcomb.. So you know what you're in for..

But if you had minimal surgery from the system.. And you don't have any obvious heart conditions that would scare you.. But even if you did.. You still have to feed disease.. But you're gonna have to figure out.. Can you handle getting your life back.. Or will you be a temporary person.. A temporary slave from six thousand years ago.. To mine gold for your slave owners..

Remember, you have to release the old world. In order to survive and evolve to the new world at the micro level..

No different than what's going on right now.. The old world going into the new world.. Everything happens at the micro level.. And macro level.. Those two must be aligned..

That's why ANIMAL protein loading yourself during these energy conversions and releasing those demons, the way I have in my book is literally the only way you're gonna survive this. If not, you will have so many generations of conflict in you, you will die from the conflicts from the war in your body.. There must be more future and present than past in your body.. No different than you don't want to have a bunch of baby boomers who are dinosaurs who can't evolve taking up space . They will extinct the population..

You have to have some kind of future thinker.. Who can also stay present with also a connection to the past.

Which is why gen X is so important.. If they have the capacity.. Or else the dinosaurs in their familiess will destroy them.

If you have an issue with an fcc approved device.. Or an fda approved drug or food.. You're the one that has the problem.. You're the one that's deficient.. You're the one that made their choices to take away your life.. You're the one that chose not to evolve.. You're the one that thought you knew everything. You're the one that chose to resist.. You're the one that didn't want to change.. You're the one that signed on a dotted line..

You're the one that's weak. And you have a chance to redirect.. And if you choose not to.. You're the one that made that choice. If you chose oncology.. And you chose to buy into the characterization of symptoms and disease from the hospital system.. When your body starts breaking down. You take full responsibility . There is no one to blame but yourself.

When you choose to take shortcuts. The devil will take his due. The devil is accountability. Sometimes your children are the accountability because of what you have done to alter your genes developing fertility... Sometimes your kids are the demons you kept trying to remedy away..

The system doesn't want to deal with any more traumatic situations dealing with children who become dangerous adults

The system must program.. Reprogram society.. Because if you're afraid to walk outside after dark.. It's because you develop that in your children. Many people develop monsters in our society.. And then we have to deal with them.

That's why you must understand what the system is doing.. You could survive it if you understand why.. If you choose to understand why.. Tuesday Yup I feel the frequencies.. Heart palpitations.. Hunger i'm eating again.. Now a bagel peanut butter and jelly sandwich.. I felt a bit edgy.. For all we know, the frequency is already here. And October 4th and 11th is just a confirmation.

And the frequency could get progressively stronger.. Slow boil.. Or fast..

We won't know until we know.. And will we know what we know..? Or will it be more of the same.. With these frequency shifts.. You must eat, not only for the environment to keep up with the level of energy.. But you also have to release the old world.. The old damaged cells. And every frequency you have to keep going through the levels.. You can't keep damaging cells anymore..

Release the old take on the new. That's why food is so important.. Food is your fuel.. You convert that food into you.. Rebuilding you.. Why do you think people die.. They damage themselves systematically.. And they are starving..

The last three years I caught up releasing the old and taking on so much new.. That's why people plateau. And then when the frequencies change, they have to keep rising to the level of the frequency change. If the frequencies are changing all the time.. They have to keep rising to the level of it..

Which is why larger men who don't treat their disease.. Could potentially get ahead if they keep feeding it. You never starve disease.. You feed it and you release the old..

humanity has had it backwards for many centuries.. They kept starving disease.. They kept using antibiotics taking away their future.. And they kept drugging their disease Reinventing the wheel with offspring.. In their body.. And even in their family.. And so the food they are eating doesn't go to them as the parent.. It kept feeding children who died later as an adult. Basically an adult child.. That's why when you see very mature children in hollywood.. Children can be matured very early.. But they also can die earlier as well..

When you keep feeding children.. The parent dies.. And the children die later as a parent.. It's time for humanity to mature.. The old world you had slower frequencies.. And so many families.. Major major human experimentation.. The new world.. Higher frequencies.. Less families.. More intellectual maturity.. Theoretically, you should never treat disease.. But every individual person must decide what they can handle.. Treating disease just takes you closer to death.. More so in this environment.. But again not everybody can pull themselves out of the grave.. Some people have a chance.. Others don't.. Middle age and younger people.. Your parents should be a lesson of what not to do.. Especially if they plan to die someday.. And justify it. But if that's where you want to end up.. Go down with the ship with them. But if you want to do something different in your family genetically.. Maybe it's time to challenge your parents. If you want to survive in this new frequency change.. You can still respect them.. But you don't have to end up like them.. You deserve a chance.. Given I am generation x... I can see the past and the future.. I have silent generation and greatest generation relatives.. So I can see that far in the past.. And i'm also looking way ahead in the future.. I can future think.. I can plan for the future.. If you want to listen to anyone.. Listen to people who have a hand in the past and in the future.. who is also very present.. Or you can listen to people who are in the past like dinosaurs and ghosts.. End up like them.. Or only listen to people in the future.. Telling you you are ghosts.. Because you're working for the future but you'll never be there.. I've seen those posts.. Or you can balance both the past present and future.. And you don't have to die. You are at the fork in a road.. And you're seeing where you could potentially end up.. Is whatever you're doing worth it.. If it is enjoy whatever you're doing.. Never hold regrets for the choices you make. sleeping beauty slept from the old world.. Woke up in the new world Sleep is necessary I think the frequency already went out because I felt stuff ever since nine eleven. Even more so last week.. Even more so on friday. Psychosomatic Along with actual low inaudible frequencies can make people's situations worse if there already are compromised.. And then an actual frequency, such as a loud beep.. Could actually cause people to go off the deep end.. They built up expectation in their suspense.. It's not to say that the frequencies aren't doing what they're doing because they are.. But those who already have issues especially around the therapies will make their situation worse.. Then why don't you just say it's going to do something. Even though it's psychologically induced it's still doing something.. Potentially.. Everything is f c c approved.. So if its fcc approved.. It's not dangerous.. Or poison.. But its people psychological make up.. It's what's going to do people in. My husband feels stuff.. So do I.. But we feed the Information.. Our bodies release.. We don't treat disease And animals will feel it.. Your animal is reacting.. Has been reacting for the last month.. People have been dropping like flies.. I think the frequency already was released.. But it was f c c approved.. Therefore not dangerous.. Except to those who already have issues.. And the rate of death and disease is still acceptable to the regular population.. The FCC logo or the FCC mark is a voluntary mark employed on electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States which indicates that the electromagnetic radiation from the device is below the limits specified by the Federal Communications Commission and the manufacturer has followed the requirements of the Supplier's Declaration of Conformity authorization procedures.[1][2][3] The FCC label is found even on products sold outside the US territory, because they are either products manufactured in the US and had been exported, or they are also sold in the US. This makes the FCC label recognizable worldwide even to people to whom the name of the agency is not familiar.[4][5][6] And so on, top of what people already feel from the frequencies, then you add in psychosomatic stress disorders.. Now you have major disease.. Scientists Say Babies Will Grow In Artificial Wombs Within Ten Years I don't disagree.. Less trauma.. The only memories it will have is whatever the genes came from. And that it can be programmed.. To be a well functioning member of society.. We have every single gene out there. We don't have to sacrifice The mother anymore.. And tie her down.. There is someone in the j world who has an animal who has had seizures but not for over a year.. As far as I know, they haven't had anything damaged in them from the veterinary system.. The animal is still alive.. They get people food.. Appropriate For animals.. They have a place to play.. A nice Family.. Well taken care of.. And the animal had my juice in small amounts in its food.. Probably not so much anymore.. It doesn't need my juice anymore really.. And it went through the seizures way back when.. Just like my animal.. That animal is still alive.. And doing quite well.. I was hoping that for my animal.. If it wasn't for my dog's prior surgeries.. She might have stood a chance.. But if her surgery is what gave her her life, because she had tumors that they couldn't let go.. At this point it doesn't even matter.. I was fucked either way.. I was just the person to pick up where someone else left off and clean up their mess.. That's a shitty way of unloading life on people.. Really shitty way.. That's why saving animals is a double edge sword.. And the system makes money off the suffering. Back yard breeders make a ton of money. And who loses in the end.. The animal.. Because the owners will just keep changing the animal out.. Collecting souls. I live in a town where people backyard breed dogs.. And of course these dogs are not well taken care of.. They end up in the shelter.. traumatized This is why I say if you want a second chance at life.. And you're not that far gone and you're minimally treated.. Stay away from the medical holistic system.. And if you don't have to get that surgery don't get it.. And if you're stuck forced to get that surgery to live a certain kind of lifestyle.. I'm so sorry. You might get a chance if you stay away from them.. But your life must be different. Now you know why I am the way I am.. I have a second chance at life.. Many people who have been treated so extensively by the system does not. It makes me so sad. And it makes me so mad.. Because I see the suffering out there.. It's hard not to.. The CARE TAKER added a comment "I'm just about to take her out for a walk, she is almost 13 now, the seizures were seasonal for around six years, and yes that is correct,no seizure for well over 12 months, she did have the pulp from the juice in her food but not for very long at the very beginning of the journey, and in all those years we never ever took her to the vets" "We had her from a puppy, she did have her first immunization 1 out of 3, but we couldn't stop that as it was the person we got her from that did that" Every animal deserves a life like this animal has.. Every fucking animal. Update from the other caretaker She has also had the best diet... from raw steak... vegetables... cheese...milk....and more 🩷🩷 I'm so happy for her

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