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Sexual Slavery was built into the family.. Slavery of the animals was built into our society.

Sexual Slavery was built into the family..

Animal breeding is sexual slavery for those animals. Being forced to have sex and have babies to sell on the open market.. And then people become saints because they think they're saving animals they have bred to enslave.

The veterinary system causes the animals to breed.. And then more destruction by the spay and neuter.. And then your forced to put the animal down when it tries to evolve because the animals are too damaged or there wasn't a support system for that Evolution..

Humans aren't any different in this day and age

Who needs enemies when you have friends and family like this..

Friends and family will save themselves by ending your life because they can't handle your suffering because they're suffering.

That's the danger of surrounding yourself by people who think they should die someday and who can't handle the suffering..

They will end your life to save themselves..

Now look at the remedy world.. Ending your life by saving themselves by taking your money .. And they cannot support you changing to evolve to save yourself..

So in order to save themselves.. They will ply you with remedies until it is rest in peace FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED

That's a lot of friends and Families out there who claimed to Promote life.. Look at all the moms selling their mlms to everyone around them..

Their side gig.. Using their children as props..

That's the world out there.. That's what you have accepted in politics religion and science..

If it means sacrificing you for a short amount of time to keep themselves alive for short amount of time..That's ALSO many friends out there too..

These daughters and sons don't stand a chance with these traditional parents...

Human family vampirism. The pets don't also stand a chance either.. They're getting antibiotics shoved down their throat.. Until the body fights back and dies.. Or develops a huge growth and then surgery destroys the animal overtime..

Who needs enemies when you have friends and family like that..

That's the Manson family.. That's what he represented..

This is what you have accepted for centuries.. That's why you believe everyone should die some day.. Because it was built into your culture and religion..

The Nephilim, the giants did this to humanity..

The slavery of men and women through mutually assured destruction through AGGRESSIVE SEXUAL relationship is ALSO the depopulation agenda.

Parents enslaving their daughters and sons into this type of destruction..

Set your kids free or they will be a slave forever and destroyed..

But parents must set their own self's free first..

Correction: NOT DEENA lavey BUT zeena schreCK LOL

I knew it was going to end on a friday.. It had to.. lewiston, maine #EarthGirlsAreEasy #80smovies

kitchy spoof on relationships today..

Even couples back in the eighties didn't stand a chance when you had movies like this.. Now you see why the system wants everyone to be like a Taylor Swift.. She releases those demons from everybody..

Good for her. Her handlers must be very happy.. What the hell she can do with a billion dollars..

But her handers are very happy for her..

You see men get off on her.. or they pay for her concerts.. And buy All of her swag.. Young girls want to be just like her.. And of course buy all of her merchandise.. Yes also the gay men love Taylor Swift..

And people worship people like this because she has the hypnotizing look.. And she has the endurance to run through so many songs..

She hardly eats anything because she can't.. She will feel bloated if she does eat the proper amount of food, so she eats lightly..

I can't imagine that's good for her but hey.. She's getting paid to perform..

She is helping release the "demons" from earth..

So she's a great environmentalist.. She's all into the sustainability..

And so people dance themselves into oblivion.. Go broke following her all over the world..

And some men probably jack o** to her..

Yes, I can be crass.. I'd rather be in your face than sugar coat anything..

Hollywood knows how to blow up your hormones and chemistry..

Hollywood knows.. That's northern and southern California.. I lived in both places.. I've seen both those worlds.. And I chose not to be a Stepford wife.. I was too counter culture..

Silicon valley men expect their wives to weigh next to nothing and starve themselves and sacrifice themselves for the world.. And perform at the drop of a dime..

Or else be divorced or be cheated on.. Her life really does not mean anything..

And good for Taylor Swift.. Enjoy the ride. Because it's a fun ride until you have to retire.. And hopefully when you do retire. You can get your life back.. And redirect.

I was hot in my twenties and thirties.. I know what it is like to be a hot female.. I'm okay today.. im not bad for almost fifty years old..

I've paid my dues.. I don't want to be hot anymore.. Because then you become a predator and a target..

Once you are hot you will have demons chasing you and you'll be chasing demons. Because greed also comes into play.

I'm not about vampiring anyone out of existence.. I will not be anyone's succubus..

More power to you if you are.. I just hope you survive that lifestyle.. And I hope you can buy your next life.. Because your next life, you're going to have to survive with almost nothing in a highly accelerated environment..

The men who only date hot women are like the vampires in our society.. Once the hot women get bled dry and GLITCH, they get thrown away.. Either they throw themselves away because they use themselves up.. Or the system throws them away...

Or even the family throws her away...

After she gives the family a bunch of children she is sacrificed.. In-laws ARE famous for doing that to some of the women out there..

They enslave the female who comes in..

She accepts this because that's the culture.. And of course, she turns to religion to justify it to make her slave quarters livable.. And she even defends it and will be so loyal to her in laws until she doesn't exist anymore.. She is now a minion for her in-laws..

A loyal servant.. To be used and abused.. Until she is dead..

What else is she going to do. She only knows that life.. Unless she takes a risk.. And she leaves that situation. And of course people will call her all kinds of names..

But what does she walk into..? Once you get free from slavery that's the fork in the road women..

She has to be the one to save herself.. Or else everyone around her will bleed her dry.


The women he dates feeds off of him as he simultaneously feeds off of them..

Mutually assured destruction..

The system wants men like these..

That's why the porn industry and only fans exist.. That is why Instagram is so popular

They're trying to have men release themselves out of existence through pleasure.. And some marriages exemplify this too.. And of course all the offspring.. Children and then cancer disease and chronic illness.. And then mutually assured destruction

the death culture.

No one can accuse the system of torturing humans when they're leaving this world being sucked dry by the vampires of our society through endless amounts of pleasure..

Releasing offspring out of their body.. Until the parent dies.. All humans are parents to the microbial world and the human world.. Not always at the same time. But your DNA is part of somebody else's family even if you never had a child.. Simply by your exposure to them.

And most things are consensual.

Enjoy.. Feast daily humans.. Thank you for your sacrifice.

You're doing it to yourself..

Wake up to what the world you have developed for yourself and your family..

The vampire movies were romanticized for a reason.

You are the vampires.. And you're feasting on all of biodiversity out there and also upon your family .

And the horny old men dating younger women, divorcing their first wives are only being sucked dry by the younger succubus's causing the horny old mem to die sooner..

If the horny old man has rock solid prenup..

The young succubus is nothing more than a prostitute. And her contract is clear..

Get him off or be divorced with nothing..

If you are a wife, you better have a lot more to offer than just your body..

Especially if you respect your husband. And hopefully he respects you..

Which is why women need to learn how to use her own brain.. However with all these hot girls out there.. She will use her body first.. And you hope her brain survives the abuse out there from everybody who is using her body for everything.. I will buy Tyson food.. Eventually.. It is a transition..

If it's FDA approved I have no problem ... Food is food.. You break it down it's fatty acid amino acid prohormones and minerals..

One day that will be the only thing left.. We won't be harming animals and enslaving humans..

I'm completely fine with it..

One day, this will be the only thing left. And there will be no more factory farms.. Or gentlemen farms.. Or organic farms..

I know where the world's going.. I can adapt..

By the way cream and meat can be lab created.. If you don't let some holistic person scare you away from the lab..

Nature is a controlled atmosphere

look at the weather engineering..

So is the lab..

Hello the two are not mutually exclusive..

They are one of the same. Especially when you can control the weather and the climate And the lab at the same time..

Oh my god physics and biology and chemistry.. Oh my.

My desire to live outweighs those who are so adamant against change, they will starve themselves out of existence..

My will to live is just as strong as those who have the will to die..

That's the difference between evolution and creationism..

creationists will die as soon as change happens.. They can't handle change..

Evolutionists know how to change when it's needed.. Especially when the change is based in science and chemistry biology and physics.

Anyone who believes people should die someday ARE creationists regardless of religion and politics and science.

True evolutionists know humans don't have to die some day.. Because they are made to adapt and change according to the environment.. That's what uracil is meant for.

In a death culture.. Life doesn't sell..

How do you systematically depopulate people without destroying them outright as painless as possible? You take away all their pain and give them pleasure until they die from it. Now look at your friends and family on Facebook.. They are dying from all the pleasure.. As their pain is being taken away. Systematically.

My world was never for the old world.. My world is another transition into the new world..

Life does not make money..

People buy oncology and herbal remedies to quell life.. Their own life, while developing offspring who don't survive maturity.

Kind of like your children and you... Some of you have just buried people who didn't survive maturity..

That's because of all the traditional practices out there..

No one in your worls will ever tell you that.. Because they don't want to risk their friendship with you.. They don't want to come off offensive or insensitive..

The only way you could possibly survive maturity is when you FINALLY stop treating disease, eat ALL food and release the demons in the proper way.. Without compromising your immune system..

And yeah It is all relative to how far gone you are. It will be painful. Which is why the drug industry is so lucrative. Obviously people don't survive the drug and remedy industry.

When you finally can face the pain of the demons of the past, present and the future, the word cure will never ever come out of your mouth ever again..

You cannot survive indefinitely by being cured.. It's physically impossible.. Life is painful.. To what degree is what sins you have to pay for by harming your life..

Death makes a shit ton of money, in the old world.. And death is extremely sexy.. And now look at your Facebook all the sexy girls all over Facebook.. Look at all the sexy boys all over Facebook..

Welcome to the fifth industrial revolution..

I just hope that you survive the last moneygrab in your world.. Because, like gambling, you have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them..


Disney, Alchemy and the Middle East, A cautionary tale for the human race.

Universe 25 proved that when you take out disease and predation and you give humans all the access to food, water, and air and baubles they will not only f*** each other out of existence, but they will f*** themselves out of existence through family sexual orientation and masturbation.. Influenced by images religion and politics.. And of course music..

Now look at your facebook.. People are fucking themselves out of existence..

And of course through the family.. Because each genetic offspring becomes weaker and weaker. Especially in this environment.

Just give it time.. People are treating themselves out of existence.. And they are afraid of food

Disney promoted the cycle of existence for men and women..

If you are attacking cancer, starving cancer and using chemotherapy and cannabis on cancer out there in the energy healing activists world AND ALSO against the IDF or America.. You have no room to talk and say anything about what Netanyahu doing to protect his own people..

When a cancer of extremism plants and embeds itself between your body and or in a weak civilian population. ONCOLOGY SEEMS TO BE the only fucking way.

The civilians did it to themselves by not pushing out the cancer out of their own fucking society.

When you let a cancer metastasize that horrifically, like Hamas, who has decreed to destroy Israel when given the chance.. . And the people are so weak they can't push out the cancer.. You are no different than what the IDF and Israel has to do to protect themselves from the cancer growing next door!@ HELLO!!

You let yourself to get so weak.. Countries with cancers let themselves get that compromised because they were so weak.. They never pushed out the demons out of their own body.. And they always attacked life.. That's why people don't survive. Because they attack life or they starve it.. By using the remedy system..

And so when you Let yourself get that bad.. And you've seen it in the medical industry, people have no choice but to go traditional and starve out or attack or chemotherapy or radiate the cancer out of their body . And they still die anyways.. Maybe they're not in so much pain.. But you can't guarantee that.

Maybe it's time to strengthen the people. So they can push out the cancer out of their body by themselves without turning to mercenaries. Or without turning to war..

So shut the fuck up anyone who is against what is going on in middle east.

Because you allowed cancer to metastasize in your own fucking body and then you have the gall have an opinion.

Western privilege must be nice to have an opinion. Behind your safe fucking keyboard.

What's going on in the Middle East is what's happening in modern human society who turn to remedies and surgeries and chemotherapy, and oncology..

Why don't you question your own health practices before you have any type of opinion about what goes on somewhere else.

Why don't you go look in your own backyard before you have any opinion on any one else out there

When you breed weak people.. War is the only fucking option when the weak people aim to destroy.. And that sucks because you asked for it

Those in the remedies healing medical world always have something to say about somebody else..

If you don't want israel to attack someone who is trying to destroy them.. Why don't you stop treating your own fucking disease ..

When people stop attacking their disease.. You will have a peaceful population.

Here's an example of someone paying attention to everyone else but not protecting themselves or their own family.. Trying to save the world, but they don't save themselves. And they compromise their own children.. The Elizabeth smart case is a perfect example of a society who is too busy in somebody else's business..

Everyone loves strangers until that stranger kidnapped your fucking kid. Everyone wants to help a stranger and pay it forward until that stranger rob's you blind.

Remember the Elizabeth's smart case.. Remember how her father basically exposed his daughter to be kidnapped. Because he had to employ strangers. Predators.. Because he had to be a do Gooder.. He didn't protect his family or himself..

That's what a lot of these mothers and fathers do to their own children.. Sell them into slavery. Through religion.

Welcome to the mirror.

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