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Sexualized Health Hitlers/ettes Mentality of Blaming Activism

So when we are developing children with deficits, completely activated in the politics, religion and science dogmatic world of activism.. Now you're turning them into a little hitler.. Preaching whatever word of blame and belief..

And they become extremely formidable in the future, which is why the system is a surveillance system..

This system knows exactly what you are producing out there and are giving you everything to blame and give credit to as far as a satan or savior..

And they know who you're blaming.. And they know who you're stalking and trolling.. Intentionally crossing boundaries..

And they're watching for those who would hurt somebody else when given the chance.. Just watch the trolls out there..

And the mothers and fathers actively supporting their sons and daughters to be preachers and leaders in activism.. The next new hitler or hitlerette laying blame on somebody.. Or a person places or thing or food or element or mineral.. While they love everyone to death.. Trying to save them through death..

Oh yeah, that's why we have the political system to watch people rise up and see what they do when given absolute power..

And then the system will regulate those who are too influential..

Which is why they allowed you to sexualize everything. Because that's how you will depopulate yourself and your family and your husband and wife.. Through consent.. You signed on the doted line..

And you also put yourself in the holistic and the medical system.. As well as your family..

Fuck yeah. You seriously have to take responsibility for what you have done. And some of you will turn it around and some of you won't.. And the ones that can't turn their situation around they will blame somebody else, instead of realizing, they need to start changing if they even have the capacity to or the support system.

That's why you're in a surveillance system.. Remember you were programmed to have children and to think that having family is the way to be that was the culture to study humans when they keep dividing themselves up into families and children..

Just like the giants were reduced down to the humans we see today.. The giants were destroying the humans by screwing them as well as eating them.. And yes the women were trafficked even six thousand years ago.. And now women are trafficked in families.. Forced to be somebody's entertainment piece and broodmare.. And so the family will screw her out of existence while she keeps bearing very weak children who will be very intolerant as they get older.. Until that genetic line is completely used up..

Some of these women have no choice but to live out their usefulness until they outlive their usefulness and then die suddenly.... And that's really sad.. And there's nothing they can do or i can do because they don't have the support system. they are relegated to be somebody else's piece of whatever..

You just hope they have a good life..

That's why my world exists. So people who have more to them than not, can become whole again .. Even if you had kids and you're relatively still strong and a whole person. You could come back and get your life back.. It's those who had a bunch of children that might have an issue of getting their life back.. Because getting your life back is painful..

And that's how I know not everyone will do my protocol because it's too painful and they're too far gone and And they are in extreme deficit.. And so the system will use them until they can't and that person dies suddenly.. Or gets treated to death.

Wow.. If there are microplastics in your body, then you have an immune system to release those demons.. Seed oil is not poison..

Soy in your products is not poison..

We have people in such deficit that they are actively starving themselves, their family and also their audience with the fear campaigns because of their own projected deficits..

And misery loves company.. And so if they're starving, they will actually starve their audience friends and family in the process..

You are the reason why these great resets are happening. Because you refuse to understand what is going on.. And so we have billions of hitler's running all over the world telling everybody that food is poison.. And telling people they cannot get rid microplastics they might hold inside because they have a very sluggish immune system..

Which Is why my information will fall on deaf ears on so many people because they are starving.. They can't comprehend my information and refuse to. And their children will suffer for it..

That's why I feel sorry for the children out there.. Because they're raised by adults who don't f****** get it and will not get it. And they will blame on their way out the door.

It's quite extraordinary how the system figured out how to use Hitler's mentality in your family. Because you refuse to evolve..

Hitler was just one of many people back in 1939, but he happened to have all the right conditions to have him rise to power.. Remember he was supported by millions of people.. And i'm surrounded by people in the virtual world, who are sympathizers of someone like him.. And actually want to be him..

But they will be like him to their own families.. That's how the system had to figure out a way to isolate the hitler mentality to their own families and friends by their own choices..

And i'm watching it right now and it's really very interesting..

It's fucking insane. Blaming any kind of food for cancer disease chronic illness heart attack strokes and autoimmune disorders is acting like a hitler..

Anything that is fda approved is not the reason why you have issues.. The fact every generation is weaker because of all the diets and starvation and therapies is why people are getting so much disease..

When you keep procreating on bodies in deficits. What do you think is going to happen to every generation of children thereafter who are starving and malnourished.. Even in the west..

The western diet is the best diet for people who need food.. That's why the world is starving. Because they don't have the western diet..

And men and women out there outside of the western diet are starving, skinny and malnourished and very dangerous.

But it seems that parts of africa has a great intake of food because of people are so strong..

Your dna needs glucose and carbohydrates.. Your d n a needs the sugar and the salt and the meat and the milk.. And the veggies..fruits

Diabetics are starving.. So are heart patients and cancer patients..

Starvation is the number one reason why people die suddenly.. And they are so active and their cardiovascular system cannot afford it.

And so they get cardiac arrest.. dead

And that's why some children and weak adults will not last too long during climate change..

Because they're starving.. And their children are starving..

And with this new juvenile respiratory virus making its way all over California and I'm sure the United States. It will make kids weaker because they will get treated for it..

Dogs are already succumbing to respiratory illness all over the united states..

These great resets had to happen not only because of society going into decay but also because the body is in such deficit developing weaker and more aggressive offspring.

Dying to live.. Long story short if you have an animal you can't claim oppression.. If you have children you can't claim oppression from the government..

If you have a family one can't claim oppression from the govt. If you're married or in a relationship you can't claim oppression from the government. If you have huge social networks and a friend base you can't claim oppression..

If you remedy a disease.. You can't blame the government for giving you disease.

Re me dies

You did it to yourself.


You must set yourself free in every oppressive situation you put yourself in..

Don't ask people to set you free unless you're willing to die for their beliefs.. Learning never exhausts the mind

So as long as you don't focus so much on the body.. You could have a very sharp mind

Maybe that's why a lot of men were innovators in their time, especially back in the middle ages.. They weren't used for sex or baby making..

They had a lot of time to think.. And they didn't get too much disease or their period Or pregnant.. Mein Kampf

This would be interesting reading to understand the mind of a despot. And what situations would develop someone such as this..

Because then you study the rhetoric of those who rise to a certain political power.. Claiming revolution..

And hitler had his demons..

And what were those demons and who contributed to those demons.. It starts off with the parents.. And then unrequited love or unmet occupational expectation.. Unfulfilled potential.. Needing to blame something..

And then the seduction of absolute power corrupting absolutely.. That's why you be careful of those who are saviors.. Who will be a satan to somebody else..

It's very easy to develop the dichotomy in one person.. From the family (division) -to- immortality (whole person) Everything is controlled.. Everything is contrived.. Even the weather is engineered.. The system will not allow humans to go extinct..

But right now we are in a vetting process..

You are being given the choice to adapt or perish. i am not trying to offend anyone.. or target anyone...

but to expose you to the programming.. the insidious programming of sexual slavery, and family slavery and then annihilation.. and it is so subtle, but in your face..

when you are in it.. you cannot see it, until you finally can look at your own lifestyle.. and life.. and the health issues you have sustained subscribing to these traditions of depopulation.. my intention is to redefine relationships between men/women and women/women and men/men

built on partnership, intellectual capability, longevity and not children or sexual appetites..

If we were to take away aggressive sexual appetites and take away the need for children and pets.. the couple would have so much freedom to evolve, save themselves from disease, death and increase their financial potential and even develop a beautiful life to share with someone who is not actively trying to destroy them in body mind and spirit..

maybe down the road.. if pets are allowed to evolve and not be treated to death.. pets could be allowed..

that is freedom and sovereignty.. in my opinion.. my world.

I developed this world.. At least for me.. My husband has the freedom to choose what he wants.

I did this for myself.. Imagine a couple who had the same intentions and multiply that by a million people..

Society would not go into decay like it is right now..

But we are watching the fall of society going on right now and it is through the family.. and extreme sexual predation, with astronomical suffering, died suddenly or managing an incurable disease.. men and women destroy each other via sex because they made it mean it was and is the ONLY way to show love, respect and relationship...

yeah.. the system programmed you to cannibalize your partner to death and when the person says hey... NO, i cannot, or I have had enough, etc or they are fighting a condition, then the person thinks there is something wrong with them.. go on drugs, or see a therapist to please their mate who is now actively looking for another mate to screw...

that is why marriages fail.. people cheat because they never developed anything else in that relationship except for sex, family and pleasure..

and people die trying to prove their worth.. it is phucked up out there..

this is why i feel sorry for the daughters and sons going into these situations set up to fail when all the hormones and her/his body parts get used up .. then cancer, and death..

while these young little 25 years olds shake their ass on tick tock and say all WOMEN SHOULD PLEASE HER MAN NO MATTER WHAT.. she is promoting female enslavement and just regressed women back to the dark ages..

yeah you raised her.. mom...dads..

your daughters and sons were programmed to destroy via sex and pleasure.. wake up.

That's why there's so many hot girls all over only fans and instagram and facebook.

They were bred to destroy you and her family.

They were programmed to do that..

That's why you stay far away from these types of girls. Because they will destroy you.. Through their vagina And all the babies.. They were not programmed for anything else but for sexual pleasure and that's it.

And it's pretty obvious.

Because what else are they advertising and offering to the world .. Definitely not her brain... Only her body.. And she's all lips and hair..

And in the meantime, saddle you with a baby to go and support and work you to death.

And she's throwing you kisses.. Blowing kisses at you.. Not tonight honey I have a headache..

Hitler honored his father but loved his mother.. What if hitler honored both his mother and father would humanity be different..?

And, would we have had to endure WW2?

Love and indulgence is so destructive and dangerous. And I knew this..

respect was always missing in families predicated on love and indulgence while wielding their power over dependents and pets..

absolute power always corrupts absolutely.. hard lessons.. really hard lessons..

and i will be hated for this notion.. which proves my point about family and cures.. any change and threat to people's power bases called their family, children, pets and way of life is met with violence and vitriol and blaming.. and even genocide, when given the chance..

which is why you set your daughters free from marital enslavement to a man or woman..

it takes a married woman, like me to see it.. i can see and have experienced all three worlds of single, married, and married with freedom (no kids or enduring harsh sexual expectations like some women must endure, and never talk about so they must be under the influence) This happens in all politics, all religions and science dogmas predicated upon ALL SEXUALITY... ALL OF THEM.

how will you do this? You will figure out a way..

i hope you do.. for your daughter's sake and for your son's sake.

And remember some of these mothers and grandmothers act like the madams.. And they condone their sons to do that, as well as foster their daughters into these situations..

Nobody talks about this.

And just remember i'm not projecting any current circumstances.. I am not under the influence.. And I have no cancer or disease.. I have no children.. And i've seen the world.

Why do you think this idiom exists.. Because men have a lot of aggressive sexual expectations and appetite and they damage the woman.. And the men manipulate the fuck out of these situations..

That's why this exists as far as not tonight honey I have a headache..

That should clue you in these women are forced into these situations..

And yes some men are forced into these situations because the women are insecure . Just like the man..

The typical trope is a wife rejecting her husband's advances by saying, “not tonight, honey, I have a headache.” However, headaches associated with sexual activity are very real, not very funny if you've ever experienced one, and they happen to be more common in men.Jan 26, 2022 So no I would not want my daughter to be married to anybody out there.. I don't trust what you're producing out there.

Thank god I have no kids. Because I couldn't handle the suffering of watching them go through that bullshit. do you see the 1% accusing ALL OF YOU of being the "illuminati".. lol NO, you are accusing them and guess what, accusation are confessions..

you are the illuminati the capstone in your little kingdom of activism and family

everything you accuse of in the left/right center is your personal confession around your children, death and dying...

remember: i am not a mother, or in the activist world or selling you absolution or a remedy..

i am observing all the little hitlers on my facebook accusing the 1% of being the deadly illuminati.. it is you and your following..

now go observe the conspiracy world pounding the gavel of hate and accusations.. personal confessions.. basically

your health and wellness practices and lack of assimilation are the proof...

please tell me how oppressed you are in your nice warm bed.. ahahah

Absolute power over another life who depends on you for EVERYTHING, corrupts, absolutely..

and we are watching it in all families with animals and relationships..

Hitler personified

An observation that a person's sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases. The statement was made by Lord Acton, a British historian of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

which is why families and close knit friends are dangerous to evolution.. and the king bees/queen bees drunk with power over their offspring and followers and will justify violence in the name of their clan, etc.

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