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Shame and Humiliation are the Cornerstones of Control

shame and humiliation are the cornerstone of control using violent images as well as physical assaults sanctioned or unsanctioned..

When you have been traumatized by violent images on TV or in your home there's so much shame attached to it and then developing blind spots or dissociation around the trauma.. This is how people walk over a cliff without a blink of an eye..

Trauma based programming isn't just something that was done in a lab or even through an association.. TV movies and even war is a huge trauma based programming and then you choose your adventure..

Violent images on social media are also another trauma based programming.. Which is why social media moderators at the headquarters have an extremely short shelf life because how much trauma of violent images can you see daily without it affecting you..

Which are probably why 1st responders have a short shelf life because if how much trauma they see daily..

Protect your energy daily.. Because the opposite of violence is peace or rest in peace and then love attached to it.

Since we know people use fake accounts out there and we don't know how real things are.. I don't call out anyone in the J world because there's no reason to use humiliation and shame as a tactic..

I just put out the information.. Give my take on it if you happen to initiate contact with me.. I do the best I can not make you wrong for whatever it is you believe in but give you my take on it..

Obviously I will not troll anyone else's account..

I do my best to be supportive in whatever area I see alignment.. And sometimes I don't say anything at all..

Using humiliation and shame as a tactic to persuade you into buying a belief system has been used on the whole population. Most parents use this tactic to keep their kids in line or they just have their kids do whatever they want.

They were never taught anything in between..

If you have to really strategize with your kid it means they have a lot of demons within and chances are you gave them most of the demons and then they developed their own reacting to the demons inherited..

Parents if you want to save your kids you must deal with your demons 1st.. And if your kids are strong enough even if you don't deal with your demons and they deal with their demons plus the ones they got from you then they are the strongest prototype..

But that would take a very extremely strong child to overcome not only their own demons but also inherited ones.. And still be able to maintain a relatively balanced existence..

The fact I had to strategize the J world says that I'm dealing with so many different demons that must be dealt with differently.. So if you have to strategize survival then you know demons are in your family genetic lines..

Or if you just give up as a parent to yourself as well as your children then you won't acknowledge the demons you'll just laugh it off and just let things go and then society will have to deal with the demons later on..

We hope the child survives their lifestyle.. We hope you survive climate change..

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