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Greek Pantheon/Sumerian Pantheon Linear Storylines/Programming

Simulations are not linear, unless you make them linear.

Civilization is only "linear" if you develop a linear story of orders of magnitudes based upon alpha-numeric coding projecting a simulation/reality.

Timelines of "history" are not as "linear" as you think.

Process flow diagrams of how a human develops is linear, but where humans came from, is NOT linear. The deconstructing of realities and reconstructing realities experienced by the person is linear, but anything not remembered by the person, is NOT linear.

If you have to be told "history" did it really happen then, and only then or is it happening now?

If the people who experienced history are discounted and then also die along with their next of kin, history can be erased and remodified and reexperienced.

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