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Sizzle Sizzle Seizure

Kids today are growing up so fast they barely can take on enough resources to distribute the strength from nutrition to their infrastructure.. When energy conversion from maturity happen faster than their ability to process meat, milk, cheese, eggs, etc., it is like a consumer spending so much money, they go into debt causing more resources from the biological principle to be used up, thus causing bankruptcy.. It is when the HGH (human growth hormone) activates with less resources it must have, essentially taking away from the infrastructure.. Like burning parts of your home to keep warm.. The elderly also burn more resources they can afford. Why people die, they burn more biological resources than they can afford, called system failure/shutdown. I knew why I liked the dark. I knew something was better about the darkness.. I knew the light was going to be destructive.. Innately I knew a lot of things I don't know why I know.. I've always liked putting makeup on in the dark..iv alqaya liked sitting in the dark.. Because yes the sun is bright.. But it's even more so now.. But it wasn't "bright" 10 years ago and I still preferred the darkness.. It was bright.I just didn't know why.. My gut knows. Which is why I get annoyed when people say their children should be outside all the time and not on their phones or computers.. They are breaking down from the sun right now.. And you should monitor their computer habits with parental controls.. You should monitor their tv habits with parental controls.. Not only are kids dealing with deficiencies and malnutrition but the sun is accelerating everything.. The sun is amplifying everything.. Right now the sun is deadly.. We're not in kansas anymore toto.. We're not in nineteen eighty five.. No more sungazing.. pixelating ENTROPY The Tower of Babel is the allegory of all the different story lines people choose from, as well as their outcomes.. Every belief in any story you adopt will have an action, reaction choice and a consequence to your beliefs.. Are you prepared to be that loyal to the story and beliefs you hold.. If you are.. You shouldn't be surprised by the outcome.. The system gave you every story possible.. You chose to believe the one you choose to believe.. And the outcomes are very predictable.. Just like clockwork.. If you know how dangerous the system is and you've been warning people about what's going on.. And then you get caught up in situations you were warning people about.. Ask yourself if that really makes sense..

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