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Skinny started to become a major fashion trend after the turn of the century, essentially starving

Eve's rebellion..

Taking back paradise..

Main take away..

adam and eve were not that special until they were chosen to be used as a lesson..

they were like any other hominid, lesser evolved species, until they both were "chosen" be part of a human experiment

Which is why I understand now skinny children will have a hard time.. Even the larger children.. Because they are not fully developed..

It will be a crapshoot to see which children survive climate change..

Which is why I advocate parents.. Even grandparents.. If you have the substance.. Save yourself

The children who survived past and present were meant to survive.. And they were allowed to become an adult Because the system allowed it.

Right now it will be quite the opposite..

Don't get mad at the messenger.. Identify patterns

Skinny started to become a major fashion trend after the turn of the century..

essentially starving... and if you were bigger hipped, bigger boned, or bigger, then you were of childbearing substance to be taken down many notches...

Children were and are great way back during the turn of the century because it was about innovation, evolution and developing a new society, but NOW.. now.. having children and also being skinny, very skinny, can be deadly, if it is not already..

hence the rise of childhood diseases and adult onsets of diseases and early death..

died suddenly...

Flappers in the 1920s had a thin, lanky, and lean body type. They would push their waistline at hip level, bandage their breasts to make them less prominent, and crop their hair very tight.

As you can see this trend carried forward into the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 2000s.. and now with climate change, people are trying to survive an accelerated climate while having so many children, not surviving.. even not having children, some women are stuck in the notion of starvation.. sex, drugs, rock and rolls and trying to stay cured... to no avail..

resistance = breakage..

we are in an extremely different environment and it is extremely deadly to those who are fighting diseases and/or starving or food intolerant..

Charles Manson knew and the system has tried to tell us in so many different ways without completely letting the cat out of the bag because people would be devastated and stop performing thus causing societal breakdown before society was ready to breakdown..

sooo.. the system threw so much money, social capital and elitist lifestyles so you were ok with what you have accepted...

now.. when a person is dying or died suddenly with millions/thousands of dollars in their bank account, with nice cars and boats and 5k friends lists followers.. it does not matter anymore.. you are dead..

was it worth it?

Skinny was to keep you from evolving.. Skinny was to keep you under control . Skinny was basically making you a puppet..

People who are skinny are stuck in their programming until they are ready to evolve.. And some people die staying skinny..

And is painful when you are skinny trying to put on weight and evolve.. It's a long process.. It took me seven years..

That's when you are at extreme ends of the spectrum of weight.

When you are way too skinny or way too obese you exemplify not in the comfortable RANGE of evolution to be able to fluctuate..

Elderly people are extremely skinny and starving.. But some also carry so much weight..

Extremes on either end.. Vital organs can't handle lack of evolution.. Or on the other hand too much evolution..

Which was why reefer madness was huge back in the 1930s because it was an appetite suppressant And even if it made you eat.. You weren't feeding yourself you were feeding the offspring. While the body was breaking down.

But the system was able to retrieve resources from the person throughout their life until their body cannot handle the drugs anymore. Or the lifestyle.

For example snoop dog. Even louis armstrong..





Conditioning for died suddenly in the future.. And retrieving resources and talents from that person on their way out the door..

Which is why you have a lot of child prodigies today.. They are maturing faster.. Realizing their potential sooner

It's all physics And genetics and genetic engineering.. And heavy programming.

Age 50 is the crossroads..

the Pentecost



Died Suddenly

or redirect .. my world..

which is why Gen X is the variable...

before 50, you might be able to redirect your path

After 50, you might be able to redirect your path..

if you are 50.. teetering on either end..

some of you are being tested...

if you are hot and starving.. sigh.. i do not see you changing.. too traumatic..

just watch your facebook..

the j world is developing the smooth transition from the OLD world and NEW world and NOT die from the transition..

which is why I do not burn the candle from both ends and be so accountable to everyone, depleting my resources..

i am developing a process to survive your/my journey to retirement and also survive retirement, getting your/my life back and prepare for the next 50 years.. your/my next phase..

50 is the magic number... yes it is..

I am living the 5 books of Moses...

the future is all about science..

but the stories/religion/allegory will exist to control how people relate to science..

since 50 is the magic number..

and knowing it is the end for many genetic lines from 0-100 and i figured out fertility is deadly..

it is watching it all play out..

sorry if it is offensive.. i had to verbalize it.. it was in me.. my duty to pass on info.. and that is it..

our current world is decoding the past and intention of our ancestors..

Dr. Hayflick figured out the Hayflick Limit is directly aligned with the 5 Books of Moses...

My information says, if you can handle the transition and take advantage of your first 50 chances at life, you get 50 more chances/years to live..

If it's too much to transition, then you will live out your 50 plus years or if you're at the end of that genetic line, you will die suddenly. And that's basically the nature of what's going on..

People are so against suffering that dying suddenly might be a gift to you and everyone around you..

People can't have it both ways.. If you don't want to suffer it's a died suddenly.. And no one should be putting their hands on you..

50 is the magic number.

I'm not trying to scare you but give you some kind of playbook you can work from so you can try to juggle this information and your choices if you plan to survive this great reset..

I'm telling you I wish someone gave me this information a long time ago..

But I'm glad I have the information now. Even struggling through discovering it bit by bit..

Whenever we are faced with choices, like how to react and respond to 9/11, despite the theories around it,

the choices, the delivery and the outcomes are not easy..

911 was not easy to digest, and even the theories around it..

My information and my thoughts are not easy to digest, and even all the theories around my info..

It is a suffering and a lesson to all of us.. nothing lasts forever, change is always inevitable..

if you are alive..

what will you do to change and survive... the system, all of us are giving all of us choices..

everything going on right now.. is not easy to digest.. the wars, the retaliation, the changes are extremely difficult.

What are you doing to survive it?

Biologically everybody has a clock based upon the social constructs of that society..

IF You want to reset that clock you would have to change how you interact with your current society..

The j world was always a great reset without having to die from it, if you don't have to..

You can't wait until the 11th hour to do a hail Mary to reset your clock..

I'm sorry, but last minute people will not do well in this world in my world..

Procrastination is not an optimal characteristic in my world.

planning forethought and intention is optimal in my world..

You can't wait until last minute..

And that's different for everybody.. Some of you know how hard it is to redirect.

You have to redirect when you have the substance and the strength and the food supply available to you.. And you'd have to change your life.

I'll be fifty next year..

I was at a cross roads..

I chose life and change.. And I struggled through the discovery process..

I finally made my case for life and longevity and yes


When a person is skinny and doesn't weigh a lot..

I would understand why you don't want to take a poop. Because if you're 90% demon you would pass away from taking such an enormous crap

Transitioning that demon out of you takes gaining the weight to give yourself reserves, so you can exchange out the old programming with the new one..

And it's not a very comfortable process giving birth to yourself..

That's why skinny people will have a hard time with this..

Larger people won't have as hard of a time. But you can't be too large.. It's balance..

Even giving birth yourself takes balance..

Which is why I understand now skinny children will have a hard time.. Even the larger children.. Because they are not fully developed..

It will be a crapshoot to see which children survive climate change..

You can't have it both ways.

If you're so against suffering then it will be a died suddenly..

I had the infrastructure and the drive to suffer through my illnesses and disease and trauma and release those demons..

I will not die suddenly..

Because I paid my dues of suffering and feeding and eating.. And resting..

That's what it's going to take.. If you want to live beyond the 50 years and not deteriorate around 50 and before.

Which is why I say it may not be a blessing having children. Because will they survive.. Will the mother survive. Will even the father survive..

Where do you think you are and your children are as far as that genetic line..

How do you know if you're at the end.. Of that genetic line.

There are major indicators that people do ignore..

Many talents come from trauma And self abuse..

And psychologically forced to stay cured with the programming that was given to you..

The key thing is survive it.. When you're starving that's difficult..

Carpenter was born in New Haven, Connecticut, and moved to Downey, California in 1963 with her family. She began to study the drums in high school and joined the Long Beach State choir after graduating.

In 1975, she started exhibiting symptoms of anorexia nervosa due to the massive pressures of fame and her complicated family dynamics.[2][7][8]

The old world phasing out the old programming..

This was the formula you lived by and you passed down to your children.

It was a three segmented three generation type of lifespan..

The three generation rule..

1. Develop your life.

2. Maintain your life

3. Self destruct and destroy your own life..

But now it will be accelerated.. That's called the died suddenly world..

Fertility is in the medical holistic and family system.. Yes therapies develop fertility.. And social occasions with many people develop lots of fertility..

Not everybody gets the luxury to live past seventy..

Kids are maturing faster realizing potential sooner and dying sooner.. Just like their parents and grandparents..

Three generations in one family are also dying sooner..




The first eighteen years.. You learn your set programming.

The next thirty two years you are supposed to accomplish something with that programming.

Sometimes it's a career..

Sometimes it's raising children..

Sometimes it's searching..

When you turn fifty, and during the following 20 years, you maintain that programming as your body falls apart, phasing out of society and accomplishing your bucket list..

When you turn 70, now you're in the golden years, looking back on everything you did wondering if it was all worth it

if you can even remember.

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