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Children who are between zero and eighteen years old.. They are slaves to the system and their parents and they have no free will.. And some parents force them into surgeries and taking anti biotics and forcing them never to explore other thought processes. When you think about slavery.. It doesnt matter if you are part of the barbie or the sound of freedom..

Children have no fucking choices they are a slave to their parents..

So what's better barbie or the sound of freedom or neither .

If parents don't evolve the children don't have a fucking chance.. We are in a great reset because of that.. People enslave their own families and their own children.. And then they die suddenly.. From lack of adaptation and evolution..

Just look at your facebook.. Look at the children.. Watch how the parents deal with their evolution.. Watch how proud they are giving their Children away to the system.. That's slavery..

Just look at the mommy and me groups.. Look at what they are forcing down their children's throats.. Stuff from tractor supply hardware. Because they're afraid of parasites and viruses and disease. It's horrific out there.. And children don't stand a chance..

If your kid is out of control.. They have many demons within that need to be released . And the more you suppress the ability to express and release.. They will implode.. They will self implode.. At the hands of you mommy.. If you can't handle your own genetics.. And you're giving yourself away to the system.. Your children don't stand a chance.. Not in this environment..

That's why we are in a great reset.. Children having children..

Particle acceleration will accelerate your intention.. Not only do people work themselves to death.. They also play themselves to death.. They also are an activist until they pass away..

You have the chance to reconfigure your life to save yourself.. If you are too involve in pleasing the world.. You will become a slave to everyone's validation..

self induced slavery is still slavery.. Because you were never shown a different way.. Slavery isn't just toiling in the cornfield or the cotton field..

It's ALSO forcing people to stay within a very narrow paradigm because you feel uncomfortable changing..

People enslaves their friends and family. And they don't even realize it.. Because to them slavery is toiling in the cottonfield..

The irony is.. Prior slaves from Two/three hundred or 6k years ago.. Have no problem enslaving their own people.

Because they refused to change.. It's all about image to them.. Slavery does not have to look like a certain way.. Slavery is when you force people to stay in a very narrow paradigm..

And then you blame somebody else. That's slavery.

I speak plainly because I already earned my hatred.. I don't care if people hate me.. I mean I do.. But at this point it doesn't even matter.. We're in a great reset..

You have a chance to change the way you do things.. To save yourself.. If you choose not to.. Whose fault is that.. Not anyone else but yours .

Especially if you are a patriarch or a Matriarch.. You have the chance to change the course of your family.. And potentially even friends.. Just by being a different representation..

But when you're a slave.. All you know how to do is follow orders.. Look around you.. People follow a guru and they follow the orders of some authority.. I just pay my taxes and follow the laws of my society.. I don't repeat somebody else's belief system in politics religion or science.. But look at who does.. They are the soldiers they follow orders.. Even to the detriment of themselves..

Slavery is built in to people's mindset.. Look around you again.. Slavery Slavery is the ownership of a person as property, especially in regards to their labor. Slavery typically involves compulsory work with the slave's location of work and residence dictated by the party that holds them in bondage. Enslavement is the placement of a person into slavery. When slavery gets out of control causing people to do harm to themselves so they can feed themselves, the suffering is astronomical..

When slaves are suffering they turn to alcohol and drugs and other distractions.. The alcohol and the drugs wake up those spirits within.. Your immune system gets suppressed.

When your immune system gets suppressed.. The demons within invite things into your world you ordinarily would not invite ..

That's why people do things out of character when they are under the influence..

But that's everything that is addicting and used as a distraction..

All drugs and alcohol are tools for the system to keep people within certain parameters... And to use against you if you make a mistake..

They did try to ban it.. Prohibition. But people rebelled.. And so the system figured out how to use it against people when all the conditions are right..

If the system stop causing trauma people would stop suffering so much.. They wouldn't need to turn to anything.. But that's not the intention of the system.. Until people get under control.. This is the outcome..

Remember i'm not judgmental.. Just observing what trauma does to people.. What it does to generations.. And then offspring generations later don't know why they are suffering so much.. So many children are suffering because of the sins of their grandfathers..

Grandmothers . All those traumas get passed down the Genetic line..

Somebody must break the chain.. Somebody who is relatively whole can break the chain of destruction.. Because they can handle facing their own demons and their ancestors demons. You can't do it for people.. They must handle their own ancestors in their body mind and spirit themselves.. If they can't.. That's why they go to a doctor..

Remember all death.. Comes from violating the laws of life.. All death comes from out of control suffering..

Love is not the answer.. Respecting yourself is the answer..

The answer is not communism or capitalism.. It is individualism.. When slaves have to medicate themselves in order to work.. That also means herbal remedies.

Medications/herbs and the Sun Is your medicine_herbal remedies making your skin sensitive in the sun? These five drugs can put you at greater risk for sunburn-like symptoms, a rash or other unwanted side effects.

Antibiotics: Antihistamines:

Statin cholesterol medications:

Diabetes medications: ALL VASOCONSTRICT BLOOD VESSELS AND SO DO THE NATURAL REMEDIES causing heart attacks and strokes and even died suddenly to those who are already too far gone.

(i will cover more tomorrow)

There is no evolution in capitalism..

There is no evolution in communism

There is evolution in individualism..

When people take care of themselves properly.. They naturally work together.. Because they promote life and they don't commodify life.. And life is precious.. Not to be saved.. Or destroyed.. But respected.. That's not happening right now..

When people individually take care of themselves..

Nobody has to force them to work together nicely.. Law enforcement would not be needed..if people individually took care of themselves properly..

When people blame somebody else for their situation, the collective will destroy themselves..

But if people actually took personal accountability and responsibility, the collective could build themselves up..

But it's up to the individual.. Again you can't force personal accountability or sell it.. People try. But that's the deception. You sell blame and religion.. That's what capitalism is..

If society is shit.. Which it is right now.. It's because each person is full of shit.. Until they release their demons.. Our society is going to be shit for a long time.. Work! When your body isn't "working".. anymore

You disable the means for it to work to your benefit.. You made it work to somebody else's benefit. .

That's slavery.. Everything in the medical holistic t system is occupational therapy.. Slavery is shutting down your own body to work for somebody else..

That's slavery in a nut shell.

The whole health and wellness world.. The medical the holistic energy healing world..

It's all occupational therapy..

So you keep going back to working for the system.. Until the system doesn't need your family and kids and you anymore..

That's why you're seeing died suddenlies.. You're the one that must determine your own worth..

Now you have to determine your own worth.. If you don't know your own worth.. The system will determine it for you.. And the system is right now..

Those who have not worked for their own body are dying suddenly.. They keep giving away their body to science and to occupations.

Especially when you have been diagnosed and still working.

When kids die suddenly.. They are nutritionally deficient.. And not only them, but their whole family was given away to the system.. The children who die suddenly just happened to represent the weakness in that family genetic line. Why do you think many religions are all about sun worship.. Because the sun is the natural equalizer.. It can give you life..

But also disintegrate you.. Watch people who have nothing to them worship the sun..

sun worshippers.. be careful worshipping the sun, in this environment. It is kicking people's asses.. particle acceleration on bodies in deficit.. disintegration.. pixelating people are falling apart.. aging out..

the heat index is becoming STRONGER..

To those who think the old food supply is better than today.. If you weren't in such deficit they wouldn't have to refine the food so much..

The reason why food must become more refined is because bodies are not strong enough to break it down..

When you have a strong body.. Refined food or unrefined food wont make a difference to you because you'll break it down.. And you'll have the energy for it..

That's what my body is doing right now.. It is becoming stronger in this environment..

You can't split your affections.. You either become strong for your environment.. And live through each evolution

Or you become strong against environment.. And pass away because you keep resisting..

when the environment finally stops shifting so aggressively.. I won't have to work as hard to keep up with the environment..

right now.. I'm working hard and my body is working hard to stay relevant in this aggressive environment.

Working hard doesn't just mean giving away your body to somebody..

It also means you're doing everything you can to survive this world and the transition to the next world..

No matter what.. You have to work to live.. But work means different things to different people..

Your cells must work to earn the food.. If yourselves don't work for you.. You'll stop feeding them.. Pain is the payment system.. And people stop paying their bodies with food.. Because they stopped the pain.. And then they die like detroit.. When they shut down all the factories in their body.. They ended up like Detroit..

People do that all the time.. They allow their own body to stop working for them.. So they stopped feeding their body..

Some people can handle biological work.. some also can handle physical work for somebody else.. Until they can't anymore.. Then they stop their body from working for them and they forced their body to work for somebody else..

When you force your body to stop working for you.. And then you don't feed it..

It's like your boss. Disabling your car.. So you don't come to work.. And they don't have to pay you.

You are the boss of your body.. And you are disabling your body from working for you.. And your punishing it.. For something you're doing to it.. By starving it..

That's the mortal world.. That's slavery.. Remember.. You could only free yourself.. You can't free anyone else.. Because they are in the jail of their own mind until they release the demons.. bigger people with STRONG VITAL ORGANS CAN SURVIVE IN THIS AGGRESSIVE ENVIRONMENT SO AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT TRAUMATIZE THEIR BODY AND MIND




TAKE THE TIME... resistance is futile.. Main takeaway from me. I dare one sided people.. To learn the other argument.. And piss off your audience and followers..

I dare you to lose friends. I dare you to take a stand for yourself.. I dare you to challenge your own friends.. I dare you challenge your own husband.. Without destroying him..

It's okay people have differences of opinion.. But you can always juxtaposition yourself with the rest of the population.. And there's a way to do it eloquently..

I dare those who are anti v people.. To understand why vaccines aren't dangerous if you understand how to feed the energy and not use remedies against it..

I dare you to say the system didn't adequately prepare you for evolution

because you even bought into the remedies, the painkillers and the surgeries and the trauma in the medical holistic system.

I dare you to say that maybe oncology was never the answer..

I dare you to say herbs are too aggressive for a body that's trying to live..

If you can't then you're not willing to evolve.. Because there's always another side of the argument.. You have to understand balance..

Just like I said get off the j juice.. You don't need it anymore. I showed you I can evolve.

I can show you the upsides and the downsides to everything.

Can you even question your own fucking belief system.

I fucking dare you.. And I bet you you won't even take my challenge..

Because again you're not willing to evolve.. You're too afraid to understand somebody else.. You are intolerant..

This is why we're in a great reset.. Because of how many of you refused to fucking evolve.. And you will destroy someone in the process.. And so if you don't evolve.. Mother nature will make sure you do and you won't survive it..

You cant play mother nature.. She's playing humans..

Because you have every chance in the world to save yourself and your family..

But you still want to destroy other people and blame them..

If you're in the first world you have a chance..

But you have to change your lifestyle and even move if you need be.. If you're in the third world and you see this information.. You can always change the way you do things and listen to indicators and get out of harm's way..

The fact you have access to this information.. Give you the upper hand..

Some of you are resistant to change..

Resistance is futile and it will destroy you..

Remember i'm not the enemy.. I'm just that one person who was not willing to destroy you.. I'm that one person that will risk giving you another truth.. Because no one in your world will ever dare to cross you .

Physically speaking.. I'm not afraid to get hurt physically.

. I am not afraid to jump off reasonable heights, and I am not afraid to fall, i am not afraid to get sick. I am not afraid of food, I am not afraid of feeling what I need to feel to release the demons..

I have given my body the extra weight so it can convert the energy.. and who knows how much damage I have within my genetic line as well as how much more damage from my old lifestyle that needs to be released and repaired..

evolution is NEVER OVER..

IT just gets easier to manage over time if you respect evolution and growth and developing intellectual capability..

life is earned.. death is given for free... so when you think about, even conservatives go on welfare..because they do take the free energy and fail to conserve their energy and do things on their own to live..

and so their life is "free" and death is their freedom..

Remember, the system gave you the infrastructure so you can make money or go on some kind of physical disability if you can prove physical disability..

The system also gave you access to information.. So you can improve yourself and the world ..

Again even the conservatives go on welfare..

So please spare us your wholier than thou attitude because somebody goes on disability or welfare....

Everyone is suffering.. Everyone is.. Some people just hide it.. The hide behind hipaa..

They hide behind family friends and fake smiles ..

And I will assure you.. Nobody wants to die.. Now or even tomorrow.. Those that say they are not afraid to die.. Bull fucking shit.. Once you feel you're dealing with pain and you think you're gonna die . You go to the hospital system because you think they're going to save your life.. No honey the morgue is where you end up someday. They aint saving your fucking life.

Again, nobody wants to die now or in the future . Now or even tomorrow or next week.. Anyone that says they're not afraid to die is full of shit..

When you think about it.. Everyone is on welfare right now.. Because everyone is sucking off the teat of the system..

The only difference is will you survive your own existence.. And are you taking people down with you.. Or are you helping people realize the potential within their own cells..

And i'm not saying remedy it away..

True life.. to actually live in our society.. you are on your own.. Because you have to be.. Only you know what you need..

If you don't know what you need.. You'll ask everyone and their mother to put their hands

on you or in you or BEGGING for their advice ...

remember, all your followers are free..

the system gave you followers, esp if they have NOTHING bad to say about you..

when you please 50% of the people, you were given all the free energy.. That's capitalism playing one side against the other so they can make market share..

For every demon, there is an angel working against them.. For every angel there's a demon working against them.. That's capitalism.. That's darwinism..

Many of you are playing into those hands.. Because you never realize somebody gave you your belief system and your life..

And the infrastructure.. And you don't appreciate it you take it for granted..

i dare anyone to piss off everyone equally.. and see just how conditioned you are to live and save your own life..

Most people are not conditioned to live with change and evolution.. Because most people are judeo christian.. True evolution was not built into any religion.. Or politics or science dogmas.. True evolution was not built into spiritualism..

Remember what I went through the last seven years and the last three years..

Remember.. I played both sides of the system.. And I lost followers.. I even received hate from people that used to follow me and like me..

I know what it's like to realize and understand both sides of the issue.. When I was pro trump.. I lost anti trump followers.. Because they only liked me when I fit within their little narrow box..

Those are fake friends... True friends stick around forever and mean to take care of themselves.. in business contracts people uphold their end of the contract..

Partnerships don't last forever.. Unless both people write into the contract, they will do everything they can to take care of themselves personally..

Real change agents.. Are not looking for validation.. And they don't rely on the money around change.. Because they are not catering to any side.. They questioned both sides of the war..

When you can piss off everyone equally.. When you're not relying on fifty percent of the population.. To keep you alive.. To give you validation..

You might have a chance..

And I will bet you.. Most people, when they are an activist or in a religion, political thought process or scientific dogma you might be too afraid To piss off everyone who follows you..

I seriously doubt you have a chance to save yourself.. Because you have embedded yourself into the death process of dichotomous arguments and enbraced devolving physical notions.. Now you're looking for absolution.. Not redemption..

Some people don't want the hassle of children going after for them.. Adult children who bully people.. Because of so many traumas manifesting in this climate change..

I understand some of the silence..

But I can say those that play one side or the other.. They don't have what it takes to survive..

If you're quiet and you don't say anything.. You might have a chance..Or when you piss off everyone equally..You might have a fucking chance..

HOWEVER So those who are loud and boisterous.. I dare to piss off everyone on your facebook.. I fucking dare you..

I dare you to take a stand for yourself and your family.. And not take one side or the other..

I dare you to admit your own shortcomings.. I dare you to hold yourself accountable to your participation in this whole mess.

I dare you to understand the other side the other point of view..

I fucking dare you to piss off you're one sided audience..

But I can bet you you will never piss off anyone on your facebook.. Because people are addicted to validation . That's why they won't survive.. They already professed their own undoing.. And they just need company along the way out.. Size in this environment is proportional to how you adapt to your specific surroundings.. And we are in a major climate shift with either extremely cold or very hot..

Do you have the physical infrastructure to handle that type of energy conversion.. Most of you do not.. You are like the orchestra on the titanic

Bigger people with vital organ issues.. you might need to pull back and relax..

Smaller people with vital organ issues, etc

skinny people who do get sick frequently need the MILK, FAT, CREAM, collagen and they need to gain weight.. literally.. NOT feeling anything.. regardless of size, or remedying away feelings is a huge indicator you are sitting duck.. scary and dangerous.. eating spicy foods or using aggressive herbs.. scary place to be in.. but everything is relative..

breaking bones is a major sign of osteoporosis.. children and adults who break bones needs to reexamine your food choices.. you need more cream milk, et.. skinny people's bodies will deplete the minerals in the bones if the body does not get fat and substance..

larger people can lose some of the extra cushion and get down to a proportional size so as NOT to tax the vital organs..

the tradeoff to life, you must change your lifestyle and yes.. feel sick.. that is a must.

Risks of being underweight

Being underweight can cause health problems, just as being overweight can.


Skin, hair, or teeth problems.

Getting sick frequently. You will get sick on the way up or on the way down.. You either survive your sicknesses of evolution or you die from them.. Sickness is not just an indicator of death. How you react to sickness is the indicator of outcome.

Feeling tired all the time. You will either take the time to rest and feed or you will fall asleep forever..


Irregular periods. You either are the best copy or you don't have the body to hold life.. Because you're starving

Premature births.

Being underweight and not getting enough calories could mean a person may not develop as expected. Doctors call this a ‘failure to thrive.’

The researchers suggested that being underweight may impair a person’s healing processes following an accident or trauma compared to a person with an average BMI. The newest religion fight of the day Barbie versus the sound of freedom.. Really people.?

You see the.. Brain washing.. You are given choices you cannot possibly win.. You support both sides you support one side.. The system will always win..

Walk away from these arguments..

There is no winning..

Take care of yourself.. Having children could be great if parents stayed alive indefinitely.. But parents have kids who won't survive.. Because parents don't want to survive

So they get lost in these arguments.

All by design..

If you adopt either side of these arguments.. You have been psychologically manipulated..

Good luck.. Look and see how many people have adopted one side or the other..

It's all manipulation.. It's all over my facebook.. That's why we're in a depopulation agenda.. You see now who is doing it.. People do it to themselves.. They refused to evolve.

Watch people who perceive to be the other side take on the other side.. So you have People perceive to be barbie supporters.. Promote the other movie.. And come off like they agree with the other side.. Even though the other side thinks they are a barbie supporter.. And guess what.. No evolution.. All you did was just switch sides..

It happened during the last election.. When people on the left jumped to the right.. And they became trump supporters.. So they feel accepted.. And even potentially feel like they have transcended their own intolerance.. When all they do was take on another intolerance..

You will see people who take sides transcend their side to take the other side.. And think they are evolving.. All they did was just take on another addiction and replaced it for another one..

That's also in the addiction world.. Replacing 1 for the other..

Transcending is just another name for another religion.. People in politics, religion, and science think they transcended their belief systems by jumping to the other side.

. What if you took neither side..

Yeah right good luck with that.. People have too many demons to understand they don't have to take a side.

You see how easy it is to develop religion.

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