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Sleeper Cells are Waking Up

Sleeper cells are waking up..

People are selling death and calling it life. Sexuality has been weaponized against the parents and the children and the family.. And society..

The agenda has been pushed up.. Now you must understand the art of suffering.. Because there will be so much suffering.. will there ever be a time when there is 0 suffering?

Nope.., but your lifestyle, belief system, choices made and who you surround yourself with can lessen the extreme trauma around aggressive suffering...

Lessening suffering and living indefinitely is an earned venture you cannot buy, short cut or drug away with ancient or modern remedies..

life is earned, and death is earned..

suffering is necessary when you feel it because of a trigger in your environment, but NO ONE and I mean NO one should EVER EVER EVER put their hand on you to justify suffering.. taking anything like abx to relieve suffering is just delaying the inevitable and taking things like the J juice to take on suffering must be balanced with milk meat cheese, eggs, fruits veggies, processed/gmo food..

suffering is energy used that must be fed and given substance to finally lessen the suffering as you "organically" release those demons, not develop new ones..

suffering is energy expended..

purposed ending someone's suffering using all the ancient/modern modalities just builds up aggressive pressure that will eventually need to be released and not everyone survives that energy conversion..

which is why YOU do not have permission to end ANYONE'S SUFFERING ON FACEBOOK OR EVEN AT HOME because you could be developing demons or antigen/antibody programming that will eventually turn into a diagnosable condition..

if you truly want to end everyone's suffering and send them to the morgue someday (you already believe everyone should die).. tell them to seek a licensed health professional who will recommend ancient/modern remedies.. and now you are not exposed to lawsuits and blame as the medical/holistic licensed health professionals have malpractice insurance.. If they do NOT have malpractice insurance.. go somewhere else..

the jjuice purposely activates your immune system and then you get off the JJ.. and you finally face your immune system and release the antigen/antibody programming whilst feeding yourself milk milk milk, meat, cheese, eggs, fruits veggies and you finally finally embrace the power of suffering from releasing the demons or antigen antibody programming developing into aggressive aging process or cancer triggers..

never ever ever ever worship my juice or use the jj indefinitely.. it was meant to ONLY be a catalyst, NOT a cure..

and this is also why I recommend you learn how to cough, sneeze blow your nose and use my method in my book to help your body release the nanotechnology stuck in your lower intestines.. they, like you, do NOT want to leave a comfortable home of feeding off your body mind and soul until YOU finally push them out of the nest..

mucus should NEVER be remedied away or dried up, but it needs to be leaked out, coughed out, sneezed out, pulled out, peed out, sweated out..

if not, you will build up so much pressure then, POP.. DIED SUDDENLY

By the way, extremely spicy food not only develops more demons but they also disable your immune system... That's why people use cayenne pepper and jalapenos as a cure.. And it will compound the problem. Even though you're sweating.. You're not making anything better. Oh boy Accelerating UN agenda 30 will be like ripping off a band aid

It's gonna fucking hurt.. But eventually it will heal.

Remember what I said be strategic.. Listen to indicators Get out of harm's way. Try your best to keep your hormones in check. hormone imbalances cloud logic. Judeo/Christian World Positive/Negative Negative/Positive

When you use remedies and surgeries and antibiotics natural or synthetic, you have chosen to end your life and others lives systematically.. You have chosen this.. you are choosing that for others knowing they do not know any better and you were programmed to recommend abx to your friends and family due to the licenses and influence you hold over your flock of people..

YOU are choosing oncology, diets, ivermectin, garlic oil, colloidal silver, surgeries, cannabis and getting pregnant multiple times..

You have chosen because your parents chose that life for you.. and then in turn you will choose that type of life for your child.. You will intend to end their suffering as they become increasingly fractured, malnourished and emaciated or so overabundant....

The balancing forces of wholeness and binary driven arguments which can promote life and also take away the life that a person chooses is not worth living.. a person chooses, you choose to destroy your life.. you have chosen, you choose

What is the Jewish concept of suffering?

Suffering, for Rosensweig, is a part of his Jewish theological structure of wholeness: Everything created has a double function: first, it is simply there, it has its own being, and its own purpose. But it is also there for the sake of something else, in the final analysis for the sake of everything else. People are three fold. Have a purpose. For the sake of themselves. For the sake of somebody else. For the sake of everything else.

Suffering is necessary. For the sake of itself. For the sake of somebody else. For the sake of everything else. Not constantly suffering For the sake of itself. For the sake of something else. For the sake of everything else.

Everything is for yourself. Everything is for something else. Everything is for everything else.

Which means.. Sometimes suffering is necessary for everything else. If you know how to deal with it properly.

So that way no suffering is a contribution to everyone else and yourself. Whenever you get involved with somebody to such a level and degree to fight a war.. That person has been radicalized against you.. Even for you.. Then against you..

Look what happened in the j world. People were radicalized for me.. And then when they did not like what I did or did not do. Then they were radicalized against me.

This is why I stay out of everybody's personal relationships with each other. I don't get involved.

Everything could backfire when we involve ourselves in other men's wars..

Everything is probably true.. No good crisis goes unwasted.

Mourn for those who have been lost.. Be glad you have been spared..

The hybridization of making your mistakes into something beneficial for a larger agenda.

Was it a mistake. Were there intended consequences.. Were there unintended consequences . Did somebody capitalize on the situation.

Anything is possible .

But no matter what.. Be very grateful your life has been spared thus far ... And you still have a chance to save your life . If you play the game strategically. I learned that when I was radicalized five years ago.. I was used as a tool and a patsy for the system.. Already developing an accelerated depopulation agenda..

The more radicalized you become.. The more you will be used as a patsy.. Another self fulfilling prophecy.. The more you blame someone else.. The more someone else will blame you..

Both of you will be used as a patsy

mutually assured destruction..

Fucking strategic.

The more you are in denial clinging to your religion and safety nets.. The more the system will torment you.. Causing you to self destruct.

The more you worship a savior... The worst the demons will get..

The more you demonize a person..

The more destructive your savior will be.

You see when you can't take responsibility.. Somebody will be pulling your strings.

In light of my programming.. Now I think about osama bin laden.. Was he used as a tool to try to win the hearts and minds of those in afghanistan.. And he rebelled against the programming.. And went rogue..

Could that be a possibility..

Remember sometimes experiments work.. And you get a desirable result..

Other times programming doesn't work.. And you get someone radicalized against you..

Now you see how nine eleven could be on both ends.. The government was trying to win the hearts and minds of some influential leader who did not take to the programming or want to.. Or was once an asset when we were in a different war and then went against us..

Remember the russians were trying to control Afghanistan and then we helped them.. Not let russia take control.. Or take away control away from russia..

When people have become radicalized from so much different types of programming..

Anything could happen..

I'm not saying every theory is not correct or correct..

But there is so much.. Even all the dates have meaning..

Just survive it and be glad you were spared.. Intend to save your own life..

See now we don't know.. Now we don't really know..

Could he have been used as a patsy.. Anything is possible.. This is why you don't want to be the enemy of the state.. And that means the world..

Understand what they are intending.. There are honorable intentions. Sometimes there's unorthodox ways of getting to honorable intentions.

Pragmatism has always been part of war..


In other words.. Do what works.. Do whatever works.

War is always about resisting change.. And when we have seen despots enslave people.. That's why people resist change because they are afraid of the worst case scenario.

Have faith in humanity especially when they say their intentions.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was launched by a UN Summit in New York on 25-27 September 2015 and is aimed at ending poverty in all its forms. The UN 2030 Agenda envisages “a world of universal respect for human rights and human dignity, the rule of law, justice, equality and non-discrimination”.

And by the way all of you on my facebook and followers near and far.. You are in a control group..

They will study your reaction to me.. If you resist me if you follow me and potentially even do what i'm doing..

The system is watching you..

Could the j workd temper someone's criminal proclivities and sexual deviancy. and even temper all sexuality.. So it doesn't become a drive that is so consuming that it turns predatory.. You can control your hormones..

That's what the system is watching for..

They can't make you do anything.. But do you have the wherewithal to understand where I'm coming from? And to go through the process.

That's why the system is not forcing you do anything.. You have done it to yourself or not done it to yourself..

Perception is reality.. And people abuse fear. I don't care where the world goes.. I just want to be relatively safe where I am at.. And I'll watch all the different channels.. With all the different bioengineering..

I found a way to release demons.. As people are fighting and resisting the demons within..

The jay world is its own human race..

I know the future of the world.. There will be extreme amounts of diversity..

And I Will not be surprised by any of it.. If anything it will be very interesting.

Wait until twenty fifty.. You ain't seen nothing yet..

There's so much more so much more..

Just survive it because the future is so exciting. If you can get past your suffering and release those allegorical demons and build up your body.

Demons are the antigen antibody programming. Developing aggressive conflict within your body, mind and spirit.

And you have many demons to deal with.

And I know how much I can and cannot control.. Remember what happened to the proud boys.. Remember what happened to the weather underground..

There is a process for change.. The system already told you they were changing the climate.. Or climate change..

Climate could be economic climate.. Environmental climate.. Financial climate.. Occupational climate..

The system already had a plan for everybody..

You just have to strategize your survival..

Where Did I Come From

The most detrimental weakness of humanity is lack of memory..

That's why you're all suffering.. Because you have a short memory and long traumatic history.

You have given away your body to science and strangers.

Somebody must remember for you.. Even if you wanna forget . But your daughters and your sons GRAND DAUGHTERS GRAND SONS will be going through the same trauma you did if not worse. Because there's predators out there. And since you're under the influence, you have forgotten how traumatic it was to be sexualized at any age.

if you don't learn from this book the clinical way of what sex is and what it usually used for: and no I do not look at sex as recreation but men have been radicalized into that/this.. and suffered from needing it on some level..

People will be turning predatory, potentially.. And justifying it through religion and science and politics..

Let me help you remember.. Even if you want to forget.. straight sex, gay sex, whatever sex, it has been weaponized and used as a tool of control...and you are seeing the devastation around it.. all the pain and suffering and religions around sex..

you will be forced into arranged marriages or be victimized or just do it for the hell of it.. really?

you really want the man to teach your daughter how to have sex or son?

really???? really?? I don't care how gentle you think you're going to be with whoever.. That's just a manipulation..

Men loved damaged women because they will do anything in bed.. They would do anything to please their man.. .

. Look at kanye west.. That's what you're turning your daughters into.. in not so many words..

now you see why we are in a great reset.. the violent sexual predators developing offspring because of anti abortions forcing the mother to bear a child from violence developing a serial killer/etc..

now you see why we are in a great reset.. you will now see the horror your granddaughters and daughters will experience because you mom have not figured out you were also victimized at some point..

there is NO way to make sex fun and pain free... it was always and will be a painful act of submission and conditioning for both the male and female..

I do not care how you rationalize it.. and people do.. they forgot what it was like.. and learning about sex at 15 is no better than learning about sex at 35.. it is still traumatic and having a child or an abortion or using birth control is TRAUMATIC...

YOU THINK i am extreme.. look at the headlines of incest, rapists, pedophelia, and men looking to "own" a girlfriend and then destroy her when she says no or breaks up with him/her..

having children does not make it any better.. it justifies the suffering.. and then your daughters will be subjected to the same suffering..

when you forget because you are 45, or older, you have pushed that trauma down for years and normalized it..

drugs alcohol and constant sex is the coping mechanism of sexuality.. the trauma of it..

The seventies was a huge experiment..

You had hugh hefner playboy larry flint and then you have this..

Now you see why we are where we are..

By the way any kind of early exposure to hormone replacement therapies.. Drugs alcohol and sex.. Could potentially cause addictions and suffering..

Unless you release those demons in the proper way..

Sex addiction any kind of addiction and deviancy could be bred out of the population.. And it will be up to the government..

The people don't know any better..

When you think about it, sex is a gateway drug. Until you learn how to control those urges and even release those demons. As soon as you want a baby, you know, the sex has gotten out of control..

It takes two mature adults to manage those expectations.. Preferably monogamously and in some kind of committed relationship..

But most people when they learn about it.. They don't have any control over their urges and hormones and emotions.. That's where it becomes dangerous.. And people also not only become radicalized into doing it, but also radicalized into not doing it.. And then turn it into religion..

Instead of understanding the power of it.. Without abusing it.. People turned into a religion..

And the issue is, people are sexualized earlier and earlier. So they don't know how to control their powers..

The key thing Is maturity.. Personal accountability..

Maybe when we do live indefinitely people do not have sex until they have proven they can handle their finances.. They're not into consumerism.. Drugs.. Alcohol.. Distractions.. They don't have any conditions medical conditions.. They're not looking to have a family..

Because when you are out of control in other areas.. People turn predatory to fulfill their desires an addictions releasing aggression on somebody. And no matter what.. It does not matter Who you perceived whose fault it is for whatever outcome you are suffering from..

You have the capacity potentially and the ability.. To safely release those demons torturing you without using medical holistic detoxes.. Or surgeries or supplements or anything else..

There is a way overtime with food and my method to release those demons of predatory instincts and deviancy..

People will have fun from all their trauma for a minute.. Until they're ready to go through the process the hard work of releasing those demons

Some people will die with those demons and programming..

Other people will fight to get them out.. And reclaim their sovereign spirit. When you are full of contradictions.. Which one will be the most influential.

Which side of the contradictions you hold will win out.. And what is the outcome.

con·tra·dic·tion a combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another. this meme of laughing does not even scratch the surface... lol

read my timeline ahahahahahahahahahahah

the joke is literally on all of us... ahahaha

i hope you survive.. but i still must laugh ahahaha

your fears, sadness, anger, frustration..looooove loveee love spirituality and flighty breathy ways of trying to sound like you are sooooo enlightened.. lol oh well.. say hi to boodah with long hair over the rainow

suffer in silence or be someone else's entertainment..and babymaker

or find a way to deprogram.. ironic y'all are Manchurian candidates.. lmfaoo... omg.

sleeper cells are the type of te rr orists based upon when they want you to act/react to and mainstreamers can also be sleeper cells because YOU know doctors and nurses have been radicalized around their therapies..

now look at your facebook

your politics, religion and science dogmas are a programmed sleeper cell woken up when triggered

the "woke" and un"awoke" are sleeper cells rousing everyone into activity of love, radicalism, denial and activism..

the "resistance" are sleeper cells.. told to wake up..

now look at your friends... lol..

all resistance lol are all the programmed people told to wake up and do your job.. lol sleeper cells waking up and shoving herbs down people's throats and told to fight or ignore all warnings...

lolololololololol and the kicker is, most of you are too invested to even see it.. you cannot change.. you are in radicalized religions, family and even occupations.. it will be impossible..

when your whole life has been predicated on the destruction of others via remedies, etc.. there is no way..

the system knows how stuck MOST of you are..

but not all of you..

im talking to those who are not stuck in money, powers, fame, greed, and social validation..

most of you are too invested.. way too invested in your programming.. And so who you are is not really who you are.. It's what your parents have been programmed YOU to be. And what you have shown to be.. And you took on your parents programming or resisted and took on another programming.. That was basically the same..

You are not you..

You are your programming..

And if you can't accept that..

You will die in your programming..

Good luck everybody.

Everybody is waking up to the programming they have been in for years.. And some died from the waking up process.. Because it's too painful..

All of you are nikitas.. All of you have been programmed..

And many of you have been programmed to self destruct.. through politics through your religion and through your science.

And of course many of you are in denial..

You think you're special.

I told you i'm not special.. And neither are you..

You're just like everybody else. Programmed to do a specific job and be observed in your settings of family and religion.

You were programmed to build an infrastructure.. And then programmed to self destruct.. Programmed to show how bad stuff can get.. Programmed to help humanity move itself forward..

Now it's time to understand how to develop a programming of longevity.. If you can handle it.

And some of you will not survive your own programming.. Because it's not your programming.. You couldn't override the programming..

That's why I have very little patience for people who overstepp boundaries.. They won't survive their programming.. And they intend to take everyone down with them..

Not me. some of you will NOT like what you have been trained for, once you wake to what you have been trained for and it will be devastating..

the breakfast club shoulda been a clue.. fast times at ridgmont high should have also been a clue

playboy and war was also another clue

religion and politics, another clue..

many of you have been trained to be destroyers, sex bombs, sex slaves and baby makers

once you finally wake up..the floods will be coming.. i sure hope you can swim or move to higher ground.. so those dispensing herbal remedies and abx.. you are just doing your job.. grim reaper.'

better you than me.. you are just doing your job..

thank you for your service

if you are in denial.. again, you were programmed for validation..

THE recent airing of the dr phil episode, the last week or so... was not a coincidence..

gauging all reactions, even my own..

and you saw how i responded.. and I saw how some have responded..

Now you know.

The world is not is as organic as you think..

You all have been programmed and used as a tool and observed..

Can you survive the programming..

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