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So Much Salt and Water Cures Poop = Constipation=Cured==Deadly

So Much Salt and Water Cures Poop = Constipation=Cured

You are not supposed to be cured in a dynamic environment such as this or any environment..

And so this environment is causing part of your feces/face to be constipated.. Because you're not releasing entirely what you need to replace..

This environment is curing people's poop in their system.. And that's why they're not changing just DETERIORATING.. And probably not getting very sick.. And they're riding the high and the wave.. And if they are in pain they're using stronger drugs and remedies.. And staying away from food.. People are starving..

Right now in this environment skinny girls are staying skinny.. Bigger girls are getting bigger..

And i'm fluctuating..

Right now people are fighting for their death..

They are fighting to be cured in environment that they cannot be cured in..

People are not eating.. And of people are eating, what's that nutrition going to?..

Their growth and emaciation and aging process are accelerated..

They are of course under the influence of drugs alcohol and remedies..

And they are out there in mixed company taking on microbes causing aggressive fertility..

That's why people are dying suddenly.. You cannot be cured in a highly dynamic environment such as this..

I fight every morning to release those demons.. And sometimes the fight is more aggressive because the environment and the people's immune systems microbes are more aggressive..

That's why I don't got the public very often if at all.. And if I do I know I will pay for and I will have to release.. And I might catch something aggressive but I will release it..

So I woke up with a sore throat. And I knew I had to activate my immune system. And I started blowing my nose blowing my nose and coughing. And I really had to cough up the mucus.. I just drank water. Not a lot of stuff coming up the lower end but that's okay.. But I did feel a frequency shift yesterday and heat.. I wasn't very hungry yesterday but very energetic.. Even though I didn't sleep very well, yesterday I was up all day with no naps..

I was up at two this morning.. And so I turned on netflix and watched mister rogers.. His documentary. And then I would snooze and I would hear myself snore and be awake at the same time..

That is some crazy stuff..

When half your body is sleeping and the other half is awake..

I couldn't make this up if I tried

when the environment is THAT aggressive, the Ionosphere will be so influential to the stratosphere, people become cured, not so hungry, and the skinnier you are, the more you will ride on the high of your programming until, a rapture, of sorts..

that is why all medications, now, are deadly because they will have the opposite effect.. antibiotics will fuel growth and food will be painful for those not ready for feeling bloated and constipation will happen for many..

which is why I fight to activate my immune system upper respiratory system and mean to cough, and hawk up loogies and blow my nose, blow my nose, blow my nose, ...

I remember one time this last weekend falling asleep and waking up coughing with a start, because I conditioned my immune system to cough or else I would have died from so much mucus growth in my sleep...

that is why people die in their sleep.. all the medicines atrophy their ability to release while sleeping.. or so much growth people get blockages and die from strokes or get fast moving cancers and growths..

And even though I have a little pain in my throat. It is not bad because it let's me know my immune system is working and it is pushing out growth..

This environment is fucking deadly to be out there in the public.. But again everyone has their tolerance levels and if they don't feel anything feeling cured.

That's very scary..

You're not supposed to be cured in a dynamic environment.

That's what you were never told.. Right now, people are fighting to be cured and they don't want to feel a d*** thing and they die in their sleep. Or walking..

And that was how the system got you..

They wanted you to be conditioned never to feel anything.. Under the influence and partying all the time. Having children and being out there.. Traveling everywhere.. Showing everybody you're having a great time so some people follow you and copy you and be envious of you..

So you wear down your immune system.. And then you fight to pass away..

You fight to be cured. People are fighting for their own demise.. And they justify through religion.. Because people are throwing verses at each other making it okay to die.

That's why you're dying suddenly.

And people are tempted all the time to be entertained because they can't sit still.. They've been conditioned to be out there with their friends and family..

I'm glad I don't have people I have to account to except for my husband.. I will not be put in that position to be forced to deal with somebody else's microbes..

I still live in a world of people. And I will have to release demons when I do my business out there.. I'm not a recluse i'm a realist..

I thank god I was conditioned to be completely the opposite..

And even though my protocol and life probably was not anticipated back then..

The fact my mother knew what world I was entering into.. If she did the opposite.. Maybe I would survive the new world..

Thanks mom.

Believe it or not.. Parents who do the opposite everyone around them.. Parents who finally feel the pain and suffering of past present and future traumas.. Might save themselves but there's no guarantee their children will be saved..

Kids are fighting a very aggressive environment. They have the body of the old world in a new world and they are fighting to survive. And they're fighting to keep up with everybody around them..

That's why a lot of these kids don't stand a chance. Because their parents want to be trendy and popular like everybody else..

And parents are also under major peer pressure.. Just like the schoolyard.. Just like high school.

I walked away from all the bullshit.. I have nothing to prove..

I'm surviving.

Survival is not glamorous or beautiful..

It is fucking ugly in this environment but it has to be..

Because only the few who understand what it means to survive will do it.. While others must feel pretty and look pretty..

Death is beautiful..

Life isn't always beautiful.




the layer of the earth's atmosphere that contains a high concentration of ions and free electrons and is able to reflect radio waves. It lies above the mesosphere and extends from about 50 to 600 miles (80 to 1,000 km) above the earth's surface.

a region similar to an ionosphere above the surface of another planet.

infection can kill therapized or not... the public can destroy you.. and starvation via food mitigation makes it happen quicker..

skinny/MORBIDLY OBESE constipated people get cured faster, and potential died suddenly, and using my juice is NOT THE ANSWER OR USING ANY DETOXES..

MILK, AND all FOOD IS THE ANSWER.. AND sometimes my method in my book is also the "answer".. cut your nails...

some people's rh neg frequency can activate other people's immune system unbeknownst to them.. and when that exposure causes you to sneeze, your microbes will get out and become microbial grenades to others..

it is NOT their fault.. you must manage your own exposure to the public...

all of us have been activated to wake up each other's demons and attack each other via the microbial level...

pandora's box has been opened, and her contents are vicious...

which is why I blame no one.. If I choose to go out in public, I will pay the price and cough and sneeze and blow my nose later...

I chose to go out in public.. my own fault..

that is why all the delivery services and infinite options for treatments.. you are choosing to either save yourself and stay home and stay safe and suffer from releasing backlogged infection, or you choose to live like nothing has changed and hopefully not suffer from dying suddenly...

kind of crazy, hug.. insane.. sigh..

my hubby and I are like night and day... and I am glad he can handle whatever suffering he experiences during certain times..

I just keep feeding him.. but again, we all are subject to the choices we make based upon the info and tolerance to new info we hade at the time..

when you are around diverse company, fertile people gain weight and their reactions to lose the weight is starvation of those offspring and the offspring inside the person's body EATS THE HOST, YOU..

Fertile people also lose so much weight as frequencies increase the appetite of the offspring, snacking on YOUR insides, called infrastructure breakdown, weak bones and ligament and infection..


IS ALL ABOUT FERTILITY AND MANAGING LIFE AS the life eats the person from the inside out... called either died suddenly or succumbing to disease and/or pregnant, when all the conditions are right..

that is why I stay home and stay safe and ONLY taking on public exposure in short bursts like shopping for food, exposure to my husband and going outside..

but staying in any enclosed space or group event for longer than an hour would be hell to release that same night or the next morning.. If I do stay out in the public for longer than an hour or so, i get hives and stuffed up nose to be sneezed and coughed out later..

Other people, aggressive aging or died suddenly..

men with certain blood types can hold the line for only so long, but women.. we are cursed with a fertile body/vessel, it is only a matter of time before you tip the scales and cause a break through infection some people not conditioned for it, will die from it..

that is why I have conditioned myself to be sick so I do not die from infection...

i have been sick the last 3 years to deal with backlogged infections that needed to come out, and some infections and sicknesses were worse than others..

NOW, when I stay in any diverse company for longer than an hour, no real pain (arm pain as the lymph nodes are activated to pushout the lymphocytes to mitigate hearts attacks) I just cough it out and sneeze it out..

i am so conditioned for the arm pain and shoulder pain during those immunological activation sequences, I welcome the pain and suffering from release so i do not die suddenly....

i do not get headaches anymore... i might get a little swelling on the back of my neck and arm pain together, and then sneezing out the mucus..

i sleep like a baby, too...

i have the substance and weight to deal with climate change...

Those who starve themselves because their reactions to their weight, regardless if its too much or too little.. Those little fertile babies in your body because of your lifestyle of being out there with people are breaking down your vital organs and infrastructure.

Starvation was never the answer for survival.

Fertility is deadly..

Food was never the enemy.

It was the environment and your lifestyle and the microbes were what caused all of your disease.

We were conditioned to be around people places and things and they werent as bad twenty years ago..

Now people's lifestyles are destroying them.. Some faster than others..

That's why human race is too smart for their own good.

They resist life to the detriment of their own life.. Because an elder told them to..

That's how easy it is to program people to self destruct.. And then get them distracted in all the wars and arguments and activism..

In the meantime they are swallowing microbes causing fertility extreme fertility . Especially during climate change.

Not everybody is getting the same aggressive frequencies out there..

Just because some places are gathering together in other countries doesn't mean it's good for you..

using the remedies to stop mucus and keep it inside is why turbo cancers... these kids are not getting ahead of disease from all their exposure plus all the remedies...

which is why kids are weaker.. the microbial fertility in their own immune system is trapped causing vital organ damage and diseases..

catch 22 when you have no idea your child or you can handle immune system activation, so people assume the worst, stop the symptoms, then died suddenly.. and of course all the food allergies does not help rebuild vital organs..

conditioning people to be asymptomatic all the time.. is why all the died suddenlies.. too much fertility causing a strain on their own internal resources... resistance equals breakage..

it is pretty much too late for many, but some adults have a chance.. maybe.. it is the kids I worry about, but, there is nothing I can do.. not my kid.. even then, i can't make my kid be sick and eat food if they do not want to.. soo.. even parents have their hands tied..

it really sucks all around..

blame Imhotep.. in 2700 bc.. to be the world's first physician, one had to know alchemy plus public exposure would cause aggressive growth and diseases..hence all the surgeries, then add in all the frequencies, now you get fast moving growth.. or turbo cancers..

That's why we're going into a new world because we're graduating from that old world..

and slaves are NOT allowed to be sick... so slaves get treated to death or treat themselves to death to stay in the game.. and since no one is making you work or go to the hospital or take that remedy, you have NO ONE to blame but yourself for not managing your education and lifestyle..

and if you are that greedy for money plus want to get your wife pregnant a million times over, you will be a slave to your life thus potentially dying suddenly...and what chance do your kids have when you mom and dad haven't even pulled back the reigns.. they are following you right over the cliff...

that is why i scaled down my shopping for baubles and cheap stuff... if my hubby chooses to work for his baubles, fine.. i only buy what i need with a few treats here and there and i focus on home improvement...

in this environment, socializing can be a death sentence for your mom, dad and kids who are fighting diseases...

many of you had parents and grandparents and kids in the hospital and are back out in the public doing the same shit.. really??

i stopped collecting animal souls since my dog.. i will not collect human souls..

i refuse.

i will not comply with my peers to resist and then shower everyone in "love".. aka death and fertility..

I will listen to govt and not comply with my peers..

lol.. my govt is not forcing me to do anything.. but my peers are aggressive and crafty and manipulative..


Another arm of the hydra... There you go..

People become a hydra when they stay relatively cured, trapping opposing forces inside causing the body to branch off into its own extra extremities..

 Called tumors and cancers.. And some of these fast moving cancers are destructive..

Infinite sacred geometry.. The body will continue to branch off if you let it.. Especially when you trap the beasts within..

Then people have to surgically cut off things or cut it out..

Because they stopped their body from releasing.. Using all the latest cures

Another arm of the hydra... There you go..

Boom I told you..

I fucking knew it..

The j juice before climate change released many demons so people could potentially get ahead of their issues..

But that was just the beginning..

There was a whole lot more we had to deal with.. And a lot of brain washing we had to release.. And people's issues with food was one of the biggest hurdles ever.. And it still is..

I knew your crap had everything to do with immune system failures..

And it's not something you can force out.. It's a conditioning process.

And people's usage of the medical and holistic system weakens their ability to release those demons.. And you can't use my juice all the time of course.. Not at all in this environment..

And you can't depend upon the over-the-counter things. Because your body isn't conditioned to release.. And so all that fertility from the drugs, supplements and herbal remedies will develop so many offspring.. Working against you.. Eating you out from the inside. Even other people's microbes.. Especially when you are in large crowds in a highly activated environment..

Releasing those demons is not an overnight venture.. It's not even a week or a year process.. For me it was at least a three year process, if not a seven year process..

It was a conditioning process.

I had seven years of conditioning of releasing those demons..

And I used my method and not the jj.. Because the salt and the water has a curative effect.. It wasn't antibiotic because my juice was tested.. But it will trap those beasts inside called a salt boundary..

Because I kept curing my crap in my system.. That's why I had to pull it out..

 I know it gross but whatever.. I'm surviving.

And you need the meat the milk the cheese the eggs everything. You needed all the food.. And now you need to really stay out of public to catch up..

But most people will not do that.

And people need to stay home and stay safe and be sick and feed the sickness and release the demons not using my juice..

And it can be a painful process.. I'm not going to lie, I had a few rough years.. Especially the last three years..

And your upper respiratory system is the gateway..

 Which is why the system always tries to disable that gateway of release and encourage you to depend on their methodologies..

It's a trap..

And that's also why the system uses cough suppressants and mucus drying agents.. And pineapple juice to stop you from releasing..

They set your ass up to fail..

And boy did I get a lot of flack for this.. At this point it's too late..

The system had so many people trained never to change and to spit on evolution.. And many of you were trained well.. To bully others and whatever.. That was your own undoing.

And now it's too late for many people.. I tried to warn everybody..

I knew south park knew.. They know the power of feces.. Mr Hankey

And when we don't teach our kids how to cough sneeze and blow their nose..

They are a sitting duck.

Constipation increases with age and often coexists with cardiovascular risk factors. In addition, strain at stool causes blood pressure rise, which can trigger cardiovascular events such as congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, acute coronary disease, and aortic dissection.Feb 13, 2019

Which is why releasing the demons the way I have in my book is a methodology to not put a strain on your heart..

I understand both sides of my immune system.. The upper and the lower.. Your immune system is your entire body.. Working collectively together..

Which is why you've been conditioned not to understand..

Your ignorance is their insurance policy to get rid of useless eaters..

And you signed on the dotted line.. And you gave permission for that transaction.. Basically a contract.. And so they had every right to accelerate what you are to expect..

And if you don't know what Im talking about I ain't going to spell it out for you.. smh

Very clever for the system to blame the salt for heart conditions and high blood pressure..

People don't drink enough water and they are constipated..

When you don't drink enough water then yes that would be one way your blood pressure would go up would because of the anti diuretic hormone kicking in and retaining water causing swelling and higher blood pressure..

And you are also full of shit..

And laxatives only force the body to do things against its will because it wasn't conditioned for it..

And you can harm yourself using laxatives, forcing your body to do things it wasnt conditioned to do.. That's called

ra pe or the(rap)y

My juice is a catalyst.. And when its abused it becomes a cure and constipation..

Just ask those who switched from the pink salt to the white salt.. It had a very fast curative effect..

 And people were constipated.. And so they lessened their intake.. But even drinking so much of the pink salt and water and my juice will have the same effect..

Milk was what helped my husband release the demons when he drank my juice..

He has always drank milk..

That's what I learned from my husband..

That's one of the things I regret about knowing the power of salt on poop.. It can be abused.. It is abused.. That's why skinny girl stay skinny.. And bigger girl stay big..

Their poop is relatively cured in their body maintaining the programming until the body wants to release and people don't survive it..

 Or they get weird growths because they are stopped up because of being cured .. The body starts branching off when they have life trapped in the body..

Jj may have saved my life..

But people are going to abuse something such as this.. And they do.. They use it as a remedy for everything..

Because they don't understand thermodynamics.. And they don't want to ever change their lifestyle..

And people don't want to change.. At the detriment of their own life..

But if it wasn't for the salt and the j juice..

You wouldn't know this..

That's why you have to gain weight in this environment if you're very skinny...

And that's why those who are obese cannot starve themselves to lose weight..

Fertility is in your poop..

And it's all over your body in your body.. And it must be systematically released without it being forced to..

Because when you strain so hard to poop.. Yes you can break blood vessels.. And also get heart attacks and strokes..

That's why my method. The digital method can be for some who are adept enough to figure out how to get that demon out..

And you ALSO need to cough sneeze and blow your nose..

That's why I did not treat my disease any disease or any respiratory issues the last three years

I just coughed it out.. and suffered and fed it all food..

And you are now up against some really aggressive frequencies that are just as ionic as my juice was.. Causing constipation.. No appetite in some people.. And sleepless nights.. Or insomnia.

The environment is what you're up against now..

It's worse than my juice..

The environment the frequencies are worse than jilly juice.

I knew I knew.. Something wasn't right..

I couldn't put my finger on it.. But I finally did..

The environment was like the beginning of jilly juice when the pandemic first started.. People woke up.. They were making certain connections..

And then people became cured.. And then when they didn't evolve.. And they kept treating their disease.. And they became so asymptomatic.. Many are died suddenly.. That's what you're watching today.. People so full of shit.. Cured.. They can't handle fertility Or the general population

And people think being totally asymptomatic in this environment is healthy.. It's not. It is really not..

That's why they're saying a perfectly healthy person dropping from a died suddenly doesnt make sense to them. And so they blamed whatever they were given to blame..

So Died suddenly.. And they were also starving..

We got off the j j's a few years ago. I got off the jj for the most part in twenty nineteen..

I told everybody in 2020 get the hell off of jj..

Now you need food.. All food and you have to feed the sickness. Cough sneeze and blow your nose.

And pull out the demon.. And sometimes it's worse than others..

Because you have to still program your body for the current environment.

Everything's a transition process..

Being asymptomatic in environment such as this will be a rude awakening for some people..

That's why I expect to feel sick when the frequencies change.. Because I know i'm alive.. And I won't die suddenly.. I have a defense system.. And I treat it with respect.

abusing the pink salt, white salt in water/jilly juice/sol and high frequency environment is causing a curative effect and in some people, constipation leading to died suddenly and of course, all the food allergies and fear of food is weakening their ability to release the demons necessary for survival.. malnutrition and starvation is the number one reason leading to died suddenly/heart attacks and strokes..

Milk is the answer, so you can gain the life in your respiratory system to cough out the demons. And develop leverage to release the below demons..

I cough every morning because my body tells me that it needs to release those demons. And it gives me the power and the arsenal to do that.. I blow my nose.. To push out the shit.

Pain is the movement of the body, pushing those demons throughout the bodies, so it doesn't stay one place and cause bowel blockages.. Or artery blockages..

And people are dying from bowl blockages.. Because they're so skinny or obese their immune system is holding that demon inside.

And I would say constipation is probably the biggest contributor to heart attacks and strokes. Because it is malnutrition and lack of movement..

Lack of evolution..

I'm serious.

Because have you ever looked in someone's colon or intestines when they've died.. No people get cremated.. All the evidence is burned up.

But you'll probably know they are full of shit.

And you can't get rid of all that shit in your body and one fell swoop..

It's a conditioning process..

That's why all the dementia and disease because people are so full of shit.. And then they try to force their body to release it and then they cause breakage..

And they're out in the public taking on more disease.. And of course they don't want to feel the pains so they're starved . And they die suddenly

Because they are fucking starving. There is no give.. And there is no nutrition or any reserves.

But it's too late for so many people now. Because you can't condition people to release the demon when they have been so resistant against it..

I salt my food but I don't use jj anymore..

And i'm willing to be sick and be down.. I'm not trying to keep up with anyone out there..

Just watch people out there who are very skinny and slim . And they're not changing their lifestyle or belief system . The fertility in their body will eat them out from the inside..

I'm not trying to be negative.. But you have to understand the physics behind what's going on.. You must understand the biology of what's going on..

The system wanted you to be skinny because that was a programming that they could control and take out when all the conditions are right..

But then the other end of it morbid obesity will not serve you either..

You must understand evolution and fluctuation..

It took me seven years to exchange the programming.. And listen to indicators.. One has to choose to change today.. Or live out their programming. Mister hankee doesn't want to leave your asshole

There is my humor for the day .

Your poop is the software.. It controls everything until you start controlling the programming.

And you can't be starving.. Because that's why mister hankee is destroying you..

People might make fun of me.. But I saved myself. People mock me even to my face.. And they say they understand. They don't give a shit.

So will I tell you all my secrets I have nothing to hide.. The answer is progressively changing out the old programming and developing new programming.. Yeah that requires food rest release.. And lessen public exposure.. We have turbo microbes that are causing fertility in children and in adults..

People don't listen to me because i'm not a doctor.. And so there you go..

And I'll watch people self destruct.. Because they have too much pride..

And if you're not suffering you won't encourage suffering.. You will just laugh at me..

And then when you die suddenly you'll be spared the suffering and everybody's happy...

That is what the system is gearing towards.. More died suddenly so nobody has to suffer in your world.. And you don't have to suffer because you don't believe in it.

That's why they will eradicate cancer in the future.. You'll just die when all of those conditions are right..

Which is why my information is so foreign for those who completely are against suffering..

I got very lucky understanding the power of suffering . I was raised right. Relative to the world I was going into.

Thanks mom.

Men who have never suffered will not volunteer to suffer.. They will use up what they have like milking the goose until there's nothing left.

Women who have not really suffered will try to eradicate suffering in themselves and their children until there is nothing left.. And they will blame everyone out there..

That was and is the depopulation Agenda.. Through the family who can't handle suffering.. And they're out they're mixing in the public square taken on more microbes.. And they don't know any better and you let them do what they do..

Because it's already too late.

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