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Sobriety Vs Under the Influence/Sustainable Vs Disposable

As far as geographical location.. Every place is a gamble.. Which one has better odds..

You will determine if you are sustainable or disposable..

I'm selling sobriety.. Everything that comes with sobriety is feeling good bad and dealing with your s*** as it comes literally..

You'll feel the frequencies, you'll respond correctly and you'll survive the fluctuations over time..

If you can survive this climate change when there is peace across the land you will be one of those who will be what you might call immortal..

Immortality is dealing with the pain of release and retention when the climate changes.. You had a chance to condition yourself 20 years ago... Now it's put up or shut up.. Even six years ago.. When I introduced pain.. And sobriety..

Infection is when you're around energy and the body develops it either over time and it is trapped or if you have an open wound and air gets to it all the microbes from the air converge on that one opening..

People can develop infections in the body and not know it and then it turns into cancer.. They use jay juice to stop the pain and trap it as well as other drugs to stop the body from releasing.. The JJ is only to wake up your immune system and the demons and release..

Too much JJ will trap them inside... .The answer is not the JJ.. Can you f****** handle the pain.. Are you afraid of all food.. Fear is in politics religion in science.. Which is why so many people are attracted to the jay world because they're so used to fear... they think the jay world will stop the pain.. It's how you use the jay world.

Cancer is a new growth a new energy developing.. A fetus.. And even though a fetus is something in the uterus you could have of foreign entities develop even outside the uterus..

That's called cancer..

Sobriety is when your body is allowed to release when you feel it..

Sobriety is not popular in the world of suffering..

People think i'm crazy when they say I feel the frequencies.. When you're not under the influence you feel everything.

When people are under the influence and someone says well I felt this I felt that.. Yeah they think you're crazy

you can't convert them to your experience because if they do not feel it.. It's not real to them..

The Drugs and hormonal imbalances have stopped them from feeling stuff.. They don't have the indicators you have.. You thank them for their service... Walk away from the conversation because it's pointless..

Which is why most of california is under the influence..

At this point with so much innovation they had to be and then with this devastation they will depend upon not feeling something.. California's in for some s***.. Atmospheric rivers and meters and meters of snow on a population who is only used to a certain amount..

Remember earthquakes and tsunamis are not out of the question when it comes to california..

Wake up California. If it's possible for you..

F****** insane..

remember the emerald triangle is under an atmospheric river..

Humboldt Mendocino County The cannabis capital of cali..

Debt can be developed out of nowhere.. Debt can also disappear..

Is it a coincidence that ceos sold all their shares before the announcement or COLLAPSE....

I knew the mortgage crisis was contrived..

We all know this.. More confirmation..

Free money.. Or cheap money is to infuse the economy with innovation..

Expensive money everyone is suffering..

All debt is contrived.. It's a huge psychological operation.. Politics religion and science make sure that people are in debt on some level..

Even when you're not in debt you're in debt.. You have to pay taxes.. Right there you're in debt every year..

Once you understand what debt is.. You'll set yourself free..

When you have all the time in the world and you don't want for anything and you don't live high on the hog.. debt is nothing more than giving up a few urine proteins every day in the toilet ..

You're not losing anything..

As far as b******* out someone for taking on debt because you think you have to pay it back for whatever reason via taxes..

Let me tell you people who b**** at those who don't like those who don't pay their student debt also cost the system money for their lifestyle and belief systems..

You can only imagine what people have done in their youth that cost taxpayers thousands and millions of dollars.. drunk driving graffiti.. Theft.. Stealing street signs..

We know many men and women who've done stupid s*** in their youth that cost the system millions of dollars collectively.. A whole generation of people costing the system billions of dollars.. And yet they have the gall to talk about f****** student loanss..

It's none of my business if someone pays their bills or not.. Prices will always go up and down and they will always blame it on someone the little guy.. You see the pattern here the blame f****** game.. And it's always a little guy that gets to be in the cross hairs..

Because you have been gaslighted by your f****** politicians that you follow faithfully every g****** day..

The key thing live within your means stop wanting so much that you feel that somebody else's lifestyle is encroaching upon yours...

Even financial belief systems are no different than the cancer disease chronic illness blame game..

So you can't get a tesla so y0u blame somebody down the road who ran up their credit cards and didn't pay them back..

Many people have ran up debt and never paid it back on so many levels.. No matter what society will suffer from so many people's excessive lifestyles..

Pay attention to your own backyard..

Many politicians that you support over there in congress have cheated on their taxes.. Have found loopholes and tax shelters.. How many people cheat on their taxes all high and mighty about people with student loans and other s***..

Let's go dig in your background..

So anyways debt is contrived.. Soon as you want something you'll go into f****** debt.. As soon as you have a hard time you won't pay back the debt..

Debt can appear and disappear like f****** magic..

Debt is A legalistic religion that people will use to bash their friends and family...

So shut up with your f****** political belief system..

We're in a great reset.. Nobody is innocent.. I don't care how much you've changed.. At one point you cost the system a lot of f****** money..

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