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Spirit Animal

A cancer patient who died from their therapies few years ago said one time, "Cancer is my spirit animal", and then the system actively DESTROYED HIS SPIRIT ANIMAL AND THEN HIM. (RIP K. Akahoshi)

Cancer was his spirit animal.. now he is dust.. <3

Remember the movie with Nicole Kidman, the Golden Compass? Remember the theme of the movie was about the fear and stigma of "dust" and how the children were disappearing into the cold dark depths of science who were actively removing their "spirit animal", the animals that were attached to all characters in the movie..

What is the Dust in The Golden Compass?

In an interview for the 2007 Golden Compass film, author Philip Pullman described Dust as “a mysterious force of which the powerful people in the story seem to be afraid.” Dust threatens power. Nov 11, 2019,Description,Nature%20and%20Meaning%20of%20Dust

The hero bear was the key.. bears losing their fecal plugs so they can begin again and program their own spirit animal

You attack your spirit animal, remove it (cancer) and or trap the aggressive spirit animal who was converted by the medical/holistic system, you destroy yourself.

You must feed your spirit animal and pull out the demons.

Your children have spirit animals actively under attack from the system of holistic and medicine.

You have spirit animals actively under attack from the system.

You feed your spirit animal, and pull out the demons in the bowels of the hell you trapped in your colon..

Dante's Inferno was all about the alimentary canal and the demons torturing the person..

My dog has a spirit animal that is making her extremely strong and I feed her small mass, and I respect it and I allow her to change, not resist her changes. Her mass is also becoming part of her, not cannibalizing her. I bottle feed my dog pureed meat, milk, grain, fruits, veggies and carbs.

Her microbial babies are giving her back her life because I am respecting the life in her, NOT attacking the life in her. Her body has the intelligence to release the demons because she is an open system, NOT a closed system.

You cut into yourself, you are attacking you and your spirit animal.

You attack your spirit animal with aggressive herbs from ancient traditional remedies coined by Imhotep from 6k years ago and modern medicine, you systematically suck the life out of your genetic line, and your children will replicate EVERYTHING YOU DO.


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