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Stiff Person Syndrome = Walking Rigor Mortis

Stiff person syndrome= Walking rigor mortis

Can you get rigor mortis while alive?

The authors report a case of "Rigor Mortis" in a live patient after cardiac surgery. The likely factors that may have predisposed such premortem muscle stiffening in the reported patient are, intense low cardiac output status, use of unusually high dose of inotropic and vasopressor agents and likely sepsis.

Why is salt and water and food painful for those who are partly dead... Because you're waking up the dead

you're coming back to life and yeah it's painful..

Eventually it won't be as painful as it was when you finally wake up, literally.. Not figuratively..

Sometimes they say the dead don't even know they are dead until they talk to something and they get ignored..

or they do not feel, sense or experience what others have experienced..

Remember the 6th sense..

Bruce Willis did no know he was dead until the child told him he was..

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