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Stop Nailing People To the Cross

I definitely felt that frequency shift in my right ear and it was a little painful.. Heartbeat a bit more..

Then everything is fine... I'm not as hungry today.. Been pretty even keeled

Makes you wonder how many people will be over the Rainbow.. High frequency. Wizard of oz theme park in north carolina this fall

When I say don't worship money don't worship love and don't worship maternal/material wealth.. You see that when love Burns so bright. It is all consuming and people don't know how to manage the love in their life.. And yes they go bankrupt.. Look what happened the last ten years twenty years.. The mortgage crisis.. enron,, companies stealing pensions..

When you are shown to make a lot of money.. Somebody will come and take it.. It has happened over and over again.. But people don't learn

Which is why you invest in longivity in your own body.. Which is why.. You invest in your brain power.. Because someone will take your body mind and spirit in the energy healing medical holistic world and in the financial world..

american and russian Oligarchs not surviving

The trappings of wealth.. Makes you so Ripe for manipulation.. Having a bunch of children.. Makes you ripe for manipulation

My precious.. Worshipping money wealth.. Social capital.. Makes you a sitting duck..

America.. The last greatest experiment.. After so many years of reproduction you become So desperate for love acceptance and money.. And you see people making money left and right with their large cars fancy houses botox fancy clothes. Inventions...

And then when the time is right.. They're coming for it..

silicon valley is being drained of all the money, the innovation, and the social capital...

all the money crisis's of the past and present.. all contrived... you are being manipulated to work to death.. as the system keeps squeezing the work/play/children/ Politics religion and science activism. out of you... and then, another crisis, another money grab, like the crypto world.. wall street...

americans... the last greatest experiment, and monumental money grab

For my own protection.. And the law.. I cannot guide you through any medical or health issues or what you perceive is an issue..

I have a very inexpensive book that you can get online through amazon kindle.. You want the hard back or paperback that's also available..

Obviously you must watch my videos whatever you can..

But this information is not for the faint of heart and the protocol the lifestyle... Is not for the faint of heart..

You will have to determine how much you can handle and how you will set up your life for it.. I can only give you what I experience and you're gonna have to figure out what you are willing to deal with..

I wish you all the luck in the world... There is no such thing as only one truth..

There's no such thing as the truth..

There is such thing as A truth..

Mathematics physics chemistry language Biology. Biochemistry must support the efficacy of a truth..

Whatever meanings you apply to any truth has absolutely no relevance.. Because meanings can change every day..

Definition and meanings are completely different

We have dictionary definitions with several different meanings based upon context..

So that means that if A is true then B is also true too..

If you fancy yourself as a truth seeker.. You would never ever tell someone else that their truth is not true.. You would not even think your own truth is the truth..

Truth seekers.. Real truth seekers.. Are open to all truths.. Not the socially acceptable ones.. Or the ones they were raised with..

They understand all truths.. But yet still can adopt one or more without denigrating somebody else's truth.

Truth is all relative to intention.. You will find people will have different intentions..

Therefore their truth will not be the same as your truth..

Definition: Agreed upon description of a person place or thing and concept and idea.

Meaning: The applied context that which describes your intention. But the meaning may differ for somebody else

Evolution means you can change your truths during a safe transition.. It means you can change your beliefs your lifestyle and belief system.. You can change your politics your religion and science..

Being cured means that you only know one truth and that's it.. And you will die for your beliefs..

Because thermodynamically speaking..

A cured person cannot thrive in a dynamic environment Because relative to how dynamic the environment is, entropy will destroy them..

So you see the system doesn't want you really to change.. And since you can apply so many different meanings to why the system doesn't want you to change..

All of them would be true..

A. They think you can't handle the change. B. You may not be prepared for change.. C. You may not be socially desirable for change..

And all of them would be true..

Because if you don't want to change.. It doesn't matter if it's true..

You made it true.. Because you didn't want to change..

Battling against the New World Order is another religion unto itself.

You will find like buddhism.. Those who are anti NWO.. Can be attached to any religion out there as well as even mainstreamers who want to be truth seekers..

It's not difficult to hybridize religions and belief systems and spirituality.. It's been done for centuries..

When it all comes down to it... Those who are anti pain anti symptoms.. anti life antibiotic will have a problem with anyone introducing or embracing the energy of life their own body produces..

So then people train themselves to attack their own body.. as well as train their children to attack their own body..

It doesn't matter how beautiful.. How successful.. How blonde or brown your hair is.. how skinny or proportional or muscular your physique is. If you don't have what it takes to adapt to this aggressive environment.. Even beauty fades..

Then you realize.. What is the new world order..

Making you believe all these different religions are against each other when they actually work together.. They are linked by the very foundation there is an enemy to fight.. They are linked by the notion something must be defeated..

What they don't realize.. When you take part in that new old order religion of anti new world order.. You're being trained to defeat yourself...

When you have been trained to be a truth seeker.. That your truth is the only truth that's viable credible.. And the right truth..

You are promoting the new world order and its intentions that part of the population must defeat itself..

And when the population is looking for an enemy.. Someone to blame for something.. It does not matter what it is.. Paranoid individuals will be so fearful of someone down the street.. They will be so fearful of someone in another state, country, or domicile.. And they will say a person's lifestyle belief systems and way of dealing with energy from the human body is Satanic.. Something to fight against.. And something to destroy.. No different than what the romans did to jesus christ back six thousand years ago..

History repeats itself when people are not whole people and they are fractions of their potential..

We are beyond repair... Now it's releasing the demons..

May the odds be in your favor..

Peace out

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