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Suffering Attracts Vultures.. Entitlement Develops Criminals and Excessive Behaviors

In the J World, it is a three part system.

It is surviving releasing YOUR own demons, surviving the vultures out there feeding on your suffering and NOT taking other people down with you.

If you think you can handle the release process without destroying yourself and your community, do the J world..

If not, and you know you are NOT strong enough to save yourself/family, socially acceptable destruction to you and your genetic line is in your future..

We thank you for your service.

You will get absolution from politics, religion and all the medical/holistic therapies.

Note: the parents are the future: they are the ones conditioning their children to self destruct or survive climate change.. even a child who is mature enough to understand what is going on is a "parent" because they have control over their parent cells...

Activism = state sanctioned suffering/socially acceptable suffering feeding the vultures.

Suffering attracts vultures.. You must be able to survive the vultures feeding off your suffering until you can finally lessen the suffering..

Caveman instinct are attracted to blood in the water and you can trigger predatory behavior in people.

People are like predators.. They are attracted to suffering.. When you stop suffering so much you won't attract so many predatory people around you.. Predators smell blood in the water..

Which is why lawyers are often referred to as sharks.. They can smell blood from a mile away.. They can smell suffering.. Ambulances are like meat wagons.. Predators are attracted to ambulances.. Which is why some lawyers are referred to as ambulance chasers..

Which is why people rely on friends and family.. A lot of suffering.. People subconsciously can smell blood in the water and they can detect suffering and they are attracted to it..

Drama and trauma is suffering.. It's like bleeding..

It is an art to reveal your suffering without attracting predators who will want to feed on your blood.. Sucking the life out of you..

There's a way to reveal suffering in it's proper context without you being cannibalized by your audience....

There are those who use their suffering to keep them alive until they pass away..

There are those who reveal their suffering and they don't have to die from it.. And they don't allow their audience to cannibalize them..

As soon as you hear or read someone say "pray for this person or that person because of a health issue".. You see the "demons"/predators flock around and feast on that information..

Slurp slurp..

Energy harvesting is at an all time high... Call it for what it is..

I knew there was a scientific and allegorical reason why social media was so necessary.. We had to see how we behaved out there in the world.. You had to see that you are like so many people..

You aren't alone.... You need a mirror

we all need a mirror..

Social media is the mirror..

And it has two phases../faces..

Generation x.. The original selfie generation.. I loved cameras.. I love to record memories..

Carrying around thirty years of memories.. You know those pictures have traveled with me all over the united states the last thirty years.. (check out my Facebook)

The only way to get life experience is to venture outside of your comfort zone.. Avoid trying to be too homogeneous.. Don't let the experiences destroy you.. But learn everything you can from them.. The people who are different are giving you a gift of a choice of another way to be... If you so choose..

Glad social media wasn't around during my younger years.. I really had to make a point to record the meaningful moments.. And then you were tested to see how you would deal with controversy and conflict.. Instead of all the crazy addictions I turned to experiences.. And I turned to a lot of experiences.. A lot of traveling and meeting new and interesting people.. Getting involved in politics exploring religion.. Trying to understand the science behind the world back in the nineties and two thousands..

Addicted to experiences is not a bad thing as long as you're learning from them.. Just to experience something is meaningless if you don't take something from that experience..

Now that i am around 50, I have a lot of appreciation for past experiences.. And then will develop even more meaningful experiences in the future..

But now it must be methodical because the world has changed.. The environment has accelerated..

These pictures doesn't even scratch a surface.. There are a lot more memories but they could stay in the past

A few memories that I want to save from the past.. Great influences and Periods in my life that were fun..

Maybe when the environment calms down we can go back to what it was sort of like back in the two thousand 1990s..

So now is the time to recalibrate from the past..

Enjoy the memories and make new ones and release the demons..

So that was the programming that was given to me in my childhood and young adulthood..

Now is time to develop new programming based upon what my intention is not somebody elses.

But first you have to release those demons.. You have great memories you have s***** memories and they all made you.. They don't have to destroy you..

I am cleaning out a lot of the past and putting them in their perspective place..

purging purging purging my basement..

Sitting in the middle of past memories is like sitting in the middle of vomit.. Time to clean it up..

Whatever stays in your body are the memories you are supposed to have.. Whatever comes out of the body that you are purging are the memories you need to release..

Release the demons.. Not your identity anymore..

Aging.. With disease.. Are the old memories you forced your body to hold on to.. You didn't give them room to develop new memories and evolve to the new environment..

You can only be cured for so long before the body revolts against you.. And the past will come up and bite you i* t** a**. That's called died suddenly or contracting a diagnosible condition.

Raising children in this society does not make your expert on raising children.. Now we get to observe you..

You don't need to have a child to know how to raise a child.. You were once a child.. And you live in a world full of children and you can see how they were raised by looking at the family..

Having children does not make you an expert.. It just means that you are repeating whatever you were taught and now we are observing the outcome the fruits of your labors..

Even experts go through a trial and error.. And do "if then" equations..

And you cannot deny the outcome of your children and you and your behaviors.. Everybody can see how you behave and behaved in the past and how your children behaved and behave today..

Just observe the pages and groups they run and what they put on facebook..

When they have a "savior or blaming" someone.. They are extremely coddled today and were as a child..

And we also know people's medical situations.. People wear their whole world on their sleeve..

Everything is hidden in plain sight.. Babies who were allowed to cry it out without somebody soothing them will most likely be independent later on, because they could soothe themselves and they realized they needed to release the demons, and they didn't have to turn to drugs and alcohol sex and violent relationships..

They probably won't need someone to save them in the future If they are taught to release the demons as they grow up..

Potentially they don't turn into narcissists and sociopaths..

Why do babies cry.. When they're hungry or need to be changed, Or something is poking them.. If they have been fed.. And they have a fresh diaper.. And they're not running a fever, and nothing is poking them..

BABIES have demons too.. They inherited your demons.. Remember it's a vicious cycle until someone breaks the genetic curse.. And you can also develop new demons by using the medical system and holistic system..

When babies cry their body tries to release.. The body is releasing.. It is a natural process..

As you know we've been taught to stop natural processes.. Always depending upon a pill a powder a supplement a person addictions..

If babies were allowed to release without someone stopping their natural process, i could see where they won't be as fearful..

Those who have to use mommy and daddy all the time to soothe them.. coddle them.. Turn them into mama's boys and daddy's girls.. That has a problem a whole host of problems later on..

You see it in the adult out there.. Have you ever thought you should be scared of something and realized it wasn't scary as you thought..

In my opinion I think that's how babies react internally.. They think they should be scared of being alone.. They think they need to have so much human interaction and connection especially when they are emotional..

In all actuality they need to learn how to trust themselves..

And there is no right or wrong way to raise a child..

It just depends on how society wants their communities to end up.. If you're looking to make tremendous amounts of money off of communities then you force people to feel like they can't do it on their own.. But also in that process you have a very diverse petri dish to choose from and watch and see if all those experiments of childbearing and biotech come out over time..

Isolation.. With positive and negative reinforcement.. Shame.. humiliation Extreme academics..

You can shape a person anyway you want to by how you raise them.. And also how you train them.. Or get somebody else to train them..

Helping the medical system control your lifespan and body parts... Shame is always part of the equation

Quite interesting.. Remember stranger things..

Murdaugh paris hilton R kelly Epstein Weinstein me too movement

We are seeing all the different experiments And how they played out over twenty thirty years.. Those who have violated manmade law, eventually do get theirs after they have produced the products that were necessary..

Just because you have money doesn't mean you're infallible.. If you have enough money and you keep making it you can "break the law' until you can't make the money anymore..

Once you stop producing for your government on a very high level or a low level.. It's time to go.. And they will call in the loan.. Not only mother nature but also law enforcement will end your suffering..

What is it when you stop producing.. When your body mind and spirit are using more resources than it can afford to keep it alive..

When you continuously produce it means you can afford the resources and maybe you're not taking part in all the different therapies.. (j world)

or also you can handle the symptoms of the body releasing so you can rebuild it.. (j world)

If you do take part in a therapist market, eventually the therapies stop working.. Your whole body stops producing because your body cannot handle production of microbes and proteins.. The body can develop workers with no resources.. The workers end up destroying the house.. That's called death..

The body shuts down

People end up in the hospital because they've allowed the vital organs to atrophy because of all the medication, therapies herbal remedies and surgeries..

People die suddenly because they choked on a piece of turkey gristle and they didn't have the strength to release it on their own.. Nobody was around when they were choking.. Or they died from a heart attack and stroke because they lacked the sodium chloride for the body to push out the demons that were trying to get through the blood vessels..

You need substance to convert energy and when you lose substance you lose your resources..

Stay humble.. Don't get greedy.. Euphoria only lasts so long..

When you have to depend upon someone to sooth you and to save you..

You actually die alone..

Which is why It is necessary to understand why people raise their kids the way they do and then you see how they end up..

The georgia guidestones.. Guiding reproduction carefully..

Do we need another generation of people who must need so much human interaction refusing to make it on their own..

That's all out extinction.. That is universe twenty five.. The mice experiment..

Then you have to develop a population who can handle being on their own and that's generation x..

They were the latch key children.. It doesn't mean all generation x will survive climate change.. It just means that you can observe characteristics and tendencies of them relative to their counterparts..

That is science..

The end justifies the means..

You can be relatively emotionally and physically independent from most human interaction without turning into a sociopath or narcissist..

It's those who are deprived of excessive social interaction with issues already in their genetic line who could potentially be diagnosed with a personality disorder..

Parents let your kids release the demons because the demons will only get stronger when they get older... Through my journey and life i've seen and met so many different people.. I have an idea how they were raised..

Crying and pooing and peeing is their first introduction to release..

You disable their way to release.. They will have demons upon demons upon demons.. And they will always look for someone else to sooth them and save them..

And then if they don't get what they want they could also be extremely violent in the future.. Out of what they would think is necessity and survival..

That's how sex offenders and criminals are born.. Becoming spoiled as a child potentially turns into criminal behavior un the future if all the conditions are right..

They take what they think they need.. They never learned how to deny themselves pleasures.. The medical system taught them to deny themselves food to practice restraint.. That's how f***** u* our system is..

NETFLIX If the murdaugh trial Isn't a representation of children allowed to have whatever the f*** they want.. They destroy society.. And yes criminal behavior and drug alchohol addiction and sexual predation becomes the outcome

If their parents are making a lot of money people look the other way until they can't anymore..

Even families who've been around forever who have taken advantage of everyone around them end up self imploding.. And the fall out is exponential..

Enter the j world of releasing the demons and crying it out.. And dealing with the pain of releasing the ancestors trauma..

Now you see why it's so important to train yourself and your children to release the demons.. But you must know what releasing the demons means.. Crying is the first release of the demons..

Traumatized people who have been victimized by someone who felt they needed to take something from somebody else.. can turn into predators.. Develop predatory behaviour in their offspring, And anyone who triggers their trauma becomes the enemy.. And they keep reliving that suffering of being traumatized over and over and over and over again and they can't stop themselves or help themselves.. Then they're out there to save the world..

They must go save all the animals and people from the bogeyman.. Yes there are a bogeymen but let law enforcement deal with them.

That's how you turn saviors into predators..

Look at your facebook.. Look at who they are targeting.. Look at what they are targeting.. Look at what they deny themselves.. They denied themselves food..

It's a f***** u* vicious cycle.. And it's because we've allowed people to raise children to be predatory..

extremely predatory

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