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Sugar's Memorial

She had a good life of what was left of it after her initial introduction to the world before me..

Yes, she had medical trauma that triggered after I started feeding her pureed food when she finally stopped eating solid adult food November 2022 and was losing weight rapidly because the November climate change accelerated the demons she was harboring and they were destroying her.

Bottle feeding her gave her a chance to live if she had not triggered the cyst that was surgically taken out before me, again. The more I bottle fed her, the more beautiful she became but the demon also grew where she had the medical trauma.

If I were to have that cyst removed again, it would only grow back again, but even faster and so I made the choice to do something differently and she was still alive, NOT dead, but I also chose to euthanize her on Friday, February 10, 2023 because I could NOT get in enough food for her to release and regenerate given the surgeries she underwent for spay and prior cyst aspiration. Though, she did heal one, but the drill hole for the cyst aspiration was not filling in and so I chose to euthanize her when her breathing became labored and she declined in her ability to walk.

She was actually doing relatively OK until the climate changed again and it became warm that Wednesday before her death, when I took her to the vet to finalize her life. But, I was up every 2 hours taking her downstairs and upstairs to pee/poo, walk and then sleep. She was tended to daily and was never left alone since the rapid decline. She was fighting to live because I could see it.

i never wanted to let her go.. people understand now why i had a hard time letting HER go.. they also have a hard time letting Sugar go too..

We are the same ..

Let Sugar finally RIP.

She is gone 12 years old

To my critics: I was there for her daily, NOT you and your online activism was more of a stress than a support, so you also had a hand in keeping her alive, even though that was NOT your intention. You kept wanting her to be put down.

My advice to activists, unless you are in the situation, YOU have no idea if your methods would be appropriate or not. Sugar was not whining and even one of my friends was able to see her before she was taken in to the Vets office. So, just because an animal is not whining, does not mean they are not in pain, but if they whine, the pain is great. How many owners do not know their animals are in pain because their animal's are not whining? Drugging your animal just stop them from expressing is kind of crazy, so that could also be called into question, hmmm???

So, you cannot assume my dog was suffering so much that warranted medical intervention because I can assure you, many self righteous dog owners criticizing me also have made their animals suffer with the drugs, surgeries, lack of freedom and constant stress because of the owners' mental/physical health issues.

Which is why animal therapy is such a huge industry.. Using animals to take away your pain and loneliness is also causing suffering in your animal even if you do not admit it.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I have gathered so much data from EVERYONE.

Nobody saved Sugar from what was set to happen.. i became sick trying to save my animal, once the adrenaline wore off.

that was my valuable lesson..

you cannot save anyone else but yourself..

Anything you try to save will attempt to destroy you..

so let it all play out, because it will..

you choose to suffer or end your own suffering.. NO ONE CAN make that choice for you..

I chose to finally end my dog's life because I thought i COULD NOT GIVE HER the amount of food she would need to release and rebuild.. the medical trauma was too extensive..

and her microbes were attacking me..

i saved myself, or both of us would have passed on..

I used the vet system to end my dog's life.. full circle..

This is why i say.. the medical vet holistic system is the beginning of the end.. the end could be 8/80 years, 8 months, 8 days or 8 hours..


Sugar's life was not in vain and she will always be remembered as the dog of the Jilly Juice World succumbing to climate change, no matter what people say out there.

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