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Survival of the physics.. Or fittest..

Survival of the physics.. Or fittest..

You must understand physics to develop immortality.. If not.. You will screw your life away.

The main take away.. The rate of growth and maturation will far exceed people's ability to develop an infrastructure to support it.. You literally must understand the rate at which things are developing and support that process properly..

And when we have turned our young boys and girls into demons to develop growth in people who can't support it correctly. They become the weaponized entities that you have to be careful of..

And if you surround yourselves with incubus and succubus or SEX DEMONS who make you grow and develop faster than you can support the infrastructure, they will cannibalize your body, mind and spirit faster than you can support and develop and redirect..

there will also be a criminal element that will take your shit. Because you fail to lock your doors. You fail to take care of business.

If you're flashing all of your wealth. Beckoning the parasites to suck the life off of you and your world. You invite a lot of parasites in your life..

When you sound like you are an injured bird wailing on facebook.. You are attracting sharks.. So are you grooming your girls to be something like a playboy model..

If that's the case.. Short life.. But, hey, mom and dad, you'll get all the social capital.. Because everyone will be worshipping your son and daughter.. And of course you will eat it up.. That's what you're bred to do..

Living on positive reinforcement every day of their lives.. Until there's nothing left and then they can only go negative.. Because where else are they going to go.. They just burned through all the positive energy in their world.. And they sucked the life out of everything around them.

Because they are that hungry for fame and fortune and social capital.. They didn't know when to quit.. They lived to excess.. That's california.. That's even in the midwest..

That's the northeast.. That's also the south east and southwest.

That's the first world.. And dubai is copying us.. Watch all the rich influencers in the arab emirates.. Or other countries..

That's the extremes of our society.. People don't understand balance.. So they burn through all the positive energy until there's nothing left but negative energy. And then died suddenly..

They can't balance out both sides..

Intellectual capability is the future.. And you don't need to have brute strength or big boobs to be intellectually capable.. If anything big boobs and big byceps are not required.. Or skinny waist.. Or lots of hair.. Unless you want people to feed off of you.. Unless you want to be food for the vampires.. How many girls and boys out there are being fed to the vampire..

At their parents hand..

As far as someone extremely Booksmart You have a lot more latitude to be sick..

You don't need to be hot to be smart

But if looks and physical appearance is the only thing of importance to you.. You will destroy yourself

And you see mothers and fathers out there making sure looks are extremely important.. Because they want to marry off their daughters and sons to some succubus and incubus.. Who might look good on paper.. They are feeding their daughters and sons to the vampires.. Yesterday I had a spontaneous nose bleed a few days ago.. Now I just have a leaking nose of mucus

I keep feeding all disease. I keep blowing my nose and releasing demons.

This is how i'm surviving.. And I have to sit with the pain..

But i'm strong enough

not everybody is..


Yesterday it was really interesting because my nose kept leaking and leaking.. It was like I couldn't blow my nose enough it was just every five minutes. And then when I think it was done there be more growth coming out..

I was in the shower and I noticed that the left side of my body has a few hives around the butt cheeks and that is about it..

It was my leftt nostril that kept leaking and felt like there was inflammation in it, but it was still open..

It was my left eye that looked like it had broken blood vessels in the corner a couple days ago.

It was a couple days ago both arms were so sore and then not any more..

And so I've spent 7 years and even more more so the last 3 years opening up my system. I didn't treat my disease the last three years.. I ate all food the last three years.. I stayed home the last three years.. Some could say I quit life the last three years.. Well I quit socializing and distracting myself.. I still got things done.. I took care of business. But I only took care of the priorities and what was so pressing.. But I do not do any of the extras if at all..

Right now, the rate of growth and maturation will far exceed a person in deficits ability to keep up. Adults who have more substance to them might have a chance to keep up with the level of growth and acceleration in this environment..

Children who are in deficit and those could be teenagers. Will have a hard time keeping up with the rate of growth and maturation based upon their lifestyle and belief system..

Because they grew up with a relatively closed immune system. Doing the same traditions our parents have done.

And so if people want to save themselves.. They literally have to change everything about what they're doing.. Athletes would have to quit and go home and be sick.. Young girls and boys on the track to becoming more famous in their discoveries would have to go home and be sick and open up the their immune system.

Everyone who has someone dealing with disease and cancers yheir offspring would have to finally quit their job wuit their school and be sick

Right now, the rate of growth and the pain and accelerated environment is so much more for so many different people, they die suddenly.. They didn't have the infrastructure..

Yesterday, the amount of mucus I was blowing out of my body could have been a heart attack a stroke or some kind of auto immune disorder or cancer diagnosis right then or in thr future.

The fact I don't treat disease allows those little babies. Those little babies, those little damaged babies in my little microbial body, to leave the body.

This is why you can't convert people on the spot.. Most people will not change..

Parents will force their kids to perform..

Couples who don't know their boundaries will allow somebody to destroy them..

Yesterday was a major wake up call..

That was a lot of mucus that left my body.. That was a lot of mucus I had to blow out.. It was all day long.

I was thinking this morning when I was releasing my demons/demands what that mucus could have turned into twenty years ago.. Another layer of extremely diverse growth that would torch/torture me later..

It's great your kids are smart and athletic today.. But what will happen to them when they are sixteen fifteen twenty..?

The reason why these kids are so successful and smart and athletic is because they are maturing at a faster rate, which means they will realize their predisposed issues earlier..

They may not even survive their childhood.. Unless there is a parent.. Who sees the writing on the wall.. And finds a different way.. That's still accepted by the government.

When they sped up the environment.. They sped up the maturation and growth process..

That is why turbo cancers exist.. It takes an environment an energetic environment to activate all immune systems and growth and development.

Growth without energy is just a blob.. Growth with energy becomes very fast moving.. Physics.. It's all physics and chemistry and laws of motion. And chemical reactions.

Before, age and specific milestones were all aligned based upon the intent and the programming..

Now, age is just a number..

The biological maturation rate programming is wayyy further ahead of the age groups in children and teens..

That's why adult men women can't tell between someone who is under age or overage.. And of course, that child does not have enough life experience to understand what's going on.. But they have a body of the adult way before they even know what to do with their body unless somebody is training them..

The system accelerated the biological aging process..

If you can't see that, and you're living high on the hog on your kids successes because you think you did something amazing as a parent.

Remember the system gave you every single gift to curse and spell.. And you're just the caretaker capitalizing on it. So you better wake up..

Wake up parents.

The died suddenly groups, regardless of what you blame it on is a major indicator children in deficit may not even survive their childhood because you, parents never change the way you did things..

You kept trying to keep up with your neighbors.. I keep feeding all disease. I keep blowing my nose and releasing demons.

This is how i'm surviving.. And I have to sit with the pain..

But i'm strong enough

not everybody is.. My version of rich Lobsters 5lbs Whipped mashed potatoes Freshly baked sweet french bread spread thickly with butter Cabbage and pickled beets salad Tirimisu dessert

That is rich to me..

HVAC central air and heat with a nice roof too Streaming services Writing accoutrements Endless literature.

That's wealth to me..

I see comments from people in the original post who are jealous and feel entitled to take from someone who has more than them because people are struggling..

Even if they gave you money what would you do with it.. You would need more all the time.. you give somebody an inch they will take a mile..

The issue about giving people things is they absolutely have no respect for struggling to earn it themselves.

You see how people feel entitled.. We developed that in our children. When kids don't struggle, they turn into adults who feel bcause you have more, they deserve to have what you have.

Then people steal..then they justify it.. They call themselves robin hood. But then how much is too much.. Did you acquire your fortune off the backs of slaves.. Did you make your money off of the blood sweat and tears of people..

Now you see why they're going to artificial intelligence and robots.. So nobody is tempted to enslave somebody else because they want to make a shit ton of money.. Nobody takes advantage of another person because the temptation to get rich..

Now you see why artificial intelligence is needed.. Because when you train robots to do something that the average man can do.. We will have above average humans. Who won't be so greedy.

Other countries will have what we've had.. But you will see what wealth does to people.. You will see the jealousy.. You will see people take advantage of other people. You will watch the whole cycle. Of slavery..

Remember gollum.. Remember king midas.. Remember worshipping the golden calf..

The good times only last so long.. One day the devil does take his due

People can only live to excess for a short amount of time before they burn through all the resources in the world.. In the community.. And in their friends and family.. People also burn through the resources in their body.. Until the body shuts down from lack of care and maintenance..

Maybe it's time to look at what you have been consuming.. Your greed..

Respect the resource is available to you.. Conserve My nose has been leaking all day today.. I just keep blowing my nose I'm glad I can.. If not.. Turns into infection.. Bridle Bridal Wear If you've never survived persecution.. You will have a hard time surviving this next world..

I mean that literally and figuratively

If you pride yourself in being so protected..

The elements will chew you up and spit you out.. What's going on today.. Is what happened in the old testament.

All the players today are no different than six thousand years ago..

Humans haven't changed.. But some humans were given the gift of strategy like even back then..

If you claim to know people today in whatever area, were not the same people six thousand years ago.. Maybe you are the ones that were genociding a population. Because your ancestors did NOT like what they looked like. Maybe you couldn't play nice in the sand box.. Maybe you intended to annihilate the other culture..

The fact that you're here says that you won the war and survived it.. Because your ancestors gave you life.

The fact that you are alive says that you won the war even six thousand years ago..

The people that died before you should be bitching at you for annihilating them..

So I don't want to hear anyone blame someone who's dead OR ALIVE for why you're STILL alive.. As you're taking your antibiotics and surgeries destroying yourself AND your kids..

That doesn't even make fucking sense. I just reduced the world down to this.. all just a game of duck duck goose

yeah.. let us just gaslight people into defense and war, then take their land if they cannot rise up to the level of evolution.. strategy.. all strategy

you do not have to be "it".. just find a different land if you must be "it".. or get annihilated.. you already accept human sacrifice, but the issue you have is the rate of human sacrifice you are now experiencing..

the health and wellness world is a type of drawn out human sacrifice.. but it is accelerating in this new world..

Below are quotes from different diet suddenly groups..

Everything is a factor if you don't release the demons.. And if you're afraid of all types of food forget it you're starving..

"Colon cancer is called the silent killer for a reason. It's usually late stage when you start feeling symptoms. The atmosphere is multiplying it by 1000!

Causing Turbo cancers - I know the same with a woman who went in with stomach pains and hers ended up to be stage 4 Ovarian cancer, when they opened her up her organs were black, she was sepsis - went into a coma and died the next day. She promoted the therapies and took all of hers.

cancers are exploding as many world leading oncologists are saying . they've seen major increases in breast , kidney , colon and cancers showing back up from people who have been officially free of cancer for decades .. lymphomas are also highly prevalent as well as brain cancers .. they have never seen cancers that are so rampant that treatments are not an option .. this is just the beginning .. as some of these scientists say that the majority of people have a ten year window .." if you have ever been persecuted so aggressively, you might actually attempt to understand the other story..

once you get persecuted by your own peers to such an extent.. you will look at the world extremely differently..

when you get hunted down by other humans who intend to destroy your spirit, body and mind.. you might actually UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON THERE ARE GROUPS WHO HUNT AND SPIRITUALLY SKIN THEIR PEERS ALIVE

Blood LUST


JUST go find the anti groups out there targeting a person, place or thing.. or idea.

And so since people are not supposed to harm other people, what do they do. They harm their own family and they harm themselves through fda approved protocols..

Because that's how they pay for the sins of their ancestors. Through their own genes.. And then of course blame somebody else..

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