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Surviving the Path to Sustainable Development

Time to pay attention to the ledger of your life. Now see a pattern.. If you live in the south.. Nevada.. Utah.. Four corners.. Many of those conservative areas are going to be underwater.. But you don't get a hundred percent confirmation.. Just Some forbes article.. The conservatives are going down and if you are in those areas that are concentrated with conservatives.. Like the south.. You are going to be tortured by the weather.. Understand the indicators.. They are fucking screaming. The main point of this is to recognize the biological indicators of extinction.. And the climatological and geological indicators of potential extinction of you and your town.

It's time to start weighing out the pros and cons of where you live and the future maps of the world. Is it worth waiting for disaster to happen and there's no where move to because everyone figured out before you did .. And now youre bankrupt.. Or if you live in the area like Nevada/Southern States/ the shores of lake erie Michigan.. and places in the West projected to be underwater. Could you cash out your 401K and buy somewhere more East and inland. They wouldn't put it out there if they knew some of you understood what's going on and can get out. Which means you have the ability to read between the lines.. You're not waiting for someone to tell you.. You have the intelligence to make a move and quickly. Are you gonna watch those lakes build up and watch those casinos drip water again in another storm. Do you really think the future maps that forbes put out there is just bullshit . If you've been in the conspiracy world, do you really seriously think they would put out something like that for it not to be credible on some level

What will it take.. Gamble for yourself. The cures market disabled your ability to process warnings.. All those remedies and surgeries and pills and powders and detoxes took away your ability to understand warnings and indicators. You haven't felt anything or listened to any real warnings from your body for probably forty years. And now i'm crazy enough to think you're gonna listen to warnings today.. If you haven't even listened to your own body and you listen to the medical holistic system. You ain't listening to me. Fuck no. You've already been conditioned.. That was intended. Yeah.. Not going to fucking happen..

So when craziness comes to your door you'll probably take a picture of it. I mean I would to.. From a safe distance. And then you'll be so shocked.. Oh my god.. you will be so shocked.. youll be so shocked.. So traumatized.. You think it won't happen to you.. You think weather won't happen to you.. Until it does.. too worried about the fair.. looking hot.. Wow.. The denial in humanity is amazing. And I am prepared to live in a fema camp.. If it must go down that way. And you know there's going to be a reconfiguration of even your town.. How bad will it get.. Are you prepared to lose everything.. Your animals.. Your tools.. Everything. This is why you must mentally prepare yourself..

And it's not like I have the play book. But I see indicators.. Look what happened to hawaii.. Where will they go.. There might be temporary camps.. Until they developed a smart cities.. Who are you around.. What are you around.. Just prepare for everything.. And anything.. And you don't know who is going to be sacrificed.. You don't fucking know.. That's why I say prepare for everything.. Gambling.. Gamble and bet for yourself.. Not against yourself. I took a gamble for myself.. I made shit happen for me. The indicators were screaming. And I had just enough money to move over here to ohio 11 years ago.

Sometimes that's what is going to take.. You might just have enough money to move out of harm's way. And if you have a 401k and a savings account and it's full.. My advice.. If you're in harm's way.. Cash it out buy somewhere up north.. Prepare yourself for a long cold winter.. And I would not live on any of the coastal lines up north at all. I would move inland. Because right now the future is changing.. You're sitting on money that can save your life. Weigh out the climatalogical geological pros and cons. And you don't have too long.. The future is now.

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