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Syn/Sin = Demons_Angels

Ever since I felt drunk that day.. I was definitely assimilating to the orbs that made its way into my system.. Causing to behave a certain way and feel stuff.. I had so much energy inside that even coffee was causing me to go through overload..

That's when you saw the orbs..

Orbs.. They are the demons that you can see in air plasma.. But it must be through a lens that can pick up ambient energy and other types of energy.

Not all demons are bad... Which is why you have the term angel.. Demons and angels.. Who determines who's an angel and who's a demon.

The Justice system


The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition: DSM-5 Book by American Psychiatric Association)

And the medical holistic systems diagnose sin/syn

Syn/sin = demons

Which in turn then triggers the medical system holistic system and big pharma to develop different demons to fight demons they want to fight..

Then, the race to find for the most formidable demon that won't kill you right off the bat to quell your aggressive demons inside.. Instead of teaching you how to release them properly..

F****** evil.. Sometimes a necessary evil.

I know there's a purpose for it.. Some people's demons need to be cut out.. But when you do that more demons get developed.. You might find relief.. But there is a price to be paid for that kind of relief.. It's with your life.. Or you must understand pain of releasing the demons and rebuild with all food.. And not use food as medicine..

You can't violate the demon laws without paying the price for it and it's the person, who pays, not the system.. and your body doesn't want to be invaded like that.. but there is a point, for some people, when the demon must be cut out and replaced..

But then more demons will be developed from that.. They could be kinder and gentler until they get crossed.. When another round of demons get developed after a therapy, will you survive the energy..?

Medicating demons can only go so far.. herbalizing demons just makes them more aggressive later.

Talking to other people's demons must be done by professional when you're verbally trying to cast out someone else's demons.. That could also develop more demons.. Because you woke up the demon. Revisiting trauma.

But I want to put my opinion even though it doesn't mean anything.. Because some people's demons are so strong and they can't get rid of it.. But if that's the case it's not going to matter nothing will help you.

Your religion.. and your religion hunting demons..

Some religions know this but they treat people differently and are discriminatory.. And then destructive..

Their religion of finding demons is a demon itself.. Hunting people who don't fit in with a paradigm..

It's not your job to say that someone else's demon is worse than somebody else's.. That's the job of the Justice system..

Did your demons break any man made laws.. ?

The devil made me do it can only go so far.. If you can't control your demons.. Somebody else will.. And you won't survive..

Maybe this is why.. Some religions say everyone is a sinner.. Some people sin differently than others..

So which group of demons should be revered..

When the system has a collection of laws.. And you violate those laws.. The system.. Has a right to put your demons through their programs..

Not all demon criminals go to jail.. Some are used as a tool for the system..

If you don't want to be used as a tool for the system don't break the law.. Because when you're used as a tool you can't win.. Now you are enslaved..

The west used to want to go and impose their way of civilizing all humans in other countries.. Now. We have stopped doing that. Which is why we pulled out of afghanistan..

That was only supposed to last for so long..

Now it will be up for the people to figure out how to free themselves from their captors..

Sometimes your captors are the demons within you.. Running you..

Sometimes your captors are denying you education, denying you freedom to wear the clothes you want to.

Sometimes your captors are making you do things against your will..

If you're a child.. That will be left up for the system and the parent to figure out what a child must go through to develop themselves in a civilized society..

If you havent been actually enslaved.. If you haven't been under that kind of duress.. You'll think recommendations for therapies and masks are a signature of enslavement..

Free people don't blame anybody..

That's how f***** u* the west is.. Which is why we're in a great reset

It sucks for the women and children who were under that kind of duress especially women and girls, but you can't save people..

They have to save themselves.. Or they have to destroy themselves..

You all have the freedom to redirect whatever trajectory you've been on for the last six thousand years..

Slaves blame other people for their own conditions.. That's the nature of slavery..

Slaves hunt for demons.. And they try to force their way to cast out what they perceive as demons by trying to convert you..

Slaves blame the government for their personal position especially in the west..

You are slave by choice.. Especially in the west..

Demonology is the science or doctrine concerned with the study of demons. It can comprise such features as a classification of their hierachy, of theior powers and limitations, attributes, multiple names and derivations. It has also come to mean a branch of magic that deals with malaevolent spirits.

Sin/Syn Syn onym Syn thetic Syn tex Syn tax

Sin gular

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