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Temporary People Do Not Like to Read Thought Processes, they Want Material Wealth and Social Capital

Temporary People Do Not Like to Read and Promote Thought Processes, They Want Material Wealth and Social Capital.

The real wealth now and in the future is knowing how a convert energy to lengthen your telomeres..

The real wealth is not an abundant life.. Because you see what happens when you convert energy so quickly and you gain so much abundance, it becomes an attraction to those who are parasitic, It turns into a religion, It turns into something deadly and torturous.. Turns into an addiction.. It turns into something to worship and hoard..

Watch the Queen of the south... On Netflix, you see what so much wealth does. When those around you are trying to compete for the same thing.. It becomes deadly.. People hurt each other for money abundance..

When you can't convert your energy properly you're always taking somebody else's, or, you are falling for somebody promising you a quick return of energy conversion without you doing too much work.. That's called wall street.. Pump and dump..

That's called the stock market..

In the future I think your worth will be based upon your telomeres..

You won't really know what someone's worth is just by looking at them..

When you're not hoarding cash.. In your bank account.. Or hoarding cash or precious jewels at all, burglary ransom and all that will go to the wayside.

It will be just in time..

You will make money based upon your capacity at the time and your understanding of longevity.

Just like the just in time loads in the trucking world.

Storing materials is expensive.. It's cheaper to transport materials then to store them..

When you're not holding on to so much baggage thinking it's worth something.. You won't be desirable to nefarious activity..

Everyone would be competing on a level playing field.

BIOMETRICS You are the cash the currency The goods and services and the worth. That's behind the sovereignty of you and the world that you live in..

I don't see anything wrong with this..

If you are currency... You being alive is what's being traded..

You're not holding in any implants.. If you are that's your choice..

I have a unique identifying footprint called d n a and fingerprints..

If that takes the place of currency.. Then I will find ways to keep my cell alive.. Myself.. My cell..

That is Negotiable..

i am negotiable.. google the meaning of negotiable.. negotiability fluctuates and evolves.

Children as Social Capital for Parents

'We can do whatever we want, whenever we want'

In a slower frequency environment.. When we were nation building.. When it was extremely coveted social capital to have children.. When diseases and cancers were not so prevalent..

When money was freely accessible..

It was lucrative have a child..

Now with a higher frequency environment.. Cancer disease and chronic illness plaguing everyone all over the world, School shootings and other issues, Money is not as freely accessible, Time is now so precious

It's not Very lucrative to have a child today..

It's not to say you can't.. It's not to say you won't have help.. You have a large family anyways you will always have help.. Those that don't have large families, Help is hard to come by.. then they have to develop a network of people..

When successful optimal coveted Capital was directly correlative to how much you made and how many children you had and how many friends you have..

Remember king midas..

It may require more than you can handle to manage all those assets..

Nowadays with childless couples people who have children think that they're missing something those who don't have children...

It's optimal to carry on you as a person regardless if your have a child or not..

So you made some money.. So you made a baby..

How will you manage your money and your baby and how will you still stay on this earth and carry on your genetic line continuously.

Those are the questions you need to ask yourself.. Because people who have children and people who don't have children feel like they're missing something and not missing something..

The grass isn't always greener on the other side..

No you must develop your own grass..

If not, thank you for your service.

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