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Thank YOU Climate Change

Logically speaking, in my opinion, if a human wanted to "give birth to themself", they would have to calculate it would take 9 months of repair and release for every diagnosable condition to finally become "whole again".

If I had NOT cured myself with my JJ and trapped those damaged cellular beasts inside causing me to experience rapid weight loss in 2018, I could have cut my birthing of myself time in half by feeding myself and pulling out the programming.

It was only within the last 2 years of COVID-19 FREQUENCIES, that I was allowed to finally experience the root cause of my issues (pneumonia), release the damaged cells and finally give birth to myself, allowing me a new lease on life.

COVID-19 aka climate change accelerated my intentions and thank YOU!! I am finally at one with my own immune system despite what others are doing with their vaccines, therapies, drug use and other maladies they are spitting into the wind. I can handle microbial diversity.

Finally, I have a working functional immune system.. the way it was meant to be before someone fiddled with the programming and caused so much conflict.

Now, I am working on my dog's immune system and actively feeding her bioavailable nutrition and being patient with her bathroom habits and allowing her to evolve to be the best she can be.

When I have nothing left to lose except for my life and my dog's life, I will be so strategic and understand how to say alive during climate change. I also ignore all the political programming. I still must pay taxes and pay for food and climate control and follow the letter of the law.

The grass is not greener anywhere unless I make it green and alive.

No one, not even a politician, can save me or Sugar.

I can only save myself.

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