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Thank You, Dr. Phil!!!

Thank You, Dr. Phil.

Everyone is a stranger.

Doctor phil.

Tolerance to diversity

Virus = overgrowth of diverse microbes

I was a little rambly somewhere in that video in the beginning.. Trying to balance out being a representation and telling people what they should do..

No matter what, you can be the representation, but it doesn't mean that people are going get the desired expected outcome because everyone's expectations are different..

And when your intention is to take away someone's suffering, that could also mean rest in peace..

That's what happens in the died suddenly groups.. People are suffering and the recommendations to END SUFFERING ARE THE good intentions to take away suffering and then people die!! Guess who they blame it on..

You took way all their suffering and they don't live anymore..

If people choose to suffer, they must support it with all food and proper release and you can't do that for people.

So when you recommend them a remedy OR THERAPY you're developing offspring that will destroy for them..PLUS More growth they have to figure out how to release and tame and manage.. That offspring becomes so aggressive that the growth causes people die from heart attacks and strokes..

The holistic world compounds the issues already in the population.. So does the traditional medicine world.

People don't know what they're doing in this world because they're in a new world with old ways

Just because I have a strategy for me. Does not mean my strategy will work for you..

But at least you see what my strategy is.. And maybe some parts of it will work for you if possible..

as soon as you take an antifungal/anti parasitic/antibacterial/antimicrobial/antibiotic/oncology or cure yourself..

you just made it harder for your system to release overgrowth.. you developed yet, another MONSTER the body must find a way to tame..

eventually, the body gives out.. it is outnumbered.. then it is system shut down..

game over.

The traditional ways of managing disease will be people's undoing..

Traditional anything is basically a death sentence for most people in so many areas of the world..

Choose your poison. And people are..

What's my poison.. Finding a way to navigate a very dangerous world .. Knowing what I know. I still have to be relatively normal.. Shop.. Go to places..

I know what's out there.. I know what I must deal with.. I'm not immune to microbes


in other words, you need money to make money..

Once you exhaust all resources in your body mind and spirit, it's died suddenly..

That's why it's a constant day-by-day going through the process of feeding demons or overgrowth and releasing..

And you need all food in the food supply.. Indicators of the body breaking down are broken bones and constant disease that's being remedied away..

And since i'm an O positive.. I am continuously fostering growth that I have to feed and then release.. And I can see it in real time.. My husband on the other hand he has a great release system.. He takes on growth but also releases it very quickly when it needs to happen. I think he's an r h negative


Yes they do exist.. And they are overgrowth.. An overpopulation of a colony of units of cells that takeover.. Like a tumor.. Cancer.


And it also wakes up other colonies to replicate extremely fast.. Which is why not everybody test positive for covid nineteen. They just deal with whatever growth they already have inside they didn't test for

For example.. If you have influential people in your world working on roofing going extremely fast they could INSPIRE YOU AND speed up your hamster wheel to wash dishes extremely fast.

And even though there are two different outputs from that influential energy.. It's still energy that could destroy if it gets out of control, if roofing and doing dishes was deadly. People could overdo everything..

People who have health issues but test negative for covid nineteen they were influenced by covid , but it didn't come out as the actual influential virus..

That is why you're seeing so many diseases. Because the frequencies and the pathogens out there catalyzed people's antigen causing aggressiveg rowth and diagnosable conditions..

Which is why you get died suddenly.







Remember my first book a long time ago.. Candida : Weaponized fungus. Mainstreaming mutancy..

I was not too off the mark but I had a lot of work to do.. It's not the system weaponizing anything.. People make these microbes stronger during climate change..

All you have to do is mix in with influential people and now you get a virus whatever it is and it invades people's bodies minds and spirits. And they can't release it because they weren't trained to .. So people die suddenly from heart attacks and strokes when there is rapid growth .

 And they don't have a very good strong release process. You see people spontaneously release blood from their bodies up in the air in the skies or explosive diarrhea.. Or spontaneous shitting..

Yeah growth happens that quick and some people don't survive growth and reproduction..

 For example.. A baby growing so fast that it is the size of a baby in the last month of a third trimester in the first MONTH OF THE FIRST TRIMESTER.. Rapid growth would cause the PARENT CELLS OR MOTHER'S body to be mangled aggressively.. Which is also why some women die DURING childbirth.. Or high risk pregnancy

Remember that movie Prometheus? When that alien baby was growing so fast it almost split apart that woman..

It's like that.

But imagine a trillion colonies of microbes that split apart and destroy vital organs.. Because the growth was that astronomical and the person stopped the body from releasing with medicine.

That's why the heart attacks and strokes and died suddenly.

Overgrowth of the microbes in your body that you do need but some could be out of control. I never attacked my body with anything.

And OVERGROWTH could be parasites protozoa proteins fungus and bacteria..

I asked Google if candida auris could cause hives or a related condition. It actually said yes. It is a yeast overgrowth but there's nothing you can do unless you choose to starve yourself or medicate yourself to death.. And it's only on the surface of my skin not in any crevices..

We're in a very different climate and viruses parasites, protozoa, proteins fungus and bacteria are so prolific because of heat and accelerated particles waking up everything causing rapid growth, that you have to feed it and then release it and deal with it when it's around and that's a growth process..

Last night this morning, a lot of growth that I will release.. It's made me smarter..

Yesterday was insane.. I was so amped up yesterday.. And then the system gas lighting me.. I have a theory around some of my trolls.. Some are actually "organic" and others could be the system gaslighting me..

I don't rule out anything.. Everything is possible in this world.. What you see isn't always what you think you're getting.. Even I know that. Now....

 But it was good.. That whole energy conversion was the life growing within..

I will itch to release energy and then release demons and eat food. Everything will be well.

See, doctor phil.. There's a reason why I had to open up the door and give a path to life..

We have been trained and conditioned to attack evolution with medicines as well as bullies.. We've been trained to destroy evolution and change via homicides or infanticide or oncology.

So I knew not to medicate myself to death during this time.

The last 7 years I've conditioned my body not to medicate symptoms or starve the overgrowth demons, but to release those demons aka OVERGROWTH the way I have in my book..

Conditioning the body to cough sneeze and blow its nose or lots of poop..

And you can't starve your body.. That's the issue with people as they've starve their body from meat milk cheese eggs fruits gluten sugar and salt.. Everything that is f d a approved for consumption is on the table , never off the table.

There's the method to my madness I just didn't even know it.

It took me seven years to figure it out.. Thanks to you.. I suffered through it but i did it..

Growth management is not destroying life but releasing it.. When people can't manage growth they end up starving themselves or attacking themselves.. And then say it's somebody else's fault

Viruses are anything that's out of control attacking the relative equilibrium of the body.. And they could be parasitic protozoa proteins fungus or bacteria..

I never take anti anything remedies.. Because the body comes back harder at you and destroys you for trying to destroy it

Why C. Auris can be deadly

C. auris can cause bloodstream infections and even death, particularly in hospital and nursing home patients with serious medical problems. More than 1 in 3 patients with invasive C. auris infection (for example, an infection that affects the blood, heart, or brain) die. It's often resistant to medicines.

Oh i'm giggling. But remember we must have tolerance.. I'm still giggling.

I love this new world..

You're gonna have to now self start and let the chips fall where they may.. This is who you're going to school with.. Your children are going to school with people like this..

And that's great but will they get the education they need..

Time to learn on your own.

This is why I study by myself.. You just don't know what you're dealing with out there..

Diversity is beautiful..

But it's okay to study on your own.. Sometimes you don't need the distractions..

My gorgeous view of ohio

Quiet quaint historical rural city, rich with diversity, and culture.

Black, white, hispanic and asian living together harmoniously and hearing the train off in the distance is such a comforting sound..

And it really is inexpensive to live here.. I like inexpensive.. It's humble and manageable.. And i'm not afraid that I can't keep up with the pace of living here.. It's quite doable..

No major pressures..

I can think.. I can do things in peace.. People do leave you alone for the most part..

 Great neighbors.. Great government..A Mostly hands off police force over here.. Unless you're a criminal..

I like that I can think out here.. Space to think is so important.

And the sky is beautiful.. Panoramic views of the sky are so important..

It's also very simple living.. I like simple living.

I can make my life as difficult or a simple as I want..

Freedom to move around even when you're rooted in one place is very important..

The ability to expand and contract so you don't get suffocated is so important..

I made it..

When you've made it, there's nothing else to prove.. Now it's time to relax

50 years old has its privileges..

My accomplishments are not like everybody else's.. And they also are.. I'm not special.

1. Non traditional education.

2. I still traveled to europe.

3. I traveled to asia.

4. I pissed off the world.

5. Sat in hollywood for one second for my fifteen minutes of fame

6. Traveled all over the united states

7. Lived so many fantastic lives

8. Had one pet that I owned by myself for the most part.

9. I have been married for over 12 years to an excellent gentleman who is just as smart as I am.

10. Wrote three books.. They weren't best sellers but they made a dent in the world that I lived in at the time.

11. Worked in so many different companies and industries and past state tests for government licenses.

12. Traveled across country by myself at least a few times.

13. Developed a protocol to keep me alive during this crazy time that we live in..

I know I dodged so many different cancers and diseases that were set to trigger during the pandemic..

14. I don't smoke drink or do drugs and i'm very clear headed.

15. I've improved my speaking and writing skills .. Everything is relative some would disagree given the typos..

16. I don't need much to survive..

17. I'm not snooty or stuck up. But I also don't make it easy for strangers to get access to me. I'm not naive.

18. I want the best for everyone.

19. I don't vote. I won't declare war on anyone.. It's not my job to make decisions for you. Especially not my fellow countrymen. You make your own choices..

20. I'm a peaceful person

21. I have ideas about the world and I make observations

22. I change the world by changing myself.

23. I have boundaries. I know my limitations.

24. I also lived on a tropical island. I did live in paradise at one point. Tropical paradise

I'm excited for the future. It might be a little bit hellish.. But i'm excited for the changes..

I do like challenges.. And putting together puzzles.

Others may have had more exciting lives.. But everything is relative..

And so I appreciate what I have accomplished...

And the best thing of all.. I discovered how to beat the medical and holistic system.. For me.. Not only have I saved myself and hubby money but also my own ass..

That's the thing I am most proud of.. I saved my own ass.. I may not be able to stop nuclear war..

But I have an amazing immune system and i can tame those microbial grenades people throw at me all the time in public..

That's all I can ask for is my own best health.

April 8, 2024

The spiritual meaning of a solar eclipse varies across different cultures and belief systems. In some ancient cultures, such as the Mayans and the Egyptians, solar eclipses were seen as powerful omens that signaled a time of great change and transformation.


Doctor phil daytime talk show existed because we have produced people in our society who had to develop a protocol that went against the main stream because nothing else "worked".. Relative to the intention at the time.

When you live in a death culture and someone is dying to live. And they find something that opens up a door A pathway to life. And then you watch people attack that person.. And then also watch that person defending oneself make the SAME mistakes that people make especially in this society..We had to see what we reproduced in our Society.

 We had to see why the system is forced to clean itself up when we have so much redundancy masked with different protocols which have the same intention and outcome..

We had to see how radicalized people became when presented with a different line of thought or storyline..

We had to fucking see it..

Just like right now..

We are watching many people suffer and dying suddenly because either they couldn't get out of their own way..

Or they had to entrust their family to a stranger professional or lay person..

 Because they made choices , they knew they did not have all the information for or were even equipped to deal with.. Why did you have a child.. Because everyone else was doing it.. So why not you

Is that really an educated choice.. Or were you just blindly following somebody else..

People blindly follow into traditions without really considering the ramification of their choices..

Zombies make choices based upon what their parents and friends and family do..

And when you have a zombie population making choices because everyone else is doing it.. That's breeding ignorance..

When you breed ignorance.. You get chaos. And you get predators.

And you also get died suddenly..

Me reacting to strangers is no different than someone taking advice from strangers on facebook..even their friends and family..

 Even from professionals..

ALL PROFESSIONALS Because they are strangers too..

And someone told you to trust them..

But that's no different trolling strangers out there , Why troll strangers?

So who is left to trust?

If you can't trust yourself , someone else will be the one to control your life and your death..

Now watch people on facebook take advice from strangers on how to deal with health situations..

Even for their own children..

That's the kicker..

I had a major epiphany and the frequencies changed and I have hives..

Yeah , this environment will either destroy you or become the strength to give you the maturity and wisdom..

Just read the last ten posts.. I went through that cycle so freaking quickly..

.EVEN #DrPhil was not the enemy.. just the mirror.

The System will pick and choose who they expose this information to.. I can't even search my new account because it doesn't come up as far as my business page..

I don't even know who people are when they troll me.. They could be a government troll for all I know.. The government could be trolling using their account.. You don't know what happens behind the back door triggers on the internet.

I don't care. I'm alive I saved myself. I was able to look in the mirror and see myself even seven years ago. And today..

That's valuable information..

at the end of the day, it is night.. and EVERYONE IS A STRANGER.. LOL


And it doesn't matter what familiar strangers or unfamiliar strangers think say or do.

Go your own path whatever it is..

And if you don't know enough , you'll have to go see a stranger to take care of you.. You'll have to go see a stranger to take care of your body , your mind and your spirit..

I hope you survive the strangers in your community.

freeeeeeeedommmmm.. lol not falling into automatic reactions because one tries to save haters/strangers omg..

dr. phil was my biggest weakness and my greatest strength..

thanks dr.

He was the mirror.. His show is the mirror.. To show you what you are producing in our society and how you react to people..

He was necessary..

I don't regret going on the show.. I don't regret that at all.

And I could handle the suffering..

Because at the end of the day.. Intolerant people will take themselves out..

So thank you doctor phil.. I can finally appreciate you.

even professionals are strangers.. but what other choices do you have when you chose to fly blind depending on strangers to live?

And when you depend upon strangers to live , the outcome is not going to be in your favor..

Peace out.

I even make assumptions, not knowing who I am really dealing with...

what a great lesson..

all of us make assumptions reacting to people we have no idea who they are or what they are about or even their intentions..


we love or hate people based upon assumptions.. what they say, what they do, who they claim to be.. and yet we have NO idea who they are and we give our children to strangers because those strangers claim to be someone "safe"...

Because you know as well as I even family members are not always as safe as they claim to be .

what a lesson.. wow.

that is politics, all politics, all religions and all science dogmatic principles..



that really makes me look at the world so differently now..

That's fucking insane..

And people's masks are really strategic.. You don't know who people are.

To this day I don't even know who my trolls are.

They could be government plants for all I know..

I really don't know anything..

Which is why I don't assume everyone is safe. I Don't automatically join them in their politics or religion or science.. I don't assume to love them or hate them based upon what they say.

You don't know who people are.. People do put on a good face. Until it changes.

And you can try to psychologically analyze me. But facebook is a great training grounds to understand how people fall into traps of reactions..

It's so easy to believe a person place or thing because you want to believe.

That's dangerous for not only yourself but for your children.

That's how fucked up the internet is..

If you can't think for yourself go to a professional ..

That's it.

If I can recognize how easily triggered I am around said weaknesses.. Obviously you know how easily triggered all of you are around your weaknesses..

And people can pluck you like an instrument..

I get it.

Regardless if doctor phil airs or not.. We have a society full of intolerant people..

Hateful people..

Easily triggered..

It is what it is.. But I recognize my triggers..

That was pretty quick.

So that's why they're doing a great reset..

And again you have no idea who people are.. You have no idea anything about them.. Even the people you think you know..

Peace out.

And I will still block and delete everyone who crosses boundaries.. And the system will get what it wants.. That person will never be exposed to my information.. And i have no idea if they're the ones that said whatever they said..

Everybody wins

So if your friend on my facebook I will assume it's not you posting anything.. I will assume you've been h/cked.

Those who are not friends on my Facebook. I have no idea who you are. So I will block you even if you didn't say anything at all but someone commandeered your account and you didn't even know.

So if I disappear from your site.. And you never said anything at all. I probably blocked you because someone else hacked into you and used your account..

Most likely old friends i used to be friends with will not be under that type of situation.. But random strangers i'm sure the system will use as a tool.. Especially religious folk..

Anything is possible..

Learn how to look at every single side of a situation and every single possibility in everything..

You don't know what people see in the back doors.. You don't know what they can do behind closed doors.. The system can see everything you like dislike and even what you say..

You only see what the system wants you to see..

That's why be very careful with your reactions and assumptions..

But I was just plucked like a fucking instrument the last five minutes..

It felt good ..

I needed to get that out..

So anyways..

When the hornets nest gets rustled up the system is up to something.

This whole war against jj could have been done by the government posing as people..

You don't know who people are.. You never know..

We are in psychological operation times..

Be careful how you react..

As far as friends hacking and delivering hurtful messages to everyone..

Not friends but strangers.. That is the loophole..

I mean you could have strangers troll you that could very well happen.. Or the system is trolling you to get you to react..

You'll never know the difference.. Because they're strangers.

Major frequency change experienced right now.

Right ear..

When you rebuke someone in the name of jesus.. Not only are you showing how intolerant you are.. But you are showing why jesus was destroyed to begin with.

You're acting like those who destroyed jesus..

How is that serving you.

Why would you think acting like those who destroy Jesus is the thing to do today in this world.

Jesus would not appreciate you destroying others because they have a different thought process like jesus did at the time..

Why would you do that if you love Jesus so much? Why would you act like those who destroyed him??

Please those who love jesus so much tell me why you act this way..

You are making a mockery of your own religion doing this.

Now you see why people don't like religion anymore because of the people in it..

That's what I don't like religion because of what it turns people into..

Radicalized predators who hunt humans.

Even atheist act no different as they hunt religious folk..

Extremism is what the system is trying to eradicate..

Better check your extreme behavior..

You're allowed to speak your piece on your own facebook.. As soon as you cross lines you become a predator

time/aging is measured on deterioration and even how we perceive what "deterioration" is... (entropy/thermodynamics)

When people "cheat" with plastic surgery/botox and even fecal transplants, you will never know what they were fighting until the body quits on them or they are obviously deteriorating as the immune system finally activated developing a bloated like appearance that never leaves.. which is why some women who have undergone so much "work" look a little "monstrous" later on... even some men.. look to Hollywood ..

My world comes up on reversing the aging process "organically" with all food and painful release...

I do not want to deceive anyone into buying into a false social construct of youth/beauty..

you do live in the matrix... that much, I know..

I escaped the matrix..

"reversing" the aging process is PAINFUL.. because releasing those microbes causing your air/food/water and environmental intolerances are like an exorcism..


As you know people are not conditioned to suffer to save themselves.. They conditioned themselves to suffer and pass away..

Suffering to pass away is the matrix.. Suffering and then turning to pleasure and paradise and then pass away is the matrix .

Most of society is stuck in the matrix.. They were never conditioned to suffer and live..

They were conditioned to suffer and die and take everyone down with them.. Selling people lifestyles and belief systems selling them youth and beauty in a bottle or operations.. Or starvation diets

Yeah.. That's what most people are up against..

That's why i've barely made a dent in society..

You don't want to wake up everyone all at once because it would be chaos..

That's why i'm glad I have such a small following.

The future of humanity does depend upon very small amount of people who can break out of the matrix..

It must be done very carefully..

Because even africa will go through their own hell at some point.. Just like the northern european countries.

cancer, disease, chronic illness: 5 minutes to midnight.. hot one day, fighting disease and aging the next day..

this great reset.. we had pleasure and paradise in the 80s and now.. 5 minutes to midnight..

the spell will be broken and everything will be as it was before...

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