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YOUR ANCESTORS ARE STARVING YOU Conjuring Up the Dead All The Time

Disney =creationism= conjuring up or disappearing energy=magic/MEDICAL/HOLISTIC/ENERGY HEALING/ASTROLOGY/STARSEEDS

IRONIC You could be multiplying yourself.. Your personal self..

Or you are dividing and subtracting yourself..

When your guts start eating each other and cannibilizing you.. You either feed it and maintain or you waste away to nothing..

Hello You gain/release energy on both ends.. balance..both.. Your gut and brain are the both the first brain and the second brain..

When you have the case of the incredible shrinking stomach.. Your brain is also shrinking..

When you have gut issues.. Neurological issues are not too far behind..

Be comfortable with carrying more substance in this environment.. You can't afford to play the skinny body game.. It will be your undoing..

Having a lot of substance will help you figure out how to manage your intelligence.. Slowly losing the pressure.. But don't fast track losing pressure or substance.. Because it's like a runaway train..

Everything is gradual and a transition..

But remember if you are aging... You are entertaining traders/traitors in your body... And they are leveraging you..

Ambrosia.. The nectar of the gods.. You are the god.. Ambrosia has milk/cream/sour cream and fruit.. And coconut flakes..

You need milk to live.. You need salt to keep everything moving..

Everyone out there.. They are deficient in milk.. Or deficient in electrolytes and salt..

And their system is systematically closing up..

Many people are deficient in both and are also afraid of sugar gluten and carbs.. And meat

Right now the human race even in the first world are starving.. They can't handle evolution.. And so they blamed the food supply.. It's so hard to watch..

But it's a train wreck you can't turn your head away from..

When you always prepare for the worst... And when you always assume the worst.. About people places and things..

It's because you've seen the worst in humans.. Of course it's relative..

You've seen the worst In experiences and situations.. That death would be a way out for some people.. Again everything is relative..

That's why you don't want to shelter yourself or your children too much.. Sometimes experiencing things will give you a very clear boundary..

It's hard to put down boundaries if you don't know your own and havent experienced what it means to develop boundaries.. That's why you have to have a thick skin..

That thick skin is your boundary.. But it can make you break you.

When you havent developed a thick skin, building up that protection is painful.. Which is why growing up is a painful.. And if it isn't then when you do grow up finally.. You may not survive adulthood..

People who have never built up a thick skin think it's not required to have a thick skin, so then everything gets in and then do not realize the demons are manipulating them again..

You develop a thick skin so the demons are not influential.. You can't shortcut protection.. You can't explain it away with love and fear..

I have thick skin where it counts.. The soles of my feet.. If I work with my hands I could develop calluses..

Being overly protected... You won't let any evolution in.. Not enough protection you'll be easily manipulated..

So in this environment you must develop the protection to allow things in but not allow things take over.. And it's a painful process..

When you do allow things in.. And you have the protection.. Without taking shortcuts.. The intelligence in your body mind and spirit will be exponential.. It's hard to relate to that if you haven't experienced levels of awareness that isn't induced by psychedelics or fasting or playing with your hormones..

Actually being sick..

And facing it without trying to disappear it.. Is the path to exponential intelligence.. I'm telling you you cannot shortcut life..

I will tell you every single time I was sick.. Extremely sick.. So sick that I would not wish that upon anyone that is weak..

Was another level UP!!!

That is the path.. If you can handle it.. Otherwise.. You're just playing with your hormones until there's nothing left.

Remember.. It's a gradual process to get to that point.. You have to start opening up your body.. Your mind.. Your spirit..

That process is in my book...

If you are super skinny and you get sick you have to feed that sickness so much food And release the demons..

If you are extremely overweight and you get sick you have to feed that sickness.. And release the demons.. You may not have to eat as much.. But you definitely have demons to release..

The universal rule.. Never ever fast or starve yourself.. You don't starve sickness or demons..

Because they will come back at you harder.. And they will eat way more because you starved them..

Because if you are not eating food.. Those demons are eating you..

Do you deserve A soft environment versus environment that forces you to survive..

Only after you understand how to survive.. Because when you become too soft.. The environment will change and it will destroy you.. It's happening right down to people who can handle this climate change..

They were not bred to survive change.. They were brought to produce.. Until they are not needed anymore.. Then people self destruct.. Because they don't have survival skills.. And life is torture every single day..

That's who my trolls are... They were never brought to survive.. They were traumatized by something or someone in the past and they could not survive it and they are deteriorating and It sucks..

I hope they survive.. Because it would be a major awakening when you can surpass your own roadblocks.. When you/we/i overcome our own issues... we finally can breathe a sigh of relief

Because when we have issues we adopted somebody else's.. Somebody else possessed us..

When you release those demons we finally can breathe a sigh of relief and you're not being run by the past or person that was dead to you.. Or a thing..

Even people who have been loved so much.. Have to release that demon.. That's when you become too soft.. Have you ever had a mom That was always in your business..

She gave you everything... Never let you learn your mistakes.. She was there for you even in your adulthood all the time.. She is constantly in your life..

Always looking to be her entertainment.. Never let you live on your own.. Always meddling.. Always involved in your life..

To the point where you don't even know where you begin and where she ends.. And she's always picking up the pieces when you fall not giving you a chance to learn the hard way... so you never make the same mistake again..

She becomes the cure.. She becomes the one that take away your pain when you should feel it and learn from your mistakes...

She becomes deadly... To you and your family..

That's love possession..

That's being loved too much..

Too much love makes you soft.. Not enough love makes you hard.. But you need to love yourself but not overly love yourself.. Because youll become soft.. And you will not face the pain of releasing those demons..

remember you can love someone to death.. Or you can love yourself to death..

Don't let the demons of self love destroy you..

Respect yourself..

Balance.. You become too soft.. You'll turn into a jellyfish.. You become too hard.. you become impenetrable..


The beginning of toxic love.. Starts with the remedies.. The pharmaceuticals.. The surgeries.. Then see ya later..

The beginning of toxic love.. Saving your children to the detriment of themselves.. they must know they can save themselves..

You give them the space to evolve.. They could surprise you.. If you don't give them the space to evolve.. It will be a predictable life.. A short one in this environment.

Humans have been leveraged by the system of family and remedies and fear of "dying" also known as the fear of life and energy..

You are being leveraged by your politics, religion and science dogmas... look around you.. look at who is in fear, in pain, traumatized, etc.

Leverage: Gaining Disproportionate Strength “It is easier to conquer than to administer. With enough leverage, a finger could overturn the world; but to support the world, one must have the shoulders of Hercules.” — Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract

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