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The 3 Generation Rule and Third Time's a Charm

quelling the Lillith within 3rd times a charm

ALL Food yup

medical nope holistic nope jilly juice nope

ALL food yup

The three generation rule.. Third time's a charm.. And that's all relative to who's developing the rules at that time.. When the third generation glitches and dies.. And that is somebody else's intention.. Third times a charm.. And when you're given all the information and you still want to stay traditional.. It's just a matter of time.. Third times a charm.

Which is why the Georgia Guidestones wants to control reproduction carefully.. And why the war in the middle east is what it is..

You have a chance to save yourself parents.. Because again there is no guarantee your children or grandchildren will survive this environment.. It's all physics finance and chemistry.. Because when you put so much into your children, you take away from yourself. And then you both go over the cliff together.

Do you know how to balance life.. And if you're remedying disease.. And saving your kids from suffering.. Which I understand.. Mutually assured destruction.

Your strength is in the number of weaknesses you already have and want to develop. And you must be able to convert the strength and numbers in your body to work for you, not against you.

Believe it or not family works against you.. All family works against each other.

Cain, the firstborn, was a farmer, and his brother Abel was a shepherd. The brothers made sacrifices to God, but God favored Abel's sacrifice instead of Cain's. Cain then murdered Abel, whereupon God punished Cain by condemning him to a life of wandering.

It's physically impossible to turn a weakness into a strength.. Because strengths also turn into weaknesses.. People become tunneled trying to become so strong in one area or another.. Or they spread themselves too thin.. And so their greatest strengths are their strongest weaknesses..

My husband is stronger than I. He can lift things that I can't lift.. It's physically impossible to turn my weakness into a strength that could compete with him.

Why even characterize anything in your body as a weakness.. Is it appropriate to compete to the point where you have to point out the weaknesses in yourself and others..

Because when you compare yourself to someone else you perceive is stronger or smarter than you.. converting the weakness into a strength could turn into a weakness because you're a compensating for something you thought you did not have..

And then you will steal from peter to pay paul.. And you are still in deficit.. That's like being top heavy.. You steal from the bottom to skim off the top.. Or rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic..

It's still sinking.. And you're still not stronger.. If anything, you're a weaker because you're using more energy to steal from peter to pay paul..

The capacity for pain as a strength not a weakness.. The capacity for pain is a conditioning process that you're not competing with somebody else..

You're competing with who you used to be to who you want to be. And its developing an extremely strong foundation to work from.. But you're not converting a weakness into a strength..

You are reinforcing your weaknesses, so you're strong enough for what you set your mind to.

People who think they can convert weaknesses into strengths.. Think they can make something out of nothing..

That's also physically impossible to make something out of nothing..

You already have it.. Just reinforce it.. And build on it..

You're not magic.. It takes work.

People who think they can convert weaknesses into strengths are the ones who take drugs. There's a price to pay for that.

Ex. Weakness is quantified by 10.

10^10 Means you have multiplied your weaknesses into something "strong".

But strength is relative.

How do you measure strength unless you're comparing yourself to somebody else..

Is that an accurate comparison?

So what are you really doing..?

What is your intention?

Maybe you're not competing on a level playing field.. Maybe you're setting yourself up to fail.

I would rather reinforce all my "weaknesses" to develop another weakness..

Because strength is in numbers..

used to say that a group of people has more influence or power than one person. This is why you don't encourage your daughters and sons today to have children if they're young.. Because they may not survive fertility if at all.

Everything is about science and physics.. And all out human extinction.. If you don't get what's going on.. Your children grandchildren will be cannon fodder..

It's too late for some children.. But not too late for others if they have really amazing fucking parents

Which is also why you don't want to focus so much on sexuality because now it's deadly.. A woman and a man releasing so much hormones in this environment . They will be used up and spent very quickly.. Even having a child will use her up and spend her very quickly..

That's why the system is all about self cannibalization.. Or masturbation . Because some people will use up someone aggressively..

masturbation= self cannibalization Family owned businesses.. Need to find a way to counter the curse

Which is why it doesn't surprise me that the third generation is weaker in a family.. That could mean intolerant.. Because you could be strong in body but weak in adaptation. And that's why these kids are entitled..

And feel they don't have to take accountability for anything..

grandma and ma bailed them out. All the time. And these families have a remedy for everything so it makes the kid weaker..

And that can mean more intolerant to climate change.

Strength doesn't always mean muscles and hotness.. Strength means high adaptation to climate change.. Weak means low tolerance for change even the climate..

Which is why climate change is going to be brutal to third generation people.. Because their body will have to work hard and they don't have the tolerance for it..

Constant trips to the hospital or a died suddenly. Or both..

What is the three generation rule? This means that you are the first generation as you start your company, your own children are the second generation when they take over, and your grandchildren are the third generation – who are likely not to inherit the business at all or to take it over and then watch it fail.Nov 7, 2022

What is the 3rd generation effect? A groundbreaking 20-year study conducted by wealth consultancy, The Williams Group, involved over 3,200 families and found that seven in 10 families tend to lose their fortune by the second generation, while nine in 10 lose it by the third generation.

What is the curse of the third generation?

The “third generation curse” indicates that 90% of wealthy families are likely to lose their money by the third generation, according to AMG National. Fortunately, you can beat the so-called “third generation” curse through financial education, money management and hiring the right professionals to help.Jul 17, 2023

Abrahamic Religions 3 generation rule We ARE THE OFFSPRING of the GIANTS!!

Jews 1800 bce Christians 313 CE Muslims/Islam 610 AD

Israel or the jews were the first generation.. Christianity was the second generation. Muslim 3rd generation

America was built on a three generations rule.. But I posted the current trifecta of living generations

1. Silent, boomer, gen x 2. Xennial, millenial, gen z 3.Alpha (2010-2024), Beta (2025-2039), Gamma (2040-2054) and most people will be infertile from too much fertility.. You won't get the luxury to get cancer and manage it.. You'll die as soon as the weather changes or males will be infertile and females will die suddenly from fertility..

In a highly aggressive environment families will cure their children to death. That's why infertility will happen. In the future.. Low tolerance. High remedy usage.. Infertility and died suddenly in the future by twenty forty five.

That's why sickness is so paramount. Because you could stay alive.. Feed yourself. Release the demons properly. Those demons are the fertility from all the remedies and past remedy usage.

What people do is they treat disease and they cure themselves and their children out of existence.

Fertility is not only deadly today, but it will be even deadlier the next twenty years.

That's why you also see the liliths in our society.. And they are tempting men and women to be so fertile and die in pleasure. All the cheerleaders and the football stars.. Turn into only fans. And predators.

But in a nice way.. Controlled by the system. Not to mention religious figures.. And political thought processes Feeding into large families and remedies.. And hell and damnation. DEAMINATION

Everybody can be "strong".. But some people in these generations are very "weak" and extreme..

Here are some generations that have lived since 1776: In threes

Transcendental: Born 1792–1821 Gilded: Born 1822–1842 Progressive: Born 1843–1859

Missionary: Born 1860–1882 Lost: Born 1883–1900 G.I or Greatest: Born 1901–1924

google AI generated (credit) We are clones of the past.. May the best clone win..

Why Genghis Khan is so great? Mongol leader Genghis Khan (1162-1227) rose from humble beginnings to establish the largest land empire in history. After uniting the nomadic tribes of the Mongolian plateau, he conquered huge chunks of central Asia and China.

Genghis Khan was by far the greatest conqueror the world has ever known, whose empire stretched from the Pacific Ocean to central Europe, including all of China, the Middle East and Russia.

How did Genghis Khan empire fall? Its descent into chaos was signaled by inter-family rebellion across the four khanates established by Genghis Khan. As weaker Mongol leaders struggled to retain control, drought, flood, famine, and the bubonic plague eventually contributed to the collapse of each khanate.

Learn how to adapt to change.. YOUR first fifty years will determine if you die a clone or redirect..

Enlil sacred number is 50 Jubilee is 7 and 50 Jilly Juice world is 7 years old and I will turn 50 in 2/05/2024..

50 years old is a human's turning point of their own destiny..

You have a lot to learn in your first fifty years..

Make it worthwhile.. Yup.. one must condition to handle extremes dips and rises.. not so much exercise..

gradually not treating disease

Cardiologists forecast greater heart attack risks as winter and summer temperatures become more extreme

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