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The Amplified Environment is Cooking Your Family and Friends


black out your rooms at night..

The AMPLIFIED light is destroying people..

I would rethink your outdoors lifestyle.

People are not getting ahead of the aging process and the cancer diagnosis.

Because even outdoors at night those frequencies are still aggressive.. And the u l f.. Coming from all the different cell towers. And whatever.. Which is why you have a better chance controlling that when you black out your windows during the day and at night.. and you lessen your outdoors activities..

You still have to release those demons. But at least you can control how many demons are released at any given time. You have choices.

That's why these kids are maturing faster and aging aggressively with premature diagnosis of cancer disease.

It's not a coincidence these kids are getting cancer as babies.. It's not the vaccines.. Or the gmo . Or even the particulates.. It's the amplified light energy which is causing aggressive aggressive diagnosis.

You are up against particle acceleration.. And those of you who understand advanced govt technology should get this.. Amplifying your environment which are the clouds.. The sun.. The wind.. the rain.

Those of you posting videos about aggressive advanced government technology you are the ones that should get this..

I don't understand why you don't get this!!

if you understand how advanced the govt tech is.. why would my conspiracy theorists not believe the govt when they say stay home/stay safe, don't be out there in the environment, much less the sun amplified by chemtrails???

i thank you, inlaws, for helping us get out of florida before climate change..

We may have disagreed on a lot of things.. But you did initially help us get out of florida..

And for that I am very grateful.

Thank you so much.

Because I would be freaking out right now living in florida right now..

I would be beside myself living in florida..

The Amplified Sun and Chemtrail Particulates, even on a cloudy day is amplifying aggressive light causing skin/eye and brain damage in people..

watch my video today.

little eye floaters and seeing stars is active retina damage and of course no pain receptors behind the eyes so these kids eyes are getting damaged at the beach and outdoor activities as well as mommy daddy and grammpy and grammy..


wow.. if you ONLY knew to what extent how deep the rabbit hole goes..

these kids stand no chance..

kids have no power against mommy and daddy shoving them outdoors like it is 1985..

now you know why some kids have to wear glasses and why some do not.. some people were born with deficiencies and then the AMPLIFIED sun finished off their retinas.. one day, premature blindless, then a "cure" for blindless but if one wanted their life back, and do my world, they would have to be "blind" until they can reverse retineal damage..

No wonder the energy world advocated sun gazing so you can blind yourself and destroy yourself even faster .

You have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes.. Most conspiracy people don't even understand much less mainstreamers..

amplified water/water vapor reflecting amplified light, light/sun causing immunological disturbances and retina damage and aggressive aging process

you are in a luciferian society.. whether you believe it or not

watch my video today..

While you're all distracted with migrants and immigration and politics.. And you're all about pleasure and paradise and social capital and selling somebody Supplements..

You're cooking to death. And your kids are cooking to death. So are your animals.

But nobody can tell you anything because nobody can tell you how to change.. Nobody can make you change. Because you're a human and you're free

big bay windows letting in all that amplified sun, you are getting cooked to death

the rich and trendy are getting cooked to death

nope, not me.. the water, the sun and the clouds are NOT your friends during climate change.

like using the sun through a magnifying glass on the ants..

that is what YOU are right now.. ants experiencing the ass hole kid using the magnifying glass on the ant hill.

but YOU HAVE A CHOICE!! the ass hole kid is causing the ants to choose to run from the highly magnified sun, and the ass hole govt is giving you a choice to run from the sun into your house with DARK CURTAINS STAYING HOME AND STAYING SAFE..

HOWEVER.. there are two energy frequencies you must be aware of:

1. ULF (and you cannot avoid it)

2. the amplified sun/clouds

even if you avoid the sun, the ULF will activate your system.. but at least avoiding the light will help make the evolution process not as painful, but again, no guarantee.

Basically all of you who are trendy living in glass houses are cooking up a storm.

Pardon the pun.

Which is why the elderly are beef jerky.. Life is being sucked out of them through this aggressive environment.

elderly=beef jerky

the sun cooked them their entire life

The california florida , even tx arizona new mexico Lake beach. lifestyle is going to the wayside..

Sun worshippers are getting cooked to death. Even the cloud busters are getting cooked to death.

They are literally getting sucked dry.. Or retaining so much life they can't withstand that much diversity in their immune system.. So they pop ..

There are generation z who are elderly.... Literally , the life is being sucked out of them. Because they are outdoorsman. And they don't understand how amplified the environment is.. Especially the sun and the reflective particulates.. And you can't tell them anything.. Because they won't listen to you..

Young people do not listen to anybody . Much less older people .

Some of you have a chance .. But it's the older and younger generations and completely resistant people who don't have a chance..

Only a few of you will get where i'm coming from. Only a few of you can actually make behavioral changes..

Only a few.. Very few.

Some of you have family that will work against you..

That's the jail.. Your family your job your friends.. Social capital and the need to make so much money. And religions.

And I feel sorry for these children. They don't stand a chance .

those who laugh at that post about the eclipse is a mass ritual phukced up their retinas and cannot admit they phucked up.. so they mock..


make cave dwelling in again

Even the cloud busters are getting cooked to death.

#chemtrailsworldwide  These guys want to see the sun , not the clouds.. But they don't realize the sun has been amplified.. Even the clouds.

You've been had. Both the conspiracy wrote and the mainstreamers have both been had .

Stay home stay safe . draw the curtains and black out your windows

If not it won't matter what the hell you do .

Nothing like learning at the eleventh hour.

Good luck.

you want "free energy"..

lol, you cannot handle "free energy" haha

It is 63 degrees in my house And it feels great.

It is supposed to get too as low as thirty nine degrees tonight.. High of forty one.. I set the thermostat to be 65 my husband..

Sunday Seventy three degrees high.

Climate change is going to fuck people up . The wild swings in the barometric pressure is what's messing people up.. And the reflective particulates.. And the u l f

Yeah i released that demon a long time ago.

First time i felt "normal" eating out with JASON. No vertigo or head filling up, etc.. nice.. heart beat a little bit this afternpon.. tiny nap in darkness, assimilated quickly, had a nice dinner afterwards.. raining out


Women's liberation was a scam.. Reacting to how men treated women..

Both men and women need to respect themselves.. And obviously each other.. So you don't have to have another movement against each other.

I don't recommend detoxing the way they recommend.. But you choose your own adventure.. The way I released demons took away a lot of demons.. Addiction and lust are synonymous..

Release your demons without developing new ones through remedies..

Imagine the advanced technology your government has.

Photos this morning.. I just want you to see the consistency now it seems like.. From last night.. After dinner before bed.. And waking up this morning..

Yup no hives last night. No hives this morning. I released some demons this morning , but no biggie. I didn't have to blow my nose so hard in the middle of the night..

When I was out to dinner with my husband there were no feelings of my head getting full or weirdness. No vertigo or extreme energy.. Because it was just him and I in a relatively empty restaurant.. If the restaurant was full.. And it was hot.. It might be a different story..

I actually run hotter than I do cooler.. And so I don't need the heat when it's cold as much.. I have enough body to me to regulate the temperature.. And when it's warm I keep the house cooler..

It was 65 last night when went to bed and my husband was freezing.. But I was just right. When he turned it one degree up , I actually felt the temperature difference.. And so I blocked off my heat register.. It made a huge difference..

You really wanted to be cooler.. If you can handle it.. If you're too cold and you love the warmth and your skinny.. You'll be eaten alive. If you're bigger and you keep it warm.. You'll be eaten alive gaining more pressure..

You're supposed to keep yourself warm and relatively cool.. And the ambient temperature must be cooler than warmer..

And darkness is optimal especially with the amplified light.. I can even see my eyes getting better being in the darkness more than the light. Because not only am I eating.. I'm releasing demons.. And i'm not taxing my retinas with the aggressive light..

I'm telling you the darkness is going to be your friend during climate change.. Staying home staying safe when you can.. Give your eyes a rest..

Give your body a rest. Give your spirit a rest..

Make taking naps in again..

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