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The Average Gen X Peaked in High School

The Average Gen X Peaked in High School

The key to all sexuality regardless if it's social acceptable or not.. Sexual abuse.. Some are worse than others..

And then it becomes socially acceptable when you have children from it.. And then your children are representation of his secrets and lies/lives you hold with him/within

You become an undetectable mind control victim .

The baby boomers were the first major mass experimentation.. And you see their programming.. You see it come out in gen x and millennials..

And since I purged out that programming I can point it out..

When you can't purge out the programming you will justify it until your dying day..

People do.. Which doesn't make me very popular ..

They'll call me crazy as they're addicted to their drugs, alcohol sex and social constructs. And religion.. Posting their children everywhere..

That's how the system got you.. Through faith. Through family. Through football

Desiring to be an archetype.

It is extremely painful to be sober..

Football..(baby of secrets)

The cheerleaders.. The women.. The keeper of secrets.. Pandora's box.. The men.. the players, the football .

Fertility is deadly and it is the sports industry..

Chasing that little baby of a secret..

Scoring points with those secrets.. Pummeling each other over their secrets..

Making millions and billions of dollars over secrets.. People pay to watch the secrets be tossed back and forth between opponents..

And the cheerleaders look on.. And there's a reason why they look skimpy and scantily clad.. Exposing their boxes to the world.. In an allegorical sense.. Every time the other team scores a point.. Out comes the boxes..

It's not rocket science to understand the system making fun of people and their desires.

That was generation x playbook.. The quarterback and the Cheerleader..

People kill for those positions. People try to look like the cheerleader or the quarterback to the detriment of their own body mind spirit..

And then you have bill gates laughing.. Because that's the revenge of the nerds..

The system knew how people were programmed.. And they programmed you accordingly.. And if you didn't fit in any of those cliches.. Then you were trying to look like them. And destroy yourself in the process. Plastic surgery.. Pills.. Extreme exercise regimes.. Even spending all your money on creams and clothes..

And then you have instagram only fans and mothers pimping their daughters to the world..

That's how the system destroyed people.. Through their wants desires needs..

That's why people kill for secrets.. Because they want you to think they have it made.. They want you to think they're special..

Nobody is special.. You're just programmed. People who want you to think they're better than you.. Are in self destruct.. It's in their family.. It's in their background.. If people only knew how they were programmed.. They would revolt..

So they made you think you are special, if they happen to look like a socially acceptable programmed robot..

No they have secrets and they have lies..

Some even skip a generation.. Some of those secrets and lies happened a few generations ago..

And you'll never know.. The undetectable mind controlled subject.

But the system told you.. You just didn't believe it.. Maybe you are one of those subjects of the system..

So while you're all busy treating your disease with herbs and extracts chasing cures.. Even trying to cut out your secrets and lies..

The elephant in the room are those demons and are the lies in your family and friends..

People purposely close their eyes to any information and so they keep that lie going..

They keep that facade going..

All you are doing is making them worse and bigger and more aggressive..

If you want to take those secrets to the grave.. Keep treating your diseases..

No one will ever know you were an undetectable mind controlled subject.. Chasing the cures.

And you have a choice to believe or disbelieve anything that I say..

After all.. I'm not a doctor.. Why should you listen to me.

The secret is in the poop..

You want to know why some people will get paid a hundred and eighty thousand dollars a year for daily fecal samples..

Because the programming is in your poop. But you know everything is temporary.. Look at hollywood.. Yes you might be hot when you were younger.. Eventually, like Cinderella and the little mermaid the programming wears off..

And then your hormones are in revolt.. And people are in massive amounts of pain..

Menopause is coming actually fast for so many women right now.. And they are in extreme amounts of pain..

I feel it.. I have frozen shoulder sometimes and its sore and I get over it.. And I don't treat my disease..

I just deal with the change..

Hayflick limit

Eve is tired.. She is the keeper of secrets.. Pandora's box..

Women do carry the weight of the world.. If you're not careful women, that weight will destroy you..

And i'm not talking about obesity.. Which is another factor of secrets and lies..

Underweight women.. The lack of weight.. Will destroy you.. Starving your demons will work against you.

Secrets and lies not only metastasize but they tear people apart..

And I will be very blunt in this assertion.. All cancer disease and chronic illness AND aging process and death comes from holding those secrets inside..

All self medicating practices come from holding the secret inside..

What's your secret..?

That was rhetorical..

Some people don't have the luxury to know the secrets within the genetic line because the family kept everything away from that person.. And so they will have behaviors and whatever, even disease.. And if they can, they will have to release those demons and not even know where they came from.. There were plenty of diseases within I had no idea where they came from.. And I still released them.. And I still to this day don't know where half my diseases came from.. It's easy to speculate, people do. And everything is a factor.. But not the only factor.

That is possible to release disease not even knowing where a originated from.. It is possible not even to know the secrets you hold within and you can still release them biologically..

 But you might see a change in your behaviors and then you can trace backwards.. Then you can say I released certain demons that caused behaviors of hormonal imbalances and cravings and addictions..

Even dating.. The demon of sexuality is very strong in many people. Some people try to deny it and they turn legalistic.. Or they have huge families..

Psychologically , some people hold secrets that are attached to their disease , and they will have to find ways to release without tearing down the house..

Secrets have a way of destroying people places and things. Secrets have a way to project and place blame or cause people to look for pleasure and paradise. The system will give you what you want until it cannot.

Waking up with a clear conscience is interesting.. When you eat you're not feeding the demons.. You're feeding yourself..

The world is a bit brighter.. No one to worship no one to blame..

The hamster wheel slows down.. And then there's no need for platitudes.. Those are command prompts to guide your thought process when you're trying to release those demons.

You become a platitude with that being a cliche..

My goal is not to become a cliche..

My goal is to be an "original"..

Where man has walked before.. But not for thousands of years..

I will be original in my time..





Legit "afraid"..

We are the epitome of radicalized.. and it is scary..

It will take everything to walk away from that war.. Don't become a scary american.. Watch this video.

Americans are leaders.. What are you leading.

Which is also why I don't volunteer to join the service or go to war..

I did join the military at eighteen or nineteen.. I was young and stupid.. And didn't know any better.. And I survived it.

I'm not making the same mistake twice

I will let the war come to my doorstep and then I defend myself..

I don't voluntarily go to war against any one a person place or thing.. There are no enemies..

When you voluntarily go to war against a person place or thing you become the enemy to somebody.. When you voluntarily resist evolution.. You are an enemy to somebody..

Claiming resistance is declaring war on somebody..

Children don't know any better so they voluntarily enter into wars they know nothing about.. That's also in religion and politics.. And of course the sciences or the hospital remedy system..

 And then the family reinforces it..

That was how you became the voluntary human sacrifice..

You see what's going on right.. What are american troops doing in jordan ?

People have to volunteer to destroy themselves.. You're in a game, a brutal game, at that..

If you don't know.. Enjoy your fantasy.

I left the war.. You can't save anyone but yourself.. In my opinion you should only defend yourself on your own turf..

As soon as you physically pick up and go to war against somebody.. Or believe someone is the enemy .

They have a right to attempt to destroy you.

Stop playing that game if you want to survive.

But if you think dying for your country regardless of it was contrived by your own country is patriotic and honourable..

The system will gladly roll out the red carpet and enroll you into the service.. You can become the cannon fodder..

It was hard enough saving myself.. I can't save all of you.

Good luck.. You will need it..

I did my job as a human.. I have a clear conscience.. I gave you the perspective of the government through the eyes of a game participant who didn't even know it..

I am not leveraged by IMAGE children or animals or dependents or past trauma..

I am finally free and I am still alive...

I have a clear conscience..

And I apologize for my part in all of it.. I apologize for keeping that story going and people died because of it.. I apologize for looking for the enemy.. I apologize making people the enemy whoever they are..

I'm sorry for my part in the destruction of humanity..

When you turn fifty.. And you can finally look at yourself in the face.. You are the enemy.. You were always the enemy to somebody..

I am sorry. I'm sorry for believing someone else was the enemy.. I'm sorry for believing in those storylines..

I'm sorry I was used as a tool..

It won't happen again.

What's my changed behavior.. Let the system fall and give everybody the secrets to the system..

I'm giving people the choice.. To believe me or disbelieve me and carry on..

Americans, you were given some extreme ancient innovation developing goddesses, gods and genius/superhuman ability..

The programming is wearing off and now it is time to save yourselves without blowing up your own world..

Not everyone in your life will be able to survive the extreme innovation/programming, so they will live out their programming until it is system failure..

If you are NOT too far gone or have too much to lose, you might be able to save yourselves..

if you have so much to lose, you are one of the keepers of secrets and toxicity that will eventually run its course..

Gen X, choose your own adventure.. at least now, you have choices..

do other generations have choices..?

Maybe, but I doubt it.. they still have too much to lose..

Gen X is turning 50.. We have the luxury to see the past/future...

Millennials still live in the past and boomers are the past..

GEN X were either raised by boomers or silent gens..

Sometimes when you skip a generation the programming is not as predictable..

When generations are next to each other. The programming is mostly predictable..

Which is why you'll see generation X raised by boomers probably act like millennials..

You'll even see gen x and boomers hang out together..

If you are gen x raised by silent gens.

You might have half a chance..

What's crazy is.. Gen X raising millennials influenced by elder boomers..

I was raised by the silent generation.. And I was influenced by a boomer.

Who won out..

Who i was raised by.. The silent gens..

When you have kids you are leveraged up to the yin yang.. It won't matter who you're raised by..

Having kids today you are completely leveraged..

That's when women lose their power..

When she has kids.. She loses power in so many different ways.

She's owned by the system.. Her society owns her and her vagina. Because you see everyone has a say in what she says and does... Who she sleeps with and who she doesn't sleep with..

She better be strategic enough to save herself.. Maybe some women can be regardless of generation.. Maybe some women can save themselves regardless..

My mother knew the secret of the system.. She saved my ass.. I'm not leveraged by anyone. It's when you have pets and kids is when you're leveraged..

The Epstein/Hefner leveraging machine, is no different when your friends and family throw your past in your face to shut you up or stop you from speaking.

It's also no different when you throw the past of government actions in the govts face.. When the government wants to change and you won't let them cause you keep reminding them of what they did..

Your government is allowed to change you know. Just like you.. Do you want somebody throwing your past in your face. Does the government want having the past thrown in their face. If you must then you will be the casualty because you won't change.

When people hang out together and they put 100% trust in another person for that moment in time not realizing things can change, people leave themselves open for someone to not only blackmail them but to leverage them..

The system taught people how to do this to their daughters.. Their sons.. Their mothers.. Their fathers.. Even sisters and brothers.. The system taught people how to destroy their family by knowing and divulging all family secrets. Even friends do this to each other.. Sometimes people have falling out.. It becomes a he said she said..

The key thing is not to fall for that government trick of holding people over a barrel..

Everything stems from an origination point.. The origination comes from government.. The government finds vulnerable people looking to make a buck or make a name for themselves.. They give them pleasure and paradise.. The secrets of the ancients.. And then expect them to do what they need to do to prove or develop an outcome.. They tell them how to find people just like them who fell for their bullshit.. And play the game..

Remember the skull and bones, the movie, when they had to go into a coffin and divulge their innermost secrets to someone or something..

 That was to ensure they all kept the secret to the game to themselves.. Or be embarrassed if that secret ever came out.. tit for tat

As soon as you go up against the system or a person.. They will use YOUR SECRETS as a leveraging point.. The media is famous for doing that to anyone who steps out of line.. They did it to me and I had to face everything and also be accountable and change when I needed to.. It wasn't bad.. I'm used to dealing with that kind of bullshit.. I had the strength to face a different line of thought. And to research my own claims to prove everything is backed by science.

As far as leveraging people through sensitive information,

The system taught you to do that to your friends and family.. And also to people who have been used as a tool when they had no idea what was going on.

And by the time they figure out what's going on it's too late. They're over a barrel.. And are fucking feeling guilty.

That's the world of keeping people in line and figuring some stuff out for the future.. The human race had to be outsmarted like that so the system can develop a very strong future.. Or you get a bunch of whiny people who can't evolve.

Every time I would argue with my mother, she would bring up something of the past that would embarrass me and shut me up..

That was a psychological operation that's used out there in the media and with hollywood stars and used on anyone who wants to go up against the system..

If you choose to go up against the system, then you better be prepared to air out your own dirty laundry. And be accountable for ALL THE bullshit you have contributed TO, as well..

I've been given the gift of knowledge and programming and insight.

Thank you mother.

I have no reason to blow up any one's world now or in the future..

 Down the road I might write a book but not right now.. Way in the future.. I want to see how the next seven years plays out.. I already have a book on the market and it's relatively safe.. It's just between me and my government and my parents and that's it.. That's enough for now..

The next seven years... If not now, IS brutal. And I have to gather my strength surviving the next seven years.. Because I already feel the brutality in it already..

To those out there, stalking me from my past..

I just want you to know this.. Those of you who are reading this who have something to lose by my knowledge of everything..

 I won't blow up your world.. I won't blow up your children's world..

They can comfortably live in their ignorance until they're ready to figure out what's going on if they even have the capacity to..

I've blocked everyone I needed to block.. If they come looking for me in my information it's not my fucking fault.. You're the one that left me out of certain things. One day they will look for my side of the story if they even give a shit. But even then they won't understand my world..

So it doesn't even matter.

But I speak out the way I do to save myself to pick a part the past and piece together everything..

But i'm not a destroyer.. I was never the destroyer.. All of us were defending ourselves..

Even you.

And there's no one to blame.. Some recent actions really threw me for a loop. And then I had to think about why.. It was never me..

 Fuck I was kept out of everything.. Jesus!

 I was just the middle child..  Used as a fucking tool

And it's not your fault. You were taught by somebody else.

And then ultimately the government...

And I don't even want to say I forgive you.. There's nothing to forgive.. It's some fucked up programming that you can't even pinpoint how to correct anything.. There's nothing to correct..

That was the old world..

And that world is dying. I'm not here to save you.

I'm here to save myself.

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