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The Beginning of the End for Sugar RIP 2/10/2023

This was before the demon woke up within her..

This was right after she was so skinny climbing into the tub

If she didn't have those surgeries in the past she could have stayed this way.. Nope she had to revisit the past.. And she didn't have what it takes.. you can't force feed an animal so much food.. she would need so much food to match the release of the extensive damage.. she was too small.. even if i bottle fed her fish meat veggies carbs before November, her cyst would have probably grown and we would have dealt with this earlier.. the fact i never medicated her seizures two years ago probably gave me 2 extra years with her.. Also, if her cyst would have grown before my book was done, the book would have been put on hold.. the fact her demon triggered bottle feeding and then cyst growth after my book was done, gave me the chance to be fully engaged!! And make the fake healing connections with abx etc

The lessons we learn never to traumatize the body if we want to have a second chance later..

Rest in peace..

Nobody escapes judgment day.. Hug's hugs it was not your fault girl..

RIP 2/10/2023 Sugar

That memory when she was climbing in the tub showed that she released those demons of being afraid of water and the tub.. That was a sign to me that I needed to keep the process going because if it was any other circumstance and she didn't have that prior trauma she could have regained her youth back and sustain it.. be a whole different dog but the same.. Because you could see it in her from the picture on the right back in 2017 to the picture on the left.. You could see the change. But her and I have very different backgrounds as far as medical exposure.. I was able to release the demons and keep them gone without too much evolutionary retribution.. Unfortunately she was not as lucky..

There was no way to anticipate..

My pup sugar.. RIP 12 YEARS OLD..

The picture below was when Sugar was in her prime during August 5, 2017. She was already small, but was living and surviving her prior surgeries and they abx still kept the demons under control.

The picture below was when the demons woke up and she started getting skinnier but I was power feeding her pureed canned meat from Pedigree High Protein dog food (wet chunks in gravy), milk, vet rx Milk supplement and carrots, and veggies and fruits and fish. You can see how beautiful she would have been if the cyst never grew from the prior trauma of surgeries in the past.

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