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The Boomers Radicalized by the Silent Gens Raised Some Gen X to Radicalize Gen Z to be the Zombie Apocalypse

The Boomers Radicalized by the Silent Gens Raised Some Gen X to Radicalize Gen Z to be the Zombie Apocalypse.

You are controlled opposition until you walk away from the war and that includes the medical and holistic system. Basically walking away from society.

staying home staying safe

But you know how children are.. They get the fear of missing out.. So they will continue to repeat their parents habits until they die suddenly.. They have been reproduced so much on bodies in deficit they don't have what it takes for climate change..

That was the systems intentions..

Boomers might be stuck in the 1960s and you would think the Gen X/Millennials would find a way not to repeat history, but biology says offspring ALWAYS REPEAT history, even in different ways.

It is no surprise many Gen X relate to Boomers and Millennials radicalizing Gen Z into self destruction used as violent tools for change.

Whenever so many generations reproduce so heavily on bodies in political, nutritional and intellectual deficit, they become "cavemen" and lose their ability to think in forward thinking ways and they become reactive tinder boxes just waiting to be triggered.

The system knew this, and I figured it out the last 7 years and some of you can see it, if you are not capitalizing on the weaknesses of your peers. If you are capitalizing on the weaknesses of your peers you will resist all info such as this.

Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword because you cannot "save" or "defend" anyone 10k miles away or even in another home/culture or state. If you choose to "defend" people who cannot be "defended" unless you go and physically defend them on their turf, then you become the offensive and violent tool for those who agitated you into destruction.

The war is on all fronts. It is the remedies, the oncology, food mitigation, the herbs, voluntary surgeries, extracts, essential oils, constant animal reproductions and animal trade, and it is watching people die overseas causing so much trauma and "hate" people feel compelled to lash out because they feel helpless.

I used to take a side until I realized the system has purposely gaslit people into violent destruction/reactions that are deadly to those in their line of sight or to themselves. ..

I walked away to save myself.. I realized 13 years ago what was to come and I grieved for everyone and it took me 13 years to process what I see today..

i am neutral because no matter which side I take in any war .. i will become the asshole.. and since I am already the asshole for being neutral, I might actually survive being the asshole to both sides, not just one side.

The birth of investigative journalism and the death of investigating the wrong people.. Or write/right people..

Even though dan rather was correct that bush had a troubled military record.. The evidence that dan rather produced was not verified and therefore he was discredited.. The bush administration ended his career even though he was correct.

He couldn't prove it and they covered it up. Dan routher was ended

You could be exactly right.. You could be so right.. But it doesn't make a difference when the system has an intention..

Remember that before you chase being right.

Sometimes it's not worth it.

Have the discernment to know when to back off. Or provide the other argument to give balance to the issue.

The takedown of traditional colleges


These professors agitating these poor children who don't know any better.. Even the professors are not very intelligent around this situation.

This is not the vietnam war.

But this was meant to happen.. The old world is going away.. The expendable youth will be used as a tool. They are told they are the change agents for social change and they'll be used as a tool , and someone will die in the process.. Because they think this is the 1960s.. Many will die suddenly from issues and some will die in the crossfire..

They think this is prairie fire.. And their leaders are using the same playbook, but the students don't know any better..

They're taking away their own future because they don't know how to do anything except follow somebody else.

They're not self motivated.. They don't have enough time to be.. They are being used as violent weapons.

And guess what they can hang out with the Palestinian refugees in new york city, LA, all the major cities with universities who are all about social change .. They can help them become american. They can all work together.. Assuming they survive the war on both sides..

The pen is mightier than the sword" is an expression that means the written word is more effective than violence for social or political change. The phrase was first used by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 in his play Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy. In the play, the character Cardinal Richelieu, chief minister to King Louis XIII, understands the power of written words to influence, persuade, and change the course of history.

Dan Rather was the example of the pen and journalism is mightier than a sword until he was taken down by the republicans and the bush administration..

If you're gonna be an investigative journalist on any level remember there's always a wrong person you're exposing.. George Bush junior was not someone he should have trifled with back then.

The end of dan rather and c b s news was the end of investigative journalism like true investigative journalism..

Now we get a bunch of caveman fighting it out..


are not natural killer (NK) cells

, but they are essential for NK cell maturation and function:


These innate cells are the most common circulating leukocytes, making up 50–70% of blood cells. They are phagocytes that infiltrate inflamed sites and kill microbes through phagocytosis, cytotoxicity, and secretion of antimicrobial compounds.

Neutrophils can also contribute to tumor growth and metastasis formation by stimulating angiogenesis.

These are the little demons that people don't release because they're corked up.

NK cells

These innate immune lymphocytes are large granular cells that recognize and eliminate virus-infected and malignant-transformed cells. They can produce cytokines and directly kill target cells. NK cells can also play a dual role related to angiogenesis by acting as both an inhibitor and promoter of this process.

A neutrophil infection, also known as neutrophilia

, occurs when the body has too many neutrophils

in the bloodstream. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that help the body fight infection. When the body detects an infection, immature neutrophils leave the bone marrow

too quickly to enter the bloodstream, which can lead to neutrophilia. A high neutrophil count is usually caused by a bacterial infection, but it can also be caused by viral, fungal, or parasitic infections, or inflammation.

B lymphocytes and neutrophils

are not the same thing. B lymphocytes are a type of lymphocyte, and neutrophils are a type of granulocyte. Lymphocytes

and neutrophils are both types of white blood cells (WBCs) that play a role in the immune system:

B lymphocytes

A type of lymphocyte that produces antibodies to help the immune system respond to infections. B lymphocytes are part of the adaptive immune response, which means they need to learn how to recognize and attack specific germs.


A type of granulocyte that makes up 40–70% of all WBCs in humans. Neutrophils are part of the innate immune system, which means they can attack and destroy any pathogen in the body, regardless of whether they've seen it before. Neutrophils are one of the first immune cells to respond to an infection, and they act as scavengers to surround and destroy bacteria and fungi.

I would not doubt that is the case given the acceleration in the environment and they have no control over the growth when the environment has increased particle acceleration and reproduction replication..

Free Palestine, Open the American Borders Let Them In

If that's what many people want, I will let my american government grant their wish.

I refuse to take a side even though I did defend Israel in the beginning.

I understand the situation..

Even though it might have been contrived to force me to make this type of choice.

Because you can't stop Israel doing what they need to do to save themselves regardless if you think it's appropriate..

And at the end of the day palestinians need a homeland and israel is stronger, And they could annhilate palestine just like that..

What is a better place than america. There's no place like america.. And palestinians are tired of dodging bullets just like the israelis.. America has friendlier bullets over here. And a lot more space to dodge them.

So you get your wish , those who want to free the palestinians from occupation..

We will share our food with them.

And then I don't look like the asshole..

Because yeah when you take a side you are forced to become the asshole if you don't pick the right side according to somebody else's perspective.

And so if I chose israel , then people would say i'm a child killer.. If I chose palestine , they would call me anti semetic..

Welcome to america. Welcome to australia. Welcome to the united kingdom Welcome to canada

The irony is we have a lot of right-wing people who are against immigration but we are granting your wish. We will save the palestinians. That's what you wanted. That's probably what you're going to get. And I have no control over that. I'm an american and I will honor what my fellow countrymen desire. If the government supports it i'm fine with it.

The next Civil War is when those who have been critical of Foreign Affairs have to deal with the ramifications of their wishes and choices.. And then those who were opposing those wishes and choices will be mad at those who wanted to save the world..

The democrats will turn Republican and republicans will turn democrat and then both will look exactly the same.. At some point they will either destroy each other or save each other to death.. There really is no difference..

In the meantime during my neutrality.

I have no issue with immigration.. At this point the system can develop digital money out of thin air and give people what they need to survive without the extras. Those who figured out how to make money in our society will live based upon what they choose to do and how many hours they choose to work and what kind of lifestyle they want to uphold.

It's really none of my business how other people make their money or where they get it from..

I will let law enforcement and the government handle that side of the world..

My job is to be a pleasant citizen and to abide by the law. If I choose to break the law I'd better have a lot of money and deep pockets to buy my way out of punishment..

Neutrality is revolutionary in the age of war..

People want you to take a side and take a stand with them, so they can develop a gang and bully other people and then do exactly what they were against to begin with.. beat people into submission

If you care about other people, care about yourself and become strong and show people what it means to be strong by not beating somebody else into submission

You always defend yourself.

And when push comes to shove those who take a side can't handle their own position.. Because they don't even know what they're asking of people and themselves.. They want to save all the animals in the universe but they can't afford to. They don't have the means to do that.. But they're all about saving the world but they don't have the infrastructure to do that..

So they just pay lip service. Or they spend your money. They dangle pictures of poor animals in desperate situations playing to your emotions, playing up to your emotions..

So you feel so sorry for these animals that you not only give money but you adopt them all and then you go broke in the process. Instead of coming down on those who breed animals for profit.. Those who are extremely emotional will spend every one's money and spend their emotions.

And then, when they're done for the day for making the system so much money and saddling people with animals, they have no intention to really keep alive except butcher them in the veterinary system they go home to their pleasure and paradise until they feel they need to play the game of donating to causes through nasty aggressive energy. or sell love love love..

According to a September 2023 study, shorter telomeres

on white blood cells (leukocytes) may increase the risk of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease

. Participants with shorter leukocyte telomeres were 14% more likely to be diagnosed with dementia and 28% more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease than those with longer telomeres. The study also suggests that shorter telomeres may lead to smaller brain volume

and white matter


shorten in leukocytes due to a combination of factors, including:

End replication

problem: DNA

polymerases don't fully replicate the ends of linear DNA molecules during cell division

DNA processing: DNA is processed at the ends of linear chromosomes

Cell division rate: Telomeres shorten with each cell division


levels: Telomerase is an enzyme that replenishes telomeric DNA, but if cells don't have enough, telomeres will shorten with each division

Lifestyle factors: Factors like smoking, obesity, stress, and lack of frequency inducing physical activity can increase the rate of telomere shortening

.Telomeres are repetitive DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes that protect somatic cells from losing genomic material during cell division. Telomere length (TL) is often measured in blood leukocytes and is thought to be a biomarker of cellular aging. TL is associated with increased mortality in older people and may play a role in aging-related diseases.

Yes, lymphocytes are a type of leukocyte, or white blood cell. Leukocytes are part of the body's immune system and help fight infection and disease. Lymphocytes are a type of agranulocyte leukocyte, meaning they don't have granules in their cytoplasm. Lymphocytes make up 20–40% of leukocytes and are part of the adaptive immune system. They are immunocompetent cells that can recognize and respond to antigens and travel between lymphatic tissues.

The medical holistic industry can develop so many lymphocytes and then cause people to be addicted to controlling them through herbs and cannabis to the point of destruction.. The people actually shortened their own telomeres

Because they failed to manage the growth in their body..

Climate change is when the wars you protested out there are coming home..

The system is bringing the war home to you in your immune system

in your backyard..

All with your permission

Worth a read.


People who trust vaccines regardless if they can survive them getting them or not getting them, have a specific lifestyle and belief system.

Those who don't get vaxxed will play the odds relative to the arguments presented for the vaccines.

Some who do not believe in vaccines are strong enough for the environment and they really don't need a vaccination, or they turn to holistic remedies and that has its own fall out.

Some people who get vaccinations also turn to holistic remedies which is a double and triple whammy against their immune system.

But this is about those who actually trust vaccines.. People who trust vaccines have a very specific lifestyle and belief system.

There is a psychology behind those who get therapies and vaccines

The psychology behind it is that if they get vaccines they don't have to change the way they do things.

They depend upon somebody else to protect them from themselves and from their community. They don't understand their own immune system. And so they think getting an injection is going to give them all the protection in the world.

Even though the science makes sense from a specific perspective, it doesn't mean that you're actually protected when you get a vaccine ..

Because what does that really mean.. There's such thing as over protection.

Because even though I understand certain blood types don't have the antibodies, how do you know a person can process, develop, manage and release EXCESSIVE antibodies during aggressive climate change..

You can protect someone so much that you destroy them.. Because they don't have the conditioning to handle stress and hardship.

They're always looking for a way out, the easy way out.

And simply activating your immune system is only one half of the equation.. People can't handle immune system activation, and so activating an immune system voluntarily doesn't actually protect them. As you can see the side effects are written on the inserts.

And you'll never know if immune system activation was from the vaccine, which gave you the antigen, or did the trauma of injection wake up the beast within.

You'll never know if it was the chicken or the egg.. Especially m r n a.

Messenger rna.

Once your immune system is activated , how do you manage the life that's been activated?

If you must get a vaccine you absolutely have no idea how to manage immune system activation..

It's like what we did in the j world. We activated our immune system with the salt and then used holistic remedies to then stop the life from activation.

If you can't handle immune system activation, the vaccines will do nothing for you except accelerate potential future cancer and died suddenly..

You still have the power to redirect.

But most likely those who trust vaccines refuse to change anything about their lifestyle or belief system.. They won't redirect even to save their own life

Dispelling some of the arguments against the vaccines used by the activists

This is more than just saying you have an immune system to those who are anti vaccine.

Do you even know how to manage your own immune system to work for you so you don't die even someday..

People who are ninety and twenty have an immune system. So simply saying you have an immune system is not a good enough argument against the vaccinations.

You might have an immune system but you don't understand how to manage it to your benefit.

And that goes for both the anti vaccine world and the provaxing world.

If you can't handle immune system activation and you can't characterize pain and suffering correctly and support it with all the food.. It won't matter what you do.

And so this makes sense why those who got the vaccination most likely will die or be diagnosed with something, 3 to 5 years from the point of the first vaccination.

Your immune system was activated and climate change kept the growth accelerating exponentially..

You couldn't handle the life before climate change, which is why you believe in vaccines..

Inevitably you will not be able to handle life during climate change.. and

It will destroy you.

Unless you actually change the way you view everything you thought you knew.

That includes ALL the activists against the vaccinations turning to holistic remedies and detoxes.

There is nothing like learning valuable information at the eleventh hour..

When people trade one religion for another. They also trade one addiction for another.

If you have been set free don't enslave yourself again.

2019 covid

2020 blm youth in destruction of cities

2021 January 7 right wing destruction of capital

2024 Highfalutin universities under attack of the students.

Generation zombie.

Youth on revolt and destruction

All had to be gaslit and radicalized to develop change..

I already grieved the loss of you thirteen years ago, once I discovered another storyline..

If you stay alive great

we can celebrate life together alive

But I already grieved .

It's now just a matter of time

Thirteen years ago I cried my eyes out.. Thirteen years ago I was devastated. Thirteen years ago I knew what the future entailed. Thirteen years ago I knew how bad it was going to be..

I had to process what is going on today for thirteen years..

I got married thirteen years ago

I entered into the conspiracy world thirteen years ago.

Eight years ago I changed my life.

gelatinous women/men lack salt, protein/meat milk cheese eggs, etc.

falling apart.

not enough salt to salt in and the environment "salts them out"

Salting in:

The effects of salts such as sodium chloride on increasing the solubility of proteins is often referred to as salting in. The salting in effect is related to the nonspecific effect the salt has on the ionic strength. When low concentrations of salt is added to a protein solution, the solubility increases.

Salting Out:

Salting out (also known as salt-induced precipitation, salt fractionation, anti-solvent crystallization, precipitation crystallization, or drowning out) is a purification technique that utilizes the reduced solubility of certain molecules in a solution of very high ionic strength. Salting out is typically used to precipitate large biomolecules, such as proteins or DNA. Wikipedia

right now, those on low sodium diets and on diets in general are being "salted out" by the ionic environment called climate change... and they are gelatinous and aging..

those on high sodium diets and not releasing the way they need to and over abundant or "salting in" and the environment is also accelerating the obesity process. Obese women/men are using the salts in their diets to "cure" them into obesity and excessive growth and the IONIC environment is accelerating those intentions, which is why it is hard to lose weight unless you torture yourself in the gym and die suddenly, one day..

skinny women are being "salted out" by climate change..

I fluctuate in my world.. Because I don't resist what's going on and i've changed many ways of doing things .. I've paid my dues

I don't celebrate the destruction of the human genome by saying all older women should get together and praise God they get the pleasure and privilege of aging.. I don't celebrate anyone's destruction..

How do I celebrate life..

I respect my own life.. I celebrate my own life while I am alive..

As far as getting closure for the death and destruction in my world..

I grieved the loss of the old world as soon as I discovered another storyline thirteen years ago .

I'm pretty much managed the closure of death and destruction..

I've already grieved the loss of the old world and that includes many people in it.

If you stay alive good for you celebrate your life..

If you die suddenly or declining i've already grieved your loss a long time ago.. I already saw the indicators.

It was just a matter of time .. I still honor you and respect you.

I've already have closure.

It's surviving the loss of the old world is what I'm in the process of.

But I already grieved for the future losses..

salting out = entropy

salting in = negentropy


that is why I salt my food

tooth decay is not from too much sugar, but lack of salt and release and retention.

the system programmed starving people to demonize food so they voluntarily starve themselves out of the system. No one is doing anything to people who purposefully withhold food from themselves and families.

it is quite genius.. ww2 will never happen again.. no one will do anything to you that you have not already done to yourself and kids or given permission to the system mercenaries who will protect the system from you..

again, if you are against the war in gaza and hate israel, I hope you are requesting the American govt develop American hosting programs so you can host your Palestinian friends in your home and you can help them become American.. land of the free, home of the brave..

i hope you promote legislation to help the refugees in Palestine..

if you love the people all over the world, do what my mom did, and adopt a refugee baby.

If you are palestinian with activists against israel, I hope you see your friends on facebook in America against israel asking their govt to help YOU!!!

America has always been the beacon of light and freedom.. just make sure you are not liberating yourself, to death.

my mother did put her money where her mouth was.. and she adopted a refugee from the Vietnam War that she was against.

I expect you to be silent. Because why would you put a stranger in your house in your backyard?Because you have no idea who they are and what their intentions are.

That's why I don't save strangers I know nothing about really.

It's not my job to take up for a stranger . It is their job to survive the world and make the right choices for them.

If they can't do it there's nothing I can do to save them..

I will let the american government take in refugees.. And I expect those who are pro palestinian to put their money where their mouth is.

I have no problems sharing resources with strangers and just stay in your own area.. What I mean is don't force yourself into my home and on my property and abide by the rules in america.

But since you are peace and tranquility , I would expect you to assimilate to american ways pretty quickly..

You have a lot of friends in america who think you are peaceful and tranquil .. I hope you prove them right.

The Hayflick Limit is when the immortalized germline cells made up of a percentage of mortal somatic cells have exhausted their limit of redoubling itself 50x over and the next viral IMMORTALIZED GERMLINE CELL CALLED CANCER steps in and appoints another cabinet of white blood cells to redouble itself 50x over

but if the life is not organized, you get chaos and then death


too many white blood cells cause disease on starving bodies who think the air food and water is poison

White blood cells (leukocytes) constitute the majority of somatic cells in question.

en.wikipedia › wiki › Somatic_cell_count

Somatic cell count - Wikipedia

If you can't release the demons on your own and you starve yourself.. And you cant adapt and assimilate to your environment and the new life in the world..

You will protect the system by destroying yourself through starvation and intolerance..

Youe belief people should die someday and your intolerance o the air food and water is the system protecting itself from you because you will take yourself out at your own hand..

That's why it's a little comical watching people try to save each other from the system when they have already proven intolerance to assimilation buying all the protection in the world .. And they're under the influence..

The fact you have access to this knowledge and protection means the system wants you to use that knowledge and protection to do yourself in.

THE SUPPLEMENTS SALESMEN AND people who sell you protection/diets/surgeries are actually protecting themselves from you by taking you down notch by notch.

It was never about protecting you.. it was about protecting themselves from you by selling you death.. And they are tools for the system .

Protection is actually the system protecting itself from you.. And you get paid very well for protecting the system by taking people down as humanely as possible..

When you can get people to voluntarily starve themselves because you told them all food was poisoned by Monsanto. You are protecting the system from the people you claim to protect..

You are used as a tool..

Which is why I walked away from All the activists out there.

Because you're actually starving people. Through the psychological operations the system gave to you to use to make you think you're a savior

Anyone selling you protection from the air food and water is making money off your own destruction..

If you have to be protected from the environment you won't survive climate change or adaptation.

It won't matter what you do.

Enjoy the ride out the door.

here is the connection between STARVATION AND DISEASE.


The Irish Potato Famine, also known as the Great Hunger, lasted from 1845 to 1852 and caused starvation, disease, and emigration.

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