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The breakfast club is being eaten alive in the west Africa is going through their own breakfast club

The breakfast club is being eaten alive in the west..

Africa is going through their own breakfast club..

It's happening.. Why do women like bad boys.. Because the bad boys are so full of testosterone.. And the girls attracted to them are full of estrogen so much of it..

Then you have the crazy chemical reactions and yes children.. And then what brought you together will drive you apart if you don't figure out how to temper The emotions and you better build more than just sex and family...

women and men better prove your worth.. And you better have more than just sex and family in that relationship.

Or else you're headed for divorce.

That's why the fifty percent divorce rate.. What brought you together drove you apart..

Or a died suddenly.. What brought you together will destroy one or both people..

That's why constant evolution in yourself and relationships could lead to immortality..

You must constantly redefine yourself if you want to survive. You must Constantly redefine your relationships.. If you choose to survive..

The rest of the world.. Will find their place between both..

My curse of premenstrual dysphoric disorder was the fact I had too much estrogen.. Looking for the extreme male the testosterone to balance me out..

That's the danger of breeding extremes.. you will cause a war. That's why I feel for the men and women in our society developing children who are in each end of extremes. Because they are not prepared for that aggressive war.. And will they survive the wars between the hormones??

hot males and hot females become targets.. And then you bring in politics religion and science. Now you have a story line..

What are you setting your kids up for?

You can only answer that question..

I understand myself now.. And I understand society..

Balancing the masculine and feminine in a person, so they have major longevity or immortality....

Yes testosterone and estrogen are the major hormones that determine sex..

Too much on either end will cause crazy imbalances and died suddenly.. You must understand how to balance your hormones without getting caught up in the politics around it.

That's why I post pictures of myself because I don't look like a man.. I have balanced out my testosterone and estrogen.. all my plumbing works but I don't have crazy crazy sexual desire.. Which will save me in the long run..

Men can temper their aggressive testosterone without looking like a chick.. Its when man takes so much estrogen trying to change genders is why people have an issue.. Some people don't agree with that..

I was hot back in the nineties.. I've tempered my hotness and I look relatively balanced.. And i'm still a woman..

Men can still look like men and temper their aggressive hormones.. And they would still look like men.. They don't have to look like a caitlyn jenner.

It's when you're doing hormone therapy is when you're trying to go from one extreme to the other.

Just eat food and release the demons like I have in my book.. And you don't have to be afraid of turning in to a man or a woman.. If that's not your desire..

Please don't intend to misunderstand me.

It's balance don't be so extreme.

And so in the future, the reason why there will be infertility. Because the extreme testosterone and extreme estrogen will die off. And you will be left with balanced people. The ones who can balance their own hormones. And they don't have to look like the extreme on either ends

Freedom is when you understand less is more.. Because who are you working for.. Are you working for yourself.. Are you working for somebody else's addictions.. And high fullutant consumerism..

And so if you want to set yourself free.. And leverage your position in the community..

No addictions. No health issues. No consumerism.. Live very simply.. Lessen if not eradicate your friend's base. And start feeding your brain.

Or else you are slave to everyone and yourself and your addictions. And you have no one to blame but yourself.

You want to set your children free.. Tell them the importance of living almost indefinitely.. And don't encourage them to have families..

Because their family may not survive on the way to twenty fifty. It is already in the cards..

Set your family free without destroying them.

But if you choose to die for your beliefs.. Then you have no reason to be mad at nine eleven.. Because they chose to die for their beliefs.. And they took many people down with them..2k

And all your doing is following in their footsteps. And you're taking your audience down with you too..

Even your family.

And so with your two thousand five thousand followers..

And youre recommending remedies surgerie.. Imagine what muhammad attah did to those in nine eleven.. He took down at least two thousand people.. Now times that by seven point nine billion people..

I'm not willing to die for my beliefs.. And I won't take any of you down..

I live for my beliefs.. And i'm giving you the choice.

obesity is a gut full of microbial families programming the body to develop the larger infrastructure.. one must pull out the colonies causing the mRNA to send messages to the body to breed or turn off/on hormones..

emaciation is when the families inside your body are eating the infrastructure like pac man.. causing the accelerated aging process..

basically kids/juvenile cells in your body causing chaos and NO regulation and no real purpose except to destroy and cause destruction

two extremes on either end, died suddenly... Balance

Feminine Lady Triệu (Vietnamese: Bà Triệu, [ɓà ʈ͡ʂiə̂ˀu], Chữ Nôm: 婆趙 226 - 248) or Triệu Ẩu ([ʈ͡ʂiə̂ˀu êu], Chữ Hán: 趙嫗) was a warrior in 3rd century Vietnam who managed, for a time, to resist the rule of the Chinese Eastern Wu dynasty. She is also called Triệu Thị Trinh, although her actual given name is unknown. She is quoted as saying, "I'd like to ride storms, kill orcas in the open sea, drive out the aggressors, reconquer the country, undo the ties of serfdom, and never bend my back to be the concubine of whatever man."

Masculine Genghis Khan (born Temüjin; c. 1162 – 25 August 1227), also known as Chinggis Khan,[a] was the founder and first khagan of the Mongol Empire, which later became the largest contiguous land empire in history. Having spent the majority of his life uniting the various Mongol tribes, he launched a series of military campaigns, conquering large parts of China and Central Asia. imagine 4 of you in a family

2 children 2 ADULTS

and all of YOU stay alive indefinitely..

that is what I am advocating..




what is wrong with that? does this ideology deserve so much hate..?

When you intend to have a family everyone should stay alive.. In that family.. No one should be expected to die someday. Grandma should never ever be expected to die..

That's family to me.. Or else you're just sacrificing people for your own personal gain. These were in the Facebook reel i did below and in case you wanted to study them...

So now you see what the problem is in our society.. Literal sexual hormone imbalance.. Causing so much excessive fertility..

And then during this climate change, the extremes of our society will go to the wayside..

And balance will be achieved.. Those of who can handle the climate change because of relatively balanced hormones, will be left standing

You literally have to be adaptable to these changes.. And you can't be too extreme or excessive on either end..

I had too much estrogen dominance.. That was my curse.. I was beautiful but I was suffering..

I'm finally balanced out.. And I have no desire to be beautiful.. I handsome woman in the nineteen thirties.. Hollywood was doing hormone therapy.. But those in appalachia were not..

That's why those with money look softer.. Or more testosterone.. Hormone therapy.. Also known as antibiotics.. Until you get resistance.. Boomers/Silent gens The guinea pigs.. Children of world war two.. grandparents were in world war one.

The 1960s Were all the experiments with psychedelics and mind control.. And social experiments such as the cults.. The art of storytelling.. Music.. All frequency mind control..

Gen X more of the refined experiments The female preppy and goth..The dark and light lilith.. Each have their own suffering but one might be more accepted in the mainstream as the other one rebels against the mainstream..

But they're both mainstream And while they might live out their childhood and teenagers and adulthood playing the part that was given to them by their parents, society and even the schoolyard, when they're about 50 programming will break down.. But it will be managed by the medical system.. Or the holistic system..

Until they can't treat their dis/ease anymore..

The preppy scientist and the preppy girl might end up getting together because both look good on paper..

But of course she will then cheat on him with the jock boy..

Or divorce him for a hot pool boy..

It's the scientist who make money in our society.. That's why he's right in the middle.. And that's why he's the most hated..

Now look at everyone hating on bill gates.. You guys are following the script..

You all became the rebels that were given a cause..

You will see the goth and the rebels at war with a scientist and the preppy..

And the hate and the animosity will be so acidic.. And the system will develop stories and reasons to hate them even more..

Both sides hating each other..

Mutually assured destruction.. Unless you step out of the war.. And write your own damn end of the story line.. If you even have the capability..

Now look at your facebook.. Look at those who are writing so much garbage around the preppies and the scientists.. Feeding into the storyline and depicting the players as exactly how the system wanted them to depict the players.. Regurgitating.. And getting agreement..

The only reason why you know about the word mossad and illuminati.. evan hamas and palestine is because the system developed a story line as each person became radicalized in their beliefs.

You adopted and bought the story line that was given to you.. And when you were unhappy with your own story line you adopted somebody else's.. From the comfort of your own computer..

Encouraging the war against whoever..

Because you're not stopping the war..

You have no ability to stop it..

But you think you have the ability to stop something.. From the comfort of your own suburb.. That's mind control..

When do you think you have power over somebody else behind your computer in your safe house.

The story became real to you.. And now you're in destruct mode.. Self distract/destruct.. Plunking away.. Haven't even saved yourself really.. As you're taking your antibiotics and herbal remedies... Surgeries.. Starvation mode.. Because remember to you food is poison.

The only way you can save yourself in all of this..

Stop adopting somebody else a story line..

Write your own beginning middle and (end?)

The slasher movies were telling you that whole culture will be destroyed.. Eventually..

And then FAST TIMES at Ridgemont High wanted you all to screw each other out of existence..

To develop another culture.. The death culture..

Only fans.. And prostitutes.. LARGE FAMILIES So eventually that whole culture will screw itself Out of existence..

That even a scientist can't resist.. Epstein island..


Why am I different.. I could give a fuck if you save yourself. But I just solved all of my own problems and discovered my own background the last seven years all on my own.. Using all of you as a mirror.. And I have released all my demons.. And I have saved myself.. I have no fear of climate change or the environment..

I mean I do care.. But I have no control over you.. And so I can't expect people to save themselves..

I have a commitment to give people a choice..

Be a representation of the world I live in.. That's why i'm very public..i would miss you The internet is and was the evolution people are resisting..

The internet allowed people to evolve very quickly..

And while we can remember the old world in pictures and stories and allegory..

Change is inevitable..

Don't you get tired of burying everybody around you..

New storylines are emerging.. And if you don't develop your own storyline..

You'll be lost to history.. And the only way you'll be remembered 100 years from now, is if someone in the future accidentally googled your name..

By mistake.

Because, as you know, there's no guarantee your children will survive the future one hundred years from now..

Remember, infertility by 2050.

If you don't get it together your whole genetic line will be gone..

Gone. KAPUT Fertility= wide array of sexual hormone distribution imbalances leading to disease

obesity is a gut full of microbial families programming the body to develop the larger infrastructure.. one must pull out the colonies causing the mRNA to send messages to the body to breed or turn off/on hormones..

emaciation is when the families inside your body are eating the infrastructure like pac man.. causing the accelerated aging process..

basically kids/juvenile cells in your body causing chaos and NO regulation and no real purpose except to destroy and cause destruction

two extremes on either end, died suddenly... Africa is getting lit.. Here's the new breakfast club..

Remember how you worshipped this the last fifty years..

Africa will be worshipping this.. And the hot chicks.. And of course all the influencers and the herbal remedies market.. Because already that's in play..

Africa will be highly fertile.. And then accelerating extinction at some point.. Because they will be very sexual especially with the hormone distribution.. And then the large families which will then confirm the population increase.. 12.9 BILLION PEOPLE

But you know what will happen they will have their own only fans. And then the sex demons come out..

Along with the religious figures.. And there's the war..

Look at the west at those who are going to church or so "good" and claim they are so pure.. But as you know they had their own demons.. And so they switched sides.. For absolution.. And they have children as evidence..

They weren't as "pure" as they claimed they were.. I'm sorry someone has to say it.. Everyone was fed a storyline.. Even the energy healing world.. And all the earth mothers..

Claiming to be so pure of heart.. But as you see what they say on facebook.. Acid comes out of their mouth many times when they're angry. The demons are still inside..

Any one who has a child was fed a storyline. That's what the thing to do was.. That was the beginning of your disease.. DIS/EASE

It doesn't have to be the end of you..

BUT That's what will happen to africa, too.

Everyone will be competing on a level playing field.. Unless you step out of the war.

History is repeating in africa..

You have an edge. If you're in the west and you can look at history and the future..

And what's going on presently..

You have a fucking edge

But will you survive your family and fertility..

That's the question. But that won't be in the west that will be in africa.. We will have smaller populations in the West. But africa, india and asia will hold the most people as they go through their own population decline.. from BOOM TO BUST

People in the west will have their own infertility.. By twenty fifty..

Three billion people increase between twenty fifty and twenty one hundred.. Mostly africa india asia..

The west will be tapered down.. You already see the died suddenly and the cancer rates in your community and in your family..

That should be a clue to you. You already see the desire to be skinny and work yourself to death and fear of food.

You can't possibly think you'll be part of the population boom when your whole fucking family is starving. Or over fertilized.. Using oncology.. Or screwing each other to death. Under the influence of whatever.

You can't possibly think your family will survive.. There's no fucking way your children will survive if you don't change.

And africa has an edge over the west as far as substance and adaptability.. But they will have their own bull shizz to deal with.. Because sexuality will take them down many notches.. Organized sexuality will take them down many notches. And of course worshipping the family..

Obesity is over fertilization.. And of course being so skinny you don't have enough fertilization..

That's why the west is suffering..

And all the other countries coming on line will be suffering from aggressive fertilization..

And then only the Most adaptable will survive..

obesity is a gut full of microbial families programming the body to develop the larger infrastructure.. one must pull out the colonies causing the mRNA to send messages to the body to breed or turn off/on hormones..

emaciation is when the families inside your body are eating the infrastructure like pac man.. causing the accelerated aging process..

basically kids/juvenile cells in your body causing chaos and NO regulation and no real purpose except to destroy and cause destruction

two extremes on either end, died suddenly...

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