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The Chicken Came First, Not the Egg

One can be "cured" when obese/skinny... because the person resisted symptoms..


Netflix acquired older movies like the purge or newer movies like sniper to let you know, we are in the PURGE, called cancer/died suddenly.. conditioning..

I am also conditioning you guys to expect some crazy shit so you DO NOT GET TRAUMATIZED BY IT, if you are not doing what I am doing, one should expect it, at some point.. no surprise.. note: not everyone can do what I am doing, but I wanted to put it out there..

If you cannot do what I am doing, expect so much acceleration in your beliefs.. sigh..

A post on facebook said the chicken came before the egg.

In my opinion, it was because the chicken was smart enough to develop an offspring or become aware that it can develop offspring, however, what kind of offspring is the chicken developing?

People are programmed, so they are "chickens" until they are aware they have been programmed, and can develop another evolution countering the old programming called an egg...

If chickens cannot evolve and develop programming countering their own programming, they will develop copies of themselves or kids, until those copies cannot survive the environment of different programming...called died suddenly.

I am the "chicken" developing the egg of ideas people are resisting..

I developed my own storyline so I did not have to be subjected to somebody else's..

But I had to learn the rules first.. There are always rules to every game that you are subjected to..

Learn the rules.

Your brain and intestines work together.. If you don't change out the programming in your intestines.. Your brain will keep you doing the same thing over again in a different environment and then it's a died suddenly.. And you will die doing what you love to do. And the system wants to give you that or people suffer and deteriorate and then finally die suddenly..

A picture is worth a thousand words for those who are illiterate.. But not even that.. It's an easier and simpler way to explain a story.

We're in a great reset and pictures are the best stories to tell everybody.. Just like children who start off with reading stories it is with pictures..

And then you develop a vocabulary.. Or vocabulary developed the story..

Cherish words and pictures.. They tell you everything you need to know if you only look.

And even then you have your own spin on the picture and the story..

Tell your own story.. Draw your own pictures.. Use your own words .

We are being given a gift to develop the storylines we want for ourselves . But we must put in the time to develop the storyline we want for ourselves..

 If we don't put in the time to develop our own storyline for ourselves then we turn to a religion that gives us a storyline with a particular desirable ending for somebody else..

I don't want to be subject to somebody else's storyline..

So I developed my own..

And I still can assimilate to my environment.. And I stopped resisting a long time ago..

Assimilation is brutal.. It's not always desirable for somebody else..

But here is my story.. And I can still share somebody elses.

Words develop worlds..

What world are you developing for yourself..

I feel great!!

This is what happens in climate change... That's why you have to feed your immune system so you can release the demons..

Growth happens that quickly..

Infection doesn't happen unless there's a catalyst of energy.. Frequency..

Finally some sleep..

Brains and intestines.

Two sides of the same coin..

When you have old programming in your intestines, it translates to your brain and then what you say and do..

I allow the programming to realize itself and release the demons.. EAT ALL FOOD

I have a whole new world in my brain..

That's human programming..

Large Hadron Collider

High frequency environment..

You better pay attention to the world you live in..

just remember: this environment is highly ionic and deadly.

long nails with nail polish=slave=bot

You were bred to do one thing.. Whatever your parents bred you to be and then die.. With absolutely no control over your life..

Because you will give yourself away to the medical or holistic system.. After you have given your inlaws a bunch of children, who won't last in this environment . And then everybody dies.


B lessening

I knew women were slaves.. It's time to set the women free..

And the system is and was trying to do that.. The system was trying to free the women from the slavery of friends and family and tradition

 People resist.. Just like they knew you would..

Resistance is futile causes breakage..

Anyone who has long nails. They are programmed to live and die according to the government program..

That right there tells you everything..

I don't play those games..

So no i'm not impressed with how beautiful you are.. Because you'll be used for one thing . A sexual play thing or a baby maker.. And maybe both while selling a product to your friends and family.

Oh joy

And it will give you so much clarity and awareness when you finally experience suffering.

I feed all suffering food.. And I also pull out that demon.. Because I conditioned myself to do that.. To save my own ass.

I don't cure anything.

I don't cure life.. That IS called death.

The power is in the pain and suffering and feeding it.. And being extremely aware of who you surround yourself with.. And some people cannot afford to be around the people they are around or anyone for that matter.

 But that's not for me to say..

So pay attention to the next round of died suddenly's..

You'll see a pattern.. If it isn't you..

We will be learning many lessons the next fifteen years.

Pay attention to the examples out there. Some of them die and some of them live..

Pay attention to all the different deaths ..

cured=constipated=died suddenly when all the conditions are right

people run for the cure until they collapse..

you and me, we all have been conditioned to pray for a cure, donate to the cure, develop a cure, basically your demise.. that was the conditioning in a slower frequency to feel nothing, do your job and die happy... no suffering... just die suddenly..

so now, when the frequency is accelerated, people are getting exactly what they wished for.. no suffering, cured, happy, and gone.

and if you do not get the luxury to be cured and then die suddenly, the deterioration process is what many are experiencing right now, who pray and wish for a cure...

we cast spells of death onto ourselves when we allow other to program us..

you saw what happened in leave the world behind...

teeth falling out, etc..

So that's why I don't even respond to those who post on their Facebook how they want everyone to pray and wish for a cure.. No I won't pray for anyone's death..

I also do not donate to your campaigns of cures.. I'm not trying to destroy the children..

I'm not trying to destroy anybody in this environment.. I will leave that up to the family to destroy their own.. I will leave it up to friends to destroy each other..

But I won't take part in it..

Because all those cures in the old world were made to be accelerated in this world..

You just didnt know what you're being set up for..

Many of you are doing research and did research to develop the perfect bio weapon of a cure..

Even the natural remedies are bio weapons..

And you all got paid enormously for it..

And now it will work against you.

I tried to tell you this.. That's why i knew as soon as cannabis was legalized, that was going to be the clincher..

We can't have the slaves feeling what it's like to die..

So as long as you are under the influence everyone is happy..

That's why you saw how emotional I have been the last three years..

I knew what all of us were being set up for.. Through the family and friends.

I've always known cures were deadly.. I didn't know how to say it until today..

I was that balancing force.. But I had to learn the rules and the laws before I talked about it..

I did my homework..

NOT being sick, or being cured in this environment will be and already is, deadly.

that is from the laws of thermodynamics.. that is the 3rd law..

which is why "perfectly healthy people" are dropping like flies..

The third law of thermodynamics

 states that the entropy

 of a system approaches a constant value as the temperature approaches absolute zero

. The entropy of a system at absolute zero is typically zero, and in all cases is determined only by the number of different ground states

 it has.

absolute equilibrium = death

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