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The Circle of Trust Keep You Enslaved..

Your life matters.

The Slavery System Relies on Logical Fallacies/Families Trapping People into Deadly Dogmas Within Their Perspective Circles of Influence

Once I left society, I was free to think, develop, surpass and evolve my own expectations. It was a struggle leaving society and it was a struggle conveying the maze of chains we as a society develop and perpetuate using drugs, acceptance, even using pop psychology, and intimidation as the whip.

Your friends try to diagnose you if you try to leave the circle.. You're not allowed to walk away and still get respect from them.. It's all or nothing.. That is how friends and family work.

They will never allow you to evolve. And if you want to evolve , you will be alone.. Because if it's not done in their way , you are excommunicated..

That's why people are in these invisible jails and they pretend their happy. People are suffering.. But they will never admit it.. That is why they're under the influence. And they always have someone to blame.. But they will never blame their friends and family. Even though friends and family perpetuate all the suffering..

they have to look outside to blame .

Because they are not allowed to leave..

That's why the system is doing a great reset..

So if you're not part of them , you are the enemy someone to blame..

Family and friends are the "new overseer", but they were never "new", per se, they were just "invisible", or hidden in plain sight. The west was given the picture of slavery based upon the 1800s and before, and even using third world countries as examples, but in reality, the West is held prisoner by their own dogmas in politics, religion and science.

The West were given access to having children, animals and "things" to rescue to be "voluntary" slaves in our society albeit all the wars, etc.

The West was also given pleasure, paradise, money, wealth, power, lack of accountability and also an enemy or absolution so they never had to face consequences unless the justice system had to get involved.

So, people became enslaved to never having the "pay the biological piper" thus be enslaved to productivity and feeling so good that feeling bad waa out of the question, thus die as pain free as possible.

When the system and you advocate turning off pain receptors and advocate you never facing the consequences to your transgressions, that is the "new jail" people subject themselves and their children to and then when the climate shifts, the kids and the parents have no conditioning for pain and suffering and remedy themselves to death.

They were set free via RIP..

that is the slavery system.. when your own family makes you their indentured servant.

And if you even get this and try to convey this to your offspring and family.. Watch how they will ridicule you.. Watch how they respond to this information..

That's the slavery system.. When you can't stand up to your own friends and family.. Because they will break you down..

That's what you're up against ..

People can't set themselves free.

They don't have the strength to fight their own blood..

So they die in the family.. Surrounded by friends and family.

Walking away is the most deadliest thing ever.. That's why it's dangerous for people to walk away..

They don't have what it takes..

Some people do.. Some people are not yoked by their friends and family because they don't have any.

Those are the lucky ones...

Particle acceleration even makes using tampons deadly.

I stopped using tampons a long time ago.. Now I just get my period when the environment changes very aggressively.. Which it seems like potentially twice a year.. When there's a new aggressive virus in the environment from an aggressive frequency..

There's no reason why young girls should be using tampons anyways.. Let it flow in a pad.. Don't stop up your holes.. Don't plug your holes.

Women are still slaves to that old system.. Because she is still used as a breeder.. Once she stops being used as a breeder she might not have this issue anymore..

If children can survive their childhood without being maimed completely maimed in the process.. She/he might have a chance to set themselves free as an adult without rest in peace..

But right now at the rate we're going, I highly doubt these girls or boys are going to set themselves free properly.. They will have to be enslaved..

And then be an example of what not to do.. Because mother intended to take her daughters and sons out . She brought you into this world.

She can also take you out and she does..

If you escaped your mother.. You might have a chance.. If your mother escapes you.. She might have a chance..

That's kind of the sad state of affairs..

Kids only do what their parents tell them to do and what to believe.. That's the issue.

Yes that was the old world..

And that old world is falling away.. Everybody has opportunity to read and comprehend how things work and develop their own story..

Welcome to the new world order.. People can be just as ignorant as they want to be..

They can be free or enslave themselves.. They have the choice.. Education is a choice.. Education is not just somebody telling you how things work.. You have to also figure out how things work relative to what's being told. And then you make the choice.

There are rules and laws to go by.. And then you have the freedom to make the choice if you have the capacity to learn concepts.. Are you self motivated. Or are you in resistance all the time.

Passionate people make you think.. You can look at their argument and then what's not being said.. You can plug in what's not being said. Based upon what has been said.

When the answer is negative one. Assume there's a positive one.. Because to get to a negative there had to have been a positive..

You couldn't get a negative without a positive.. Because that's energy conversion..

It takes energy to make energy .

And that catalyst also took energy.. To make the energy..

Understand balance.. The enemy is not what and who you think..

The enemy is the inability to balance out all arguments available to you.. The enemy is the inability to develop another argument based upon somebody else's argument..

The enemy is buying somebody else's enemy because of your inability to see through their own filters..

But everybody is valuable information.. Just make sure you don't buy everything presented to you..

Window shopping is always fun.. You don't have to buy everything..

But jillian how do you raise well functioning humans in this world...

That's the issue.. It must be done through a team of scientist.. Or else you're just raising a temporary person who has no capacity for pain or likes to inflict pain upon others..

And those two extremes are not longevity.. People become slaves when they are temporary.. People become slaves when they feel their life is temporary. And they also expect others to be in the same category.. They only look at the short term. short term people are essentially slaves. And just by proxy that's why we raise slaves in our families.

Because the families expect people to die someday. That's the logical fallacies of families..

The premise assumes the conclusion.. circular reasoning.. Everything comes full circle..

Until you break that circle.. and that is very hard to do. You have to be stronger than the circles you belong to.. If not, you will fall back into the circles of influence.

I'm trying to set you guys free without you dying for your friends and family.. You have to recognize the chains you put around yourself.

When everyone is equally yoked they see no problem with their lifestyle or belief system..

But they're not equally yoked..

Some people have a lot more freedom than others..

Essentially motherhood is I brought you into this world and I can take you out. And she does.

Queen bees and kingbees also promote slaves under them and they expect you to live for them and die for her or else she withholds all affection and acceptance until you kiss the ring..

You have to swear loyalty to be part of their kingdom

That's how lonely people get taken and destroyed..

That was king arthur.. Those are dictatorships.. Only you put yourself in that situation.. You think you need the people around you.. And they make sure you need them..

long term people figured out their freedom.. They don't play the same games the short term people do. They don't live for pleasure and paradise. And lots of money.. They don't live for fame and fortune.. They don't live to play hard and die young..

Slaves , do that.

Because there's a lot more meaning to their life than just temporary existence

So if you escaped your family, consider yourself free.. Don't enslave yourself into another family.

The density of your amino acid food intake matters especially during climate change.

Amino acids are molecules used by all living things to make proteins. Your body needs 20 different amino acids to function correctly. Nine of these amino acids are called essential amino acids. Essential amino acids must be consumed through the food you eat. Essential amino acids can be found in a variety of foods, including beef, eggs and dairy.

Which is why the Midwest is so dense with STRONG CARNIVORE/OMNIVORE humans and also aggressive climate change like tornadoes..

Yeah I just realized the real slavery system is state sanctioned through the family.. The child is conditioned to accept the chains of aggressive expectation..

No different than the medical and holistic system.. You giving the system permission to silence your life.. And commit your kids into slavery..

That's why the adults who finally earn the right to be free need to stay free.. And maybe avoid enslaving something they must take care of.. Because the system will force you to trade that thing you love on the open market..

Slavery shapeshifts..

It doesn't always look like 1865.

Mothers and children are the new slaves in the system..

The fathers could get away with paying child support.. And I would say they are the smart ones.. Their children have freedom to choose their path.. The mother could be a good mother or a bad mother but ultimately it's the child's choice once they become an adult.. There are plenty of role models out there..

They can choose their own path.. If they're given access to opportunities..

Remember it's always been a woman's choice..

She chooses to enslave herself and her child.. And if she's not given the choice then it's her father and her husband who forces her to be a slave..

1 day we'll have enough adults who are the representation of balance... And maybe we will stop reinventing the wheel..

And the children who are brought up in a society will be brought up one way and then they will choose a direction when they become an adult.

At least that's what I hope for them.. I hope society doesn't suck the life out of them..

But during climate change all bets are off.. They might have an issue with redirecting the intentions.. Because climate change will cause them to realize their potential and maturity sooner and faster..

Unless the parents set them free and know how to balance freedom and responsibility, without sucking the life out of their own children, forcing them to perform at such a level because they can..

Just because you can, does not mean you should..

I have no issue with any parent leading their kids to a certain amount of success.. But when something is given to you then you take it for granted.. When you earn it, you realize what it takes to really earn your place in this world.

And then you also have the freedom to change.. Because you know how hard it was to reach where you were today..

When parents give their children success.. Those kids are now indentured servants..

And then those kids have absolutely no concept the value of a dollar and even hardship to climb and to change and scale down when it's necessary..

Just like when parents spoil their children.. The children become entitled.. Predatory.. And they will have an issue with climate change..

Any time someone gives somebody success.. They are indentured servants..

That's the slavery system.. Parents who spoil their children.. Parents who buy their children's time..

Parents who purposefully keep their kids dependent on them..

And then also take their kids down with them into the grave..

That's the true slavery system..

If you don't talk to your parents and they walked away or you walked away from them..

Consider yourself lucky.. They set you free.

You don't need to forgive your parents.. Because you are your own person..

Blame them all you want .. Hate whoever you want. Because will that hate and blame be converted into your survival??

Use that energy to your advantage.. Channel it to your benefit.

As far as student loans .. It's the government's job to educate the society so they can govern and make sure we don't cause outright extinction.. How they do it it's up to them.. When the system changes people must change with the system..

If the government forgives all debt.. There's always a price to pay..

Nothing is for free..

Climate change is awesome

You give people access you give them the tools you give them the environment, they become what you want them to be..

It's just like trading places.. Just

trade dan akroyd for eddie murphy..

It is both nature and nurture.. Give people the opportunity they will excel.. You make it so hard for them.. They rebel..

Like I said.. Climate change is awesome.

And children have access to a lot more information than we did way back when..

Child prodigies are not remarkable anymore.. You give them the energy.. You give them the tools.. They are a product of their environment..

They also become commodities to be traded on the open market .. Trafficked by their parents..

And what will happen is the parents will be so excited thinking their child is a genius, when in actuality, it's the environment that's causing them to be so aggressively making the connections.. It's like a high.. They'll keep working that child to death until they have exhausted their child's potential..

And that child will keep performing and performing until it has been exhausted.. And they still have biological deficiencies given the reproduction on bodies in deficit especially from the old world.

Child prodigies were anomalies before EVERYONE WAS given the energy.. Called climate change.

Now everybody has been given the energy.. And those who have relatively balanced backgrounds will excel until the system pulls out all the resources out of them earlier and earlier..

Once your child become a child prodigy.. they have just entered into slavery.. they are not free.. The expectations will be extremely high.. I mean extremely high.

Look what happened to britney spears..

And she was a nineties girl..

She is going off the deep end before she's fifty..

i doubt she'll be able to redirect..

Frasier crane could have told you that..

The system is eradicating the middle class.. Even the upper middle class. Because they are the backbone of america.. They are the ones that determine what's trending and what's not.. They are your average consumers.. And they are heavily in debt..

Obviously those in poverty are not the ones that trend in buying all the consumer goods.

And the ultra rich employ those to develop systems supporting the goods and services..

So you get rid of the middle class buyers.. The ultra rich stop employing the poor/middle class.. Which is why you're seeing all the layoff.. When the middle class stops buying tesla cars.. Elon musk has to scale down..

Everybody starts competing on a level playing field..

When the oligarchs don't have a work force anymore..

Eventually the government will be the one to take care of those who can handle climate change.

What if the system forgave everybody's debt but they would stop producing cars, recreational vehicles, they would stop producing designer clothes, they would stop building houses, and you could only buy appliances for your house to live. Maybe the system would stop producing things people go in debt for..

Maybe those who can live on absolutely nothing and still survive are king of the mountain..

Because even if you had a big house.. How much space do you really need.. ?

What does 1 person really truly need to live on to be happy healthy balanced productive and nonpredatory and non violent?

What if your neighborhood was thinned out.. Would you be lonely.

But what if you were forced to be like anchovies and be stacked on each other literally. Like sardines..

You would be forced to use your mind.. Or battle it out in the community areas..

The fact I hardly went anywhere.. And I stayed in my mind in my head in my house..

I became smarter.. I became more aware.. I was not distracted.. It was safer.

Warren county had five tornadoes. They had a higher median income than canton ohio

my town..

Is there a method to the madness..

There is if you understand what the system is doing..

They are cleaning up society.. And reorganizing everything..

How do you know if your town's going to be taken out or spared.. There's no way to know.. But you watch enough weather and what's being targeted.. Eventually you'll see a pattern emerge.. If you come from a specific standpoint.. Or else you will think everything is organic..

No. If the system truly wanted to eradicate all of the humans in middle america.. You would know it.. You would make correlation equals causation..

So the system has to play mother nature and do things that someone who's aware can make the connections based upon patterns.. And other people can live in their fantasy world and realize that climate change is making everything more aggressive and they would also be correct..

So.. It's a slow boil.. It gives people the chance to redirect.. And sometimes they have to relocate people.. Who's they.. The system.

And if you are smart and you are in florida.. Prepare for the worst.

Your life matters.

The system is cleaning up middle of america which has the highest population east of the mississippi. Everyone else will get their own hell.. But the midwest will get slammed with a lot of climate change..

And you have to be strong to live here.. Extremely strong.. Extremely resilient. Extremely adaptable.

Yes, the eastern half of the United States is more populated than the western half, with about 80% of the population living east of the Mississippi River. The 26 states in the Eastern United States, including Washington, D.C., are home to over 58% of the country's population. The most densely populated areas are along the East Coast, with rings of decreasing population density radiating out from major urban centers like New York, Philadelphia, and Washington.

The high-speed rails connect us to the population centers.

And yes smart cities and all of that..

I am to assume they are cleaning up the rural lands.. They want people packed on top of each other..

I still can't assume my town won't get hit.. But I think that's the long term plan.. They will push people into the cities.. Not so much into cleveland.. But into more compact cities.. And everything will get reorganized.. They might even thin out the neighborhoods depending upon where it is.

I would say in ten years life will not be recognizable. If you can see how much damage is done with tornadoes this year.. It won't be hard to destroy to rebuild in less than 10 years.

Just prepare to lose everything.. And still be okay. Because you have your own life. You have your life.

Your life matters.

This is to all the climate change deniers (sea levels rising) and turbo cancer deniers from all the difference therapies regardless of where you or they are coming from.

Everything is gradual..

If everyone could make the same correlation equals causation, that would be outright extinction and chaos.

So the system does things a little at a time. I'm not saying who.. I'm saying the system. Everyone is the system..

Because you don't like your enemies does NOT MEAN YOU annihilate them altogether unless it's through a war proxy..

But even then there are rules of engagement..

You do things little by little and then they will either find a way to balance the intentions or agree with you and take themselves down along with your help..

The system does not want you to accuse a person place or thing of anything..

They want you to find ways to redirect the regulation to work for you not against you.

You have to decide if your life matters.. You have to decide to listen to indicators.

They give you all the tools.

You decide how you use them.

These storms are stacked up against each other back to back.. People are freaking out.. Yeah nerves are afraid/frayed

I can only imagine what hurricane season will be like.. I would be very surprised if it's hardly anything.. But right now middle america is getting hammered.

California has their own bullshit.. They have a different climate change.. It's more psychological and back door.. They don't have the physical capability to deal with what we're dealing with.. So they have the creeping frequencies.. It takes out the old.. The immunocompromised.. And you get the sneaky weather.. But it is relentless also when the seasons change.. Everybody has their own personal hell.. And its tailored for their conditioning..

You're in climate change.. And it is brutal.

That might be true but we're in climate change now..

Time to reset the clock.

Maybe we don't apply the same principles fifty years ago to today, during climate change..

The system keeps ramming climate change down our throat. Sometimes things are hidden in plain sight..

Yes , the climate change accelerates growth , regardless of what kind of growth.. So much growth people can't get ahead of it.That's why you get turbo cancer. And then your lifestyle also contributes to the excessive growth and lack of release.

Because people can't feel pain and suffering.. They've constricted their blood vessels from releasing through all of their remedies and food mitigation diets. As a result people hold onto viruses and develop even new ones..

Viruses are a conglomeration of diversified microbes that come together to cause an aggressive immunological response in the person's body and in the community.. Climate change exacerbates the situation.. People can't get ahead..

So they die suddenly.. Their immune system was too weak to process everything they hold within and within their community..

Change is evolution.. It's just matter of what are we changing into and why..

evolution is biology..

The laws of biology.

Everything comes from an evolutionary standpoint.

All life is comprised of Membrane encased cells..

All life obeys the laws of thermodynamics..

Which means you always have to keep up with the level of the entropy in your environment.. You have to keep countering with negentropy.. Surround yourself with things that give you life and release and doesn't take away more than it contributes..

Sometimes you need less competition around you so you can give yourself the life you need..

Or else you will be darwinized out of existence.

My life matters.

If your life doesn't matter, it doesn't matter who else you take up for..

Some people think their own life matters but their actions speaks completely the opposite..

Remember black lives matters.

Remember police lives matter.

Remember all life matters

Now it's I stand with palestine.

Now it's I stand with israel.

Everyone is reacting the same way to the same binary driven arguments, gas lighting people

So then you won't feel so bad when most of your friends are annhilated by their choices..

Even you.

It's easier to deal with people dying when you don't like them because of their politics..

I mean it's also good to see what people would do when given the chance..

But every life matters.. But what kind of life matters..?

I guess mother nature is choosing who she wants to keep alive..

It means we are choosing to keep ourselves alive.

Or take ourselves to the next world.. Whatever that is..

My life matters.

I choose me.

I can't fight your battles.. I can barely fight my own.

the more people/animals you entertain, the less viable you will become

the less people/animals you entertain, the more viable you could become

it is all about lessening the microbial competition and lessening the amount of mouths to feed.. even at the micro-level.

your defense of "weaker people" shows how good of heart you have, making those justifying attacks on weaker people look like they are "heartless",

but at some point, free yourself from the jail of defending weak people and become strong so no one must fight your battles..

violence/defense/offense all become one..

when you are ready, walk away from the war... and what does that looks like?

only you know.

I have found, the more you fight somebody else's battles, the weaker you become expecting others to fight your battles, when you become weak..

And it becomes circular reasoning.

That's the parent child relationship.. The infinite loop of death and destruction.

The premise assumes the conclusion.. Whatever it is..

You've predicted your own demise simply by what you expect from others and what you blame..

note: Mississippi Mud: not Halleck, but sherry.

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