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The Current Roles of Alkaline Women and Girls Today

Women become very depressed when they become extremely acidic . With no way of balancing their acids out wthout developing more demons in the medical holistic energy healing world

When their programming starts breaking down... They resist it by doing harm to themselves in the medical holistic surgical system.. Or they just let themselves go..

Either way it is self destruct.. look where their parents are ending up.

That's what women are teaching girls right now... Watch your facebook.

Observe women in their twenties.. They're all over youtube and instagram.. And then look at women in their fifties.. You can see them accepting the change. Or resisting it.. When they accept it, they allowed themselves to get so big.. When they resist it, they will do everything they can to look like someone in her 20s..

I'm neither accepting or resisting... I'm evolving to my conditions in my environment... Doesn't mean I accept the changes.. It just means I evolve.. And I won't do any more harm to myself. To look like something that is unrealistic.

What it comes down to.. It's about my brain.. And a well functioning body.. Not predominantly used for sex or anything else. Everything works on my body.. I'm married.. But even if I wasn't..

But i'm not using my body or my face to sell anything.. I show you all the evolutionary change is based upon the conditions of the Environment..

.The role of women have changed in my world..

Climate change. It doesn't matter how it was changed, or who did it?... Or even why?

Climate change is a very vague reference which has become very specific to different interest groups..

.People love to argue why it happens... And everyone would be right. Patterns are man-made... Because man is nature... So just because I acknowledge climate change.. Does does not make me a supporter of the government or anything else.. I know who and what i'm up against... Some of you don't even know. Some of you claim to know. But you are resisting something that was put into place many years before your time.

Just remember.. All the fembots.. The pretty girls.. Selling you diets.. Selling you supplements and herbs.. Selling sex and absolution..

Selling you death.

Austin powers knew..

He programmed the fembots

Please don't answer the question just consider the information.. If you're raising a girl to have a family you're raising a fembot. That's built into a family.. Being a mother.. Looking for a husband.. And you can't look for a husband without sending off aggressive signals..

And then the other side of it. Are you teaching her to be a spinster and a loner and independent of other women? Are you teaching her that she can be on her own live by herself.. Without a girlfriend or a boyfriend or a best friend.. Are you teaching a hundred percent independence from relying on, somebody else to feed her needs.. Because when you're off of facebook.. And you don't have a husband.. Or a boyfriend or a girlfriend or other destractions.. Imagine how much she can expand her brain. Become a better person.. More aware of the world more tolerant.. Innovative.. Creative..

I'm transitioning from the old world.. I can be on my own.. My husband's gone most of the time.. And we still enjoy each other's company.. But I can live on my own.. I had to transition from being a fembot relying on other women and men to keep me occupied.. To hanging out on my own.. Developing my own personality my own world my own future.. Along with the society that I live in.

And I write.. I develop my brain.. I ask myself and the world hard questions..

I can be by myself.. Are you teaching your girls they can be independent..

That's why you don't answer any of my questions.. Because you will out yourself.. From your defensiveness..

Now you see how females can make life and destroy life..

Mothers, are you raising fembots?

i bet you are..

that is what you were trained to be and do and raise..

until you wake up..

What are you grooming your children for.. You will find out many of these children were groomed to be hot and sexy.. And so they will feed into the sex industry. Because there'll be nothing left to do. And if they want to make a lot of money.. Only fans and influencing would be their only option.. Because you get a degree doesn't mean the jobs are there.. And you are COMPETING against the world.. And so hot girls will eventually go into the porn industry or become somebody's wife.. And live out there life that way. America has been grooming the women to be playthings for the men.. That's the women's downfall in america.. When their body is the only thing they can use to get by.. And they will justify it That was hugh hefner and larry flints claim to fame.. grooming girls to be play things.. And then these girls think they're better than everybody else.. Because all the guys are looking at them.. And they have so many followers.. They become a slave to the image.. And they will self destruct.. Taking the men down with them who are losing their seeds to them. That was bred into the population way before the nineteen sixties. Using sex as a weapon.. And men are very weak to that.. If a man is married and he has morals and values. He will stay with the marriage. But a man who is single.. When there are so many hot girls all over youtube in facebook and instagram.. He will get drunk from all of the hot girls around him.. And the girls are looking for the attention and the money.. And they will serve their community.. That's legalized prostitution.. That's what these mothers are grooming their girls to be.. Because we already have the infrastructure and the innovation.. Now it's the depopulation agenda.. What is sad.. The mothers don't know they were used that way... And they will use their children in that way.. And so the daughters don't even know what they were groomed for.. And so they carry out that programming.. Just like.. Austin powers.. And the girl bots.. And just because you get a degree doesn't make you any more special.. What are you doing with that college degree..

Note: I really don't want you to answer this question..

This is a rhetorical question.. Because would you admit you raised a fembot? I don't want people to become defensive..

Their children's lives are proof of how they were raised.. And the influences in their society.

And it's not about being upset that's how it ended up.. anytime you marry off your daughter match making you are pimping her out.

On the other side of it.. Are you teaching your daughters to become spinsters.. Because that's the other side of it..

Are you teaching your daughters it's okay to be alone.. It's okay to live by yourself.. It's okay to have just her career and no children and no family..

Are you teaching your girls.. You don't need other women to rely on..

Because what takes the place of a boyfriend or a husband is then a best friend, a girlfriend.. Who she leans on predominantly..

Are you teaching her if she should die someday..

That's why I don't want you to answer this question.. You can't win..

And this is not about being the mother of the year.. Every mother makes fatal mistakes raising her daughter because the system taught you fatal mistakes..

don't answer the question.. Just consider the information.. It was the government brainwashing your parents parents, parents and your friends brainwashing you.

It will be the government and your parents parents, parents and your friends giving you a way out without ending in rest in peace.

And even when the government and your parents, parents, parents and your friends are brain washing you.. They're also trying to set themselves free as well. Without ending up rest in peace..

Some are and some are not. Except you must discern who is giving you away out without destroying yourself.. And who is not..

And that will be difficult.. Most people are trained to self destruct.. Because they won't change..

When people save themselves.. They also release the old programming.. By that very nature they cant help but represent. You can't hide your life too much from people.. Especially when they know you. It's not fun playing cat n mouse..

After releasing my demons the last 7 years developing habits to ensure i do not accumulate anymore of them, i see the importance of a nice breakfast to refill the energy lost from my morning rituals. That way i dont eat so much at lunch and then pass out from fatigue due to the body processing the foods.

Small lunch Small dinner

With both acids and alkaline foods

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