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The Dangers of Getting Caught in Pumping and Dumping from Sainthood to Satanhood

CINCO DE MAYO Alchohol Cannabis is legal in thailand.. PAIN Several different definitions several different outcomes


How you characterize it

1. Fda approved 2. External 3. Internal

Handling Pain

1. Food tolerances 2. Size 3. Pain threshold

Yep those that can handle their frequencies.. We will have the bodies.. The substance.. The bustiness, the bellies to survive this..

And also.. Contribute to the future of the human race..

If we don't have to drop eggs from deterioration too contribute to the dna of the future..

Future children will be stronger.. Inevitably those with cancer and disease will donate their proteins to science. Those proteins will be used to innovate future people.. That's the medical system experimentation on developing very strong future and current human beings..

You know science has extremely strong prototypes saved in the Cryogenic Laboratories.. And all they need is just dna.. From those who are extremely strong.. Once they thin the herd..

Fertility goddess Thank you cream..

And I do feel strong.. I feel the frequency changes but they don't affect me like they used to.. And I am extremely energetic and clear headed and intelligent.. And skies the limit..

And yes my lymph nodes are open..

Not quite the example but lol I definitely have those mammaries.

I notice my body is changing in this environment.. And it's changing for the better.. Becoming stronger..

Similar sculptures, first discovered in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, are traditionally referred to in archaeology as "Venus figurines", due to the widely-held belief that depictions of nude women with exaggerated sexual features represented an early fertility deity, perhaps a mother goddess. Don't get mad at someone who gives you another choice..

Get mad at those who said their way is the only way.. Their choices are the only choices..

Everything is backwards.. Karma doesn't mean what you think..

Karma is basically you expecting a return on your investment even when you had no permission to invest in somebody else..

Because they weren't prepared to pay you back.. They have no idea they had to pay you back.. Or the price was so high you would destroy them with your expectation..

When you give away your energy.. It's yours to give but no expectation you get it back.. If you expect to get everything back..

You'll get everything back and it may not be what you expect..

I don't believe in karma..

Because you will invite demons into your world.... For example the elizabeth's smart case..

That's religion.. That's buddhism and spirituality..

That's also the stock market.. That's crypto currency.. That's gambling.. That's assuming that the more you play and pay the more you'll get back.. While you're pumping and getting everyone to buy your s*** somebody else is dumping on the other side making money off your hard work.. That's why bitcoin took a dump.. Because it was a pump and dump scheme..

That's a black hole.. There's no guarantee.. Even if you figure out the system.. And win money..

Then your whole life is about gambling, in areas that you don't know, within that particular system..

Greed is not good when you don't know how to play the game or when not to play the game..

The house always wins..

Just because you won big here.. You can lose your a** over there..

Karma is about gambling..

And expecting a whole lot of return on your investment..

Another religion..

Investing in yourself.. You know what you can afford..

When you invest in other people places and things and ideas.. You have no control over that system..

That's worship.

When you give away your body your mind and your spirit to the public.. You better control what you get back because you could get back some demons..

That's why those who think they can afford to give away their energy to the world.. Look at them.. They can barely afford to keep the energy they have, much less, give it away to everyone..

That's called human sacrifice..

You have been taught to be the human sacrifice to all your friends and family who are feeding off you.. And you're trapped.. Because as soon as you try to change they will punish you for it..

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