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The Darkness of Demons People Hold Inside

Correction: not contract but expand. So if you hear me say I contracted my blood vessels to help open them up that was wrong I meant to say I expanded my blood vessels when I took a hot shower to open up my immune system coughing and sneezing and blowing my nose.

The cold constricts and contracts your blood vessels so that's why you get high blood pressure and then when it's hot your blood is flowing but so is also the growth so you have to learn how to play those temperature games and you have to learn how to adapt to your environment and change what you need to change so you can help your immune system open and close when it needs to.

Climate change confuses people immune systems and causes so much resistance cuz people can't handle the expansion and contraction and then they die suddenly

People in hot climates need to eat a whole lot more because there's so much growth eating at their body Mind and Spirit those demons are munching on their immune system

Most people actually all people in the health and wellness world do not take into account their environment they're always giving somebody a pill or supplement, herb, or a shake or starvation.

 That's why I don't want to hear from anyone in the health and wellness world because we're not aligned in that manner and so you exemplify your own beliefs on your page.

The Darkness of Demons People Hold Inside

America, the last bastion of hope observing what darkness and demons humanity holds within and what must the Universe do to keep the demons at bay?

The start of a good novel, eh? Potentially, but how will it end? Will the demons finally take over and destroy all humans or will Humanity leave lesser of the demons to walk this Earth and hope we never have to battle the demons of the 7 deadly sins ever again?

When you read your Facebook, what kind of anger, love, sadness, denial or scripture are you hiding behind covering for the demons controlling your body, mind and spirit?

When you defend your family, your children, even your own behaviors and beliefs, who is to say your culture was not developed from aggressive demonology?

Demonology is huge in all religions, politics and even all the Sciences. The word demon might seem confusing to those who only know of demonology through allegory so let me clarify what demonology is.

Demonology is the alphanumeric biological protein driven programmed microbes with extremely influential energy serving a particular purpose. Children are programmed by their parents, caregivers, and society to foster certain demons that will inevitably take over and destroy the host, which is you and all life.

You must realize the kinds of demons you harbor in your house, body, mind and spirit and either release them and take back your humanity or foster them and leave them to destroy the future or tame them and make them less destructive to themselves, you and your society.

ALL of us have been programmed to destroy, love, hurt, cry, develop anxiety, live in fear, lust, violence, submit and survive the programming until the "demons" of hormones running the microbes annihilate the host.

The only way you knew you had demons is if you were willing to consider your lifestyle of excess, addiction and worship as an indicator of keeping the demons at bay. As you know, when someone does not get their cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, cannabis and sometimes even their coffee, or have a pet, what a monster a person becomes. Imagine when someone hurts their family, their friends and children, animals, the demons of "protection" anger and disgust rear their ugly heads.

Protecting one's demons becomes the root of wars, abuse and death, which is why the system must keep doing great resets because the demons I mentioned above, when left out of control, could and would cause extinction in humanity.

As you may also know, scientists develop, release or find the newest demons in the population just to see how society will deal with monsters walking among the population as well as use the demons to curb people's behaviors.

Once you know of cannibalistic demons chewing on severed legs in America, would you still walk the train tracks at midnight in the inner cities?

Once you know there are unpredictable shooters who react to the rising heat, are you now going to curb your movements and even check the weather to make sure you control your own comings and goings so you don't increase the probability to be caught in the crossfire?

Once you know how aggressive people's immunological spike proteins are, will you curb your social activity and high falutent lifestyle?

If not, and if you do not want to face your demons, like I have the last 2 months and even more so on the lake a few weeks ago, you will foster, protect and make stronger the demons you hold in your body, mind and spirit and household via friends and family until all out annihilation.

Demonology is real and right now, the demons are deadly. The system had to condition you not to intentionally destroy others unless it was through FDA approved protocols. Additionally, you can only destroy yourself. You can have all the consensual sex you want and have millions of kids and treat them out of existence via the govt and you can get as drunk as you want, but you cannot operate heavy machinery, and you can get as high as you want, but you cannot drive.

The system will allow you to foster, propagate and even protect the demons you hold and entertain and even raise until the environment take them out, or they take themselves out or they treat themselves to death or be in the wrong place at the wrong time..

I have been dealing with the "monkey" on my back, my neck ever since I put my dog down and I had the stiffest neck and later on, the most painful arm pain.

Symptoms are the demons the body is trying to push out and people who do not have the strength to fight, push the demons back in.

Over time, pushing the demons back in the body with supplements, remedies, pills, powders, detoxes, herbs, extracts, operations, the demons becomes so huge they destroy the host, which is you, called died suddenly,

The system knew one day they must purge pandora's box or else we will have a MAJOR PROBLEM on our hands in the future. The system knew some humans can purge out their own demons and become a less submissive, angry, lustful, greedy violent human being full of the 7 deadly sins. The system also knew many humans were and are too far gone, hence, the died suddenlies.

We are in that time right now. Face your demons, feed them and release them or let them destroy you in body, mind and spirit.

The choice has always been yours, but you had to see how bad humans can get as well as how talented people's demons can be.. ie r kelly, p diddy, Epstein, weinstein, etc..

Until the system purges out all the "demons" people hold inside and even in their community, the darkness of light will lift and the Sun will glow orange and yellow, not silvery white, again..

That is why I stay home more than not and I black out my windows..

You have choices..

What are the seven deadly sins? According to Roman Catholic theology, the seven deadly sins are the seven behaviours or feelings that inspire further sin. They are typically ordered as: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.May 6

The worship and the collection and reverence to material things is one of the hugest deadly sins of extreme consumption

just remember: anyone who accuses you of anything, sees themselves.. but they don't know they're looking at themselves.

They're run by demons.. that's why you never argue with trolls or try to convert anyone and you never ever assume you can force people to see their own demons and I would never ever begin to think I could take away someone's demons because that demon would destroy me.. the blindness of their host is what keeps that demon in control and alive. That person has to fight their own f****** demons

Why do you think I received so much hate the last seven years

 Because I woke up people's demons and people started seeing s*** for what it really was

And the demons were not having it

That's why I don't f*** with anyone in the medical holistic industry and now i can articulate why it's very dangerous making money off of people who are harboring/dying from demons because they will inevitably be transferred to you.

Which is why I stay home for the most part and stay safe because releasing demons is f****** painful

And I'm not a glutton for punishment anymore

When you work around sick people or become a spiritual Guru gathering with people you are inhaling their demons. You become what you're resisting and then it's game over

The demons within does not allow people to see themselves for who they truly are.. the demons tell them who they are so that way they can accuse somebody else and that's how the demons stay in the house/host and stay alive until that host cannot support that demon anymore in their body mind or spirit

Death is when that demon sucks the life out of that host until there was nothing left

I want people to see themselves but I don't have any control over what kind of demons people harbor blocking their sight ..

when you see yourself, when you finally see yourself ,you change, you do things differently, you finally see the error of your ways.. and boy will you be contrite.. and you develop aggressive boundaries because you know how dangerous you were making accusations, you can only imagine what your friends and family will think when you pull back.. they will attempt and even force you back into the loop..

The war is not with your government. It's with your friends and family.. the war is in your politics in your religion and in your science and in the seven deadly sins mediated by medicine

And I can assure you I will not be a demon to anyone else in body mind or Spirit or attempt to take anyone's demons away from them.

Maybe their demons are keeping them alive until their body gives out

During this climate change death is beckoning everyone and some people are heeding it's call

the demons gather in the darkness of your bedroom when you are fighting disease at night and they gather at funerals....

see the alignment

The last few weeks I felt the anxiety of the Demons gathering at night waiting for me to die overnight

When I have to close the door to my bedroom and I feel and see the darkness and shadows dashing across the corners of my eye I know I'm in a war. The war was worse a few years ago and I thought it was going to die overnight because I would wake up choking on my own mucus but my immune system saved me.

Demons gather around death dying and disease

Sometimes you can't tell the difference between the dead and the living because they act one and the same

Which is why some people do actually talk to ghosts and think they're actually talking to a real life person until someone who has filmed them tell them they're talking to no one. They're talking to a ghost

When you look at people you don't know who and what you're looking at until you actually touch them and who in their right mind will touch a stranger unless they get permission and then you'll know the truth.

We are in some strange times. And the dead and the living are right next to each other which is why all of the people out there are suffering with anxiety and issues because the dead are torturing the living until they take them back to the other side

Trolls and Bullies Are like people who are dying. If you allow them to torture you they will take you out. That's why you have to release the demons and block all aggressive energy director towards you even love lust hate anger and depression. Find the lesser of the demons out there and survive everything

That's why I say if you don't release the demons the dead will keep torturing you until you take yourself out

I am phlegmatic and I released my demons and I continue to release them

I am married to a sanguine which is much better than being married to a depressed angry person. I chose my husband well

medi-sin is the mediator between the sin and the sinner

When someone says let food be thy medicine you are weaponizing food against your own body promoting more sinful behavior and fostering demons while also trying to cut them out at the same time further damaging your body your mind and your spirit

The medical and holistic system was always about wrangling the demons you foster and propagate and protect

Protection is propagation and it's not always safe..

That's why I stay away from medical holistic energy healing people because they are the ultimate demon propagators. And I'm not being discriminatory or intolerant

I just understand demonology and it's all over the health and wellness industry and the spiritual gurus

I was in those Industries myself promoting cures and oils and silver and supplements so I know from experience what I've contributed to and believe me I'm paying the piper I'm paying pennance.

I am very contrite and I deeply apologize for my contribution to the suffering of humanity.

I need to be extremely clear about the world I came from and how I want to communicate with the people on my Facebook still in health and wellness industry.

 I don't want to hear from anyone who are in those Industries agreeing with me or contributing because there is nothing that you and I have to say to each other except to exemplify what we believe in.

You're still on my Facebook and I still am polite to you. And who am I to say you're bad or wrong to your face or behind your back. You only know me through the media and the jilly juice and that's it. We have communicated in the past about it and then I have evolved.

 If you haven't evolved to see my information or at least see the credibility of it and show contrition for your part relative to my point of view then we don't really have much to say except for how pretty the flowers are.

 I just don't have an alignment but I still like you. And we can talk about other things but not about my information. We can talk about how pretty those flowers are but not about people's Souls. Who am I to know about anyone else's soul or what I think their soul should do or not do

 I don't want anyone to think I agree with the "healers" because I'm bantering back and forth.

We just need to sit in our corners and consider what we have promoted and propagated and come to terms with it or die with our beliefs

I am at the phlegm level and I released the demons through my phlegm. Everything else, the other colors are the Demons of humors. I released them and continue to release them

Hollywood and psychology are based upon the four humors

red is sanguine and love love love and comedy

Yellow bile is angry

Black bile is melancholy and depression and suicidal behaviors

Purple or the phlegmatics or white is the absence of the 3 humors

The system developed the demons during the Middle Ages when they isolated what caused people to act in certain ways through archetypes

The darkness is lifting as the circles under my eyes are not as prominent but it's still a battle

Sometimes a hot shower and a nice RAW CABBAGE salad keeps the system moving

My biochemistry and climate change developed an acid reflux and my stomach urped up the offending CFU ( colony forming unit) ( nasty taste) EXCESSIVE acid gone..

Cabbage is alkaline and so it does balance the acids and activates my immune system to bring out the offending microbial "demon spirit" .. i salt my food and drink milk, cream, eat meat, cheese, sugar, carbs, butter, pizza, coke, burgers, pork, eggs, tortillas, gluten, fruits, etc

The pain in my neck has spread to my back but not as bad as you might think.. lol lots of gas hehe and i had a nice venison and asian rice dinner. I definitely have been waking up the CFU of microbes and progressively over time released them through my upper and lower immune system.

Coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose, sitting with pain, much pooping without using remedies or even Jjuice. Sleeping, napping, eating and STAYING HOME using my brain.

The last 7 years, I have experienced almost all types of extreme heat, cold, hair loss, skin pain, fevers, hives, coughing, violent sneezing, heart palpitations, rashes, pain, infection, fatigue, anger, EXTREME HUNGER, arm pain, back pain, weight gain, bloated belly, bigger boobs, outbursts, fatty tumors, constipation, diarrhea, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, dreams, nightmares, sore throats, ringing, tears, limps, lumps, bumps, EVERYTHING..

all growth was tolerated, fed and then subsequently RELEASED through all opening in the body and skin.

 I honored and respected the life and experiences leaving my body and the Universe rewards me with relief, hunger, thirst, pain, sweat and waking up from my slumbers.

The Universe never gives you more than you can handle. People die before that happens

My world has been some type of BIOLOGICAL EXORCISM

The last 2 weeks, the dead were close when I was at the height of my delirium or affliction since the day i was violently sneezing on the lake..

 i was experiencing the fear of the shadows and darkness which was why i was watching ghosts caught on camera on YOUTUBE to the point of me closing my bedroom door because i kept seeing shadows dart in the dark hallway..

 it is like the dead wait for the immunological fight to end waiting to take my soul and usher me into the night..

when you wash off blood clots in the veins of those who died suddenly, the blood clots look like calamari

hydra, or mini octopuses, hitchhikers in the immune system trapped and cooked in the body..

that is why the morticians are pulling out.. excessive life NOT allowed to be released from the body so the high heat in climate change boiled the blood and made seafood.. and people die from blood clots.. or excessive life boiled to death, just like the human.

advice to all the morticians, purify the blood clots and then feel the rubbery consistency like calamari or dolphin bodies.. rubbery

that is why I do what I do.. I am not harboring anymore sea creatures than I have to.

And since most people can't release those demons they starve themselves and then they justify death and worshiping death

So no I don't want to hear from anyone because I don't know if you understand where I'm coming from and I'm not giving you Absolution for your lifestyle or relief/belief system

Yeah the rubber is meeting the road literally and figuratively

advice: avoid sucking up to anyone.

and so family destroys the future by saddling the members, their kids with a future called the past, aka died suddenly..

you either have kids to develop the future for humanity or you are having kids to be YOUR slaves to take care of you and then ultimately self destruct..

how many families have kids as their future insurance policies.. MANY. So, nope, I do not want to hear from you when you are the beneficiary of that insurance policy called your kids, grandkids.. and vice versa.. when you think mommy and daddy are your insurance policies, etc..

I want to hear from those who walked away from their family's insurance policy and suffered on their own with a wife/husband and are making it on their own without mommy and daddy or son/daughter..

in reality, i probably won't hear from too many people.. which is a gift, in of itself.

the gray hair signifies the ending of the first hayflick limit and either you develop another genetic line in your immune system or you live out the current hayflick limit you were born with

sometimes, genetic anomalies prevent the gray/white hair to come out and become the indicator your hayflick limit is nearing the end and so other indicators must be observed and felt.

The dead smell blood like sharks in the water and they also smell activity and they galvanize forces circling and the darkness becomes darker..

 the dead know when the fight is at its climax and they're waiting to catch the souls who don't make it through the night

Now.. the darkness is lifting.. and it's been one hell of a f****** battle

Poor wife

50% divorce rate

Mama's boys smh

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