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The Depopulation Agenda is Your Choice!

Birds of a feather flock together.. If you have a closed immune system whatever "enemy" you're fighting, will convert the "good cells" to work against you.

Called Stockholm Syndrome

It is not enough to "kill" the cancer inside the body.. Regardless if it's a therapy or your own immune system.

If you practice a thermodynamically closed immune system those cancer cells will come back because they will convert the good guys into the bad guys.. And they will also eat the parent cells..

you.. That's the ouroboros.

If something is eating your memories, slowing it down will not stop the situation.. All therapies slow down what people still accept. Eventually antibiotic resistance.. inevitably, you won't be able to slow it down.

"it" will take over..

If you're not releasing damaged memories and developing whole new undamaged memories, all the therapies are an act of futility.

Resistance against your environment is futile.

This is why the aging process is accelerated during climate change and has also happened in the current culture of yesterday and today; in diagnosable people and in even undiagnosable people who are "holding" the line.

Damaged viruses Hydra cellular strings of acid.. All cause the aging process..

You want to reverse the aging process.

Eat all food and release the damage cells and replicate whole UNDAMAGED cells..

Viruses from other people aren't bad, but it's how you responded to the evolution/symptoms is why you have retroactive violent evolutionary symptoms. You kept resisting climate change in your body and in your environment with distraction, surgeries and remedies in your politics, religion and scientific dogmas.

If you/parents grandparents great grandparents had not attacked your body/genetics to begin with using surgeries and aggressive alchemy, you wouldn't have the symptoms regardless of catalyst.

The fact you have family says there was a breakdown in the genetic line as you are the fragment, the offspring from the conversion process from a type of "climate change".


I can now be around all types of people, and I don't get anymore major mucus build-ups from my exposure.

I coughed sneezed and pulled out the programming in my own body that was reacting to other people's energy..

Everything that is FDA approved is not poison you just have the issue with assimilation.

I just won't violently voluntarily stab myself even with the needle (unless I have to travel)..

Which is why I was never an IV drug user.

I can't fathom having anyone stick a NEEDLE in me even through acupuncture. However in the future when the system calms down, and people aren't dying suddenly even in the cockpit, I will do what I need to do to travel.

FDA approved therapies for public health is the only "violence" against my body, I am willing to undergo because I can control the narrative. I can take on the benefits of the evolution and release the detriments, or the damaged cells from the conversion process and become whole again with all food, rest and effective open system release.

After all, I have an open immune system and I can handle evolutionary leaps.. Not everybody can.. I'm sorry if you cannot.

But to survive this climate change you must be able to handle evolutionary leaps because they will happen consistently.. Until the strong are conditioned to be strong and the "weak" are recycled back into the universe.

When you have an issue with assimilation you will develop your own truth your own reality and that's fine.

Because if you're not going to do anything different anyways, the end result will be the same regardless of how you characterize a person place or thing or activity and energy. Your truth is irrelevant if the outcome is the same: you are blaming, still aging, and refuse to consider another truth, not just YOUR truth.

If you consider another truth, potentially the outcome could be different and then your old truth is in the garbage once you realized you have been bombarded with so many truths and even the truth you were born with can change and evolve just like the truths that conflicted with your born truths can change.

Insanity is doing the same thing over again and expect a different result.. Most of the world is insane.. which is why I sort of keep to myself.

Continuous autophagy on damaged cells equals complete breakdown.. You never gave your body a chance to become whole.. You kept reproducing damaged cells and then in turn go through aggressive evolutionary autophagy from climate change until there was nothing left..

It's like when you break down your car.. 1st you smash the windows 2nd you rip the door off 3rd You take off the front end 4th rip out the seats And so you see where I'm going here until there's nothing left

Continuous climate change is inducing evolution on people who don't know how to become whole.

That is the depopulation agenda chosen by YOU..

Here is another truth.. are you willing to even consider it?

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